5 Ways Not to tell Someone “I'm Sorry”

by bizilady

Some people just don't know how to apologize. They can actually make matters worse.

“I'm Sorry”

what does it really mean?

Did you ever say or do something at the spur of the moment, only to regret that act later?

Most of us are fallible and make a mistake from time to time. I know I do and may be caught off guard, if having a bad day or when someone says something that will rub me the wrong way.

I am usually don't confront and usually let things slide. There are some people who fail miserably at apologizing.


Heaven knows there are those who just make matter worse every time they open their mouths.

Sorry means to offer an apology for some hurtful or angry act or words.

Sometimes the usual “sorry” just won't cut it. Doing something unexpected or way out will tell that wronged party that you really put some effort into this apology.

There are ways you should not apologize.

5 Ways to NOT Apologize

The first way someone apologized to me was so outrageous that I never spoke to them again. An old boyfriend thought he that he could make up for his indiscretions by parading through the college cafeteria in the buff. Yeah, he though he could win me back by walking around naked and holding a sign saying, I'm sorry!. Oh boy, that did not work and I was so humiliated! Strike one!


naked man holding sign, I'm sorry

Naked man holding sign
Naked man holding sign

talk to all your friends for sympathy apology?

A second way to NOT say “I'm sorry” is the offending party to call up all your friends and speak to your co-workers about something a person has done to upset you. He is looking for your friends or famliy members to tell you he is sorry! Is this stupid or what? You don't want everyone to know what happened so having someone tell you in order to gain sympathy is definitely wrong. Strike two!

I'm sorry x-ray foot in mouth

Foot in mouth apology?


If you think going the funny route is the best way to apologize, then you'd better be sure that the one you upset has a funny bone! I saw someone wearing a shirt that made me laugh but wondered if it was effective.

Try making up a tee shirt with an x-ray of your head and a foot in your mouth!

I have to admit; it was funny! Will it work? Maybe yes, maybe no. Strike three.

One of Tiger's girlfriends apologizing on national tv

televised apology?

Having your girlfriend(s) apologize on national television could backfire big time. Just how many were there? When a celebrity like Tiger Woods,  married and a father of two, apologizes  on national tv only after he was caught is definitely NOT the best way to gain forgiveness  from a spouse. Getting caught and then admitting it, is bad enough, but having many other women admitting to cheating with him is adding insult to injury! Strike four!

Heartfelt Apology?

singing apology?


Someone may think sending a singing messenger is a creative way to make up for some transgression. The above video portrays a guy at work, hearing his co-workers laughing at a person in a funny outfit. He then realizes that the telegram was sent there to sing an apology to him, in front of everyone!.

Ok, that's is different, but is it heartfelt? You may not have wanted your co-workers to know there is a problem nor do you want such an impersonal way to have someone apologize. It seems a little cowardly to send someone else. Strike five!

What we can learn from bad apologies

So what can anyone learn from receiving bad apologies? Don't accept them at all! A bad apology is like not receiving one at all. They are from people who don't have any empathy or don't really want to take the time to know you. In a way these poorly conceived attempts have done you a great favor!

Move on and dump that person. They are not your friends, or someone you should keep around. As far as family members are concerned, well you're just stuck with them!


Bizilady on Wizzley copyrighted material not to be published without proior permission.

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bizilady on 04/19/2012

In the 70's "streaking" was popular and I guess he was following the norm.needless to say it didn't work.
and that's why its included in the" 5 ways not to say I'm sorry. article.

FloraBreenRobison on 04/19/2012

I've never heard of anyone parading around naked with an I'm sorry sign. Wow. I think a signing apology not in a costume might be okay. Perhaps that is because I'm a singer, but I could see someone singing Brenda Lee's "I'm Sorry" in a serious, heartfelt manner-if it were themselves singing, and not someone hired.

bizilady on 02/05/2012

Sheri: I thought the heart singing lady was cute as well but it could have back fired and got him fired. Yes, you may be right about inviting her out.LOL

Sheri_Oz on 02/05/2012

I actually liked the heart-singing apology lady. If the transgression was not so bad, it might be cute. But I was afraid that he would end up inviting the heart-singing apology lady out for coffee.

bizilady on 11/06/2011

bhthanks: thank you for your comment.

bhthanks on 11/04/2011

funny. good points!

bizilady on 10/27/2011

Pinkchic18: thank you for reading my How not to apologize article. That singing heart apology would embarrass me too.!

Pinkchic18 on 10/27/2011

This is so great! That singing heart lady was really funny, but it would REALLY embarrass me if I were him! lol fun article, thank you for sharing!

bizilady on 07/13/2011

@KateLoving: The naked apology was so humiliating in front of so many people!
Now I may be able to handle it but then I was so young... thanks for reading!

KateLoving on 07/12/2011

The "Naked Apology" is original, no? I'd probably forgive him based on pure courage and gall!!

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