2013 Chinese Zodiac Predictions and Forecasts Year of the Snake

by TessaSchlesinger

by Tessa Schlesinger. The year of the water snake traditionally brings many challenges and disasters. It's a year of obstacles. Learn what you need to do to get through safely.

The Mayans got it wrong. It wasn’t 2012 that was going to be a year of disaster but the year of the water snake. Snake years aren’t the best in the calendar for most; and it’s definitely the year lucky charms are going to be a must. Some zodiac animals will navigate the water snake year more smoothly than others. For most it’s going to be a very slow moving year with unexpected obstacles surfacing at the most inopportune moments. So let’s take a closer look at 2013 and the year of the water snake.

The Character of the Water Snake Influences the Year of the Water Snake

Water Snake Year Characteristics

Because the character of the Chinese animal zodiac influences the year... Actually, let me rewrite that. The animal years have something to do with the type of life energy that is surfing the earth surface in that particular year. Whoever is born in that year takes up that type of energy. And the way we can figure out what type of year it will be is to look at the characteristics of the people born in the snake year.

Well someone had to score! And the Tiger is it. Fabulous year ahead! Tiger and horse life energy is compatible so it's no wonder that the Year of the Horse will be a good one of dynamic tigers. All work will be well rewarded with fame possibly sticking its head in for those who seek it and work in that world. There could be lucky inheritances and significant travel with compatible people. There could be loads of weddings, new born babes, and parties, parties, and more parties.

Predictions 2013 Chinese Zodiac
2013 year of the water snake predictions
2013 year of the water snake predictions

Water Snake Years

Dates for the Water Snake Years

The last water snake year was between February 14, 1953 and February 2nd 1954. The next one starts on February 10, 2013 and ends on January 30, 2014.

Characteristics of people born in the Year of the Water Snake

People born in the Year of the Sanke

Deeply reflective, the snake person does nothing without a reason. S/he is secretive, a bit of a loner, can be interested in the occult, or be an active pursuer of pleasure. Snakes love power so they’re not frightened of manipulating the odds to suit themselves. Unexpectedly, despite being a fast slippery mover, they’re slow to make decisions and before any step is taken, they examine it with caution. And it’s this slowness that so influences the year of the water snake. It will be a slow year.

The other aspect of the water snake person is that their desire to keep their plans to themselves means that when they finally make a move, others aren't expecting it. This means that there will be a lot of unexpected events in 2013. The best thing for everyone to do is gather a group of people and talk over everything before taking action. The other thing to do is just accept it will be a very slow year and that events will appear to come out of the blue.

It will be a year of shake-ups, or should I say snake-ups. :)

A History of Events During Snake Years

Snake year world events history

Learn More About the Year of the Snake

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Specific Predictions for Different Animals of the Chinese Zodiac

Predictions for Sheep, Dog, Ox, Rooster, Rat, Monkey, Horse, Tiger, Dragon, Boar, Rabbit, and Snake.

The Sheep, the Dog, and the Ox will come out better than most for the year of the water snake. This is because all three of them have a slower moving pace, and this fits in better with the rhythm of the snake movement. While these three animal signs will still have to watch their step, and it’s probably better also to consult with others, they will not lose as much as the other signs, and could, in fact, come out a little ahead of the game.

The Rooster, the Rat, the Monkey, and the Horse will struggle in 2013. All prefer quick movement and fast decisions. With the way ahead unclear and uncertain, and with many unexpected obstacles, their plans will not come to fruition. The best thing to do will be to take a year to consolidate what has been gained up to this time, and sit it out.

The Dragon will be just as lucky in the 2013 year as s/he was in the 2012 year. The Boar will get by with a little extra to show for the year at year’s end, and the Tiger will find things quite acceptable except in the matter of love.

The Rabbit will not be counting money this year and things will be more frustrating than they have been for a long while. The Snake, itself, will need to go with the flow, just let things be, and do what can be done, but not expect too much. It’s not a year for doing things but a year for quiet and contemplation.

Jade is considered extremely lucky by the Chinese.

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Lucky Charms for the Year of the Water Snake

Lucky Charms Year of the Snake 2013

Lucky charms are funny things. Some people swear by them; others will tell you it’s superstitious mumbo jumbo. The theory behind it is that the charm holds good energy and will circumvent any bad energy that comes the way of the holder of the lucky charm. So how does this good energy get into a piece of metal, wood, textile, or anything else?

Essentially, those in the know say that it is the good energy of the charm holder and that the charm holder needs to imbue the charm with this energy. They state, however, that it’s easier to do if the charm is symbolic of something meaningful to the charm holder. For instance, religious symbols have power because so much trust is imbued into them.

As the dog, sheep, and ox will be the only signs that will negotiate the water snake year with ease, they are probably good charms to have. The sheep displays a friendliness that will get through virtually all obstacles and the dog is clever enough to sniff out things before they arrive. The ox’s natural slow moving pace means that it comes to a stop pretty much ahead of the obstacle, thereby saving it a lot of stress. So, for the water snake year, instead of using the energy of the snake itself, it’s best to use the energy of the animal sign that best navigates that year.

Jade, however, is said to be lucky for different reasons. Jade, apparently, absorbs the life force of whatever year it is, and this enables the good factors of that particular year to work against any negative effects of one's own sign. 


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TessaSchlesinger on 11/25/2012

2uesday. Yup. I spent a lot of time studying it because it caught me unaware and I grew up in a heavily academic environment. Have you read my article on Tarot on Hub Pages? It gives a different interpretatio to the mysticism..

Ragtimelil on 10/25/2012

Glad to oblige.

TessaSchlesinger on 10/25/2012

LOL! You just made me laugh! :)

Ragtimelil on 10/25/2012

Very interesting. I guess I'm going to luck out for once but I better get my lucky charm anyway.

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