5 Christmas Gift Ideas For A Wife

by xmasdecs

There is nobody harder to buy for at Christmas than a wife, here are some marriage saving gift ideas!

Wives are a nightmare to buy gifts for, to put it simply. They want you to be kind, thoughtful, and psychic all at once. They refuse to choose their own gifts, would be devastated if you gave them cash or a gift card, and when you get it wrong they have no qualms in telling you so. Even the most passive and low-maintenance of wives will still find the time to pick holes in gifts. Many (or most) men are of course also a little rubbish at choosing gifts, that plays a part too.

In fact, for many men the wife to their gift is the only one that they will have to choose and buy, no doubt your wife will enjoy working their ways through overcrowded shopping malls spending all of your hard earned money on gifts for everybody else. Men have it easy perhaps, when looking at the bigger picture. You only have one gift to buy, it can be done in ten minutes online, and you can have a beer while you are buying it. Don't panic, this is going to be easy. All you need to do is buy something 'fail safe', a gift that nobody would be unhappy with. Perhaps the obvious gift is a Kindle reader, everybody loves to read at least a little right?

Kindle Touch
Kindle Touch

Kindle eReader

How many people do you know with a Kindle? Keep that number in your head for just a second. Now, work out how many of those people have said that they are unhappy with that Kindle. None? Everybody loves the Kindle, it's an awesome innovation, even the most hardcore of print traditionalists are turned by the ease and convenience that a Kindle brings. The Kindle appeals to any literate person, of any age, of any gender. If you wife hasn't got one, and isn't illiterate, then buying a Kindle is guaranteed to go down well! The three latest Kindle versions are linked to below, they have models to suit any budget.

A Diamond Jewelry

How much are you planning to spend exactly? If you happen to have a larger budget then there is nothing that most woman would love more than diamond jewelry. There is one occasion in our lives where were are expected by our wives to buy a diamond, and that is for engagement. A man buying a woman a diamond without being prompted would be a huge surprise and a true statement of love, I don't know a single woman who doesn't love real diamonds. Assuming that your wife already has a diamond ring, perhaps a great option would be a diamond necklace or diamond bracelet such as those linked to below?

Heart Shaped Pendant

If you are currently overwhelmed by the price of my choices, perhaps because thing are tight in terms of income, then just remember that it isn't the value of a gift that matters but the gesture and the thought that you put into that gift. Yes, a diamond necklace would be special, but a low priced bit of jewelry can make just as a big a statement - particularly if it is a symbol of love and honor! Hearts are romantic and timeless, check out the highly affordable heart pendants shown below.

A Purse or Handbag

Men always get annoyed when women buy shoes or handbags. That's a generalization, but I know that I do, my wife has dozens of pairs of shoes and the same number of handbags. But, we know that women love shoes and handbags, so if you want to impress then buying them some might be a great idea? Actually, buying shoes is a terrible idea, because there is a good chance that they won't fit or just won't look great on their feet. Buying a handbag, on the other hand, may be an excellent idea - but only if you can go and look at what her current handbags look first. Once you have an idea of her preferred style and shape then go and buy a handbag which looks a little like one that she already uses!

A Luxury Watch

I'll finish up with another great idea, buy your wife a luxury watch! A watch is both a practical good and a fashion accessory, it's also the type of thing that a woman will not buy for themselves. There are hundreds of beautiful luxury watches on Amazon at great prices, I've featured a few below (follow the links to buy). Bulova and Michael Kors both make stunning timepieces for both men and women, they stock most of their ranges on Amazon at significantly reduced prices. Amazon is a terrible place to buy clothes but probably the best place online to buy accessories such as jewelry and watches!

Updated: 05/24/2012, xmasdecs
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Bibi on 11/09/2012

you know what will be a very good xmas gift for your wife?

Believe me, either way your wife will going to kill you or love you. Kill, because you spend too much, Love, because you got her woman's most wanted handbag.



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