8 Great Christmas Gifts For Dogs

by xmasdecs

Spoil your dog this Christmas by buying him or her any one of these awesome Christmas gifts for dogs!

If your dog is anything like my two then they are treated like princes and princesses, are very much part of the family, and get treated as such! I don't have any children, but even if I did my dogs would still get spoiled. My pugs get more at Christmas from the family than I do, that's what they get for being so super cute. Dogs probably deserve the special treatment though, right? I mean they are kind-hearted, loyal, and put up with a lot of crap from us humans. The least that we can do is buy them a decent present.

Self-Warming Dog Bed

Dogs are simple animals, they like food, comfort, warmth, love, and exploring when you take them for walkies. That's why we love them though right? Because they learn how to enjoy life long before humans do, they are care free and take pleasure in the simplest of things. Humans love having warm beds right? Well the same applies for dogs, and while we have duvets they don't, so these self-warming dog beds are a great idea. The concept is really very clever, the material is a type which radiates heat back to your dog, making them warmer. No electricity needed, these beds are just natural warmer! There are numerous manufacturers of these smart things, some of the best beds on the market are shown below.

Pet Water Fountain

As humans we love fresh water straight from a fast running tap, at least when bottled spring water isn't available. We wouldn't enjoy flat stale water which had been left out for hours and allowed to soak up heat. The same actually applies to dogs and cats, and if you leave your dog all day to go to work then by the time you get home the water in their bowl won't be very appealing to them unless they are dehydrated. These running pet fountains keep your dogs water fresh and tasty, encouraging them to drink more water and keep them hydrated and healthy. Dogs should drink as often as humans! These smart pet fountains were expensive when they first appeared on the market but have become much more affordable over the past couple of years. Consider getting your dog one this Christmas, he will appreciate it!

Dog fragrance

Smelly dogs don't smell anymore after being sprayed with nice smelling stuff. Personally I would never spray my dogs with perfume or aftershave, but my wife most definitely would and sometimes does! There are various perfumes and colognes out there which have been made especially for dogs, don't spray your dogs with your own scents because you don't know how sprays intended for humans will react on a dogs skin! There are numerous affordable fragrances out there, as you can see below where I've linked to some of the most popular products on the market.

Dog Food Dispenser

Dogs are happiest when they have a routine, if your dog is anything like mine they will get a little worried when dinner is a bit late in getting served! Even if you are fantastic at feeding your dog at the same times each day, there is a machine which can beat your timing. These awesome dog food dispensers feed your dog exactly the same amount of food at exactly the same set times each day, no longer will your little friend be pestering you for food, he will get used to the machine feeding him! Not only great for your dog but also a timesaver for yourself. If you have a tendency to overfeed your dog and he is getting a bit chubby then these dispensers are also a great way of being consistent with food portions, adjust the settings to give your dog the same healthy sized portions each day. There are numerous great products on the market to suit a range of budgets, I personally love this Petmate LeBistro for the classy look, but if you are on a tight budget then the Petsmate food station show below right will do the same job!

Healthy Dog Treats

Dogs can never get enough treats, just like a woman can never get enough chocolate. I know somebody who bought a little wicker basket and filled it with various packets of dog treats for their beloved friend last Christmas, effectively making an Xmas hamper for their dog! I thought that was an excellent idea. If you don't intend to spend too much money on your dog this coming holiday period or indeed are just buying a token gift for somebody else's dog then a packet of dog treats may be the way forward. Below I've linked to some awesome super-healthy treats.

A Dog Sweater

I swear that my youngest pug shows off when she has a new doggy coat or sweater, I think she struts up and down in front of other dogs in the park like she is in a fashion show, she also gets jealous when my other pug gets new things. Anyway, dog sweaters look cute, and they serve an important purpose - keeping your doggy nice and warm! Dog clothes are very affordable just so long as you don't want designer brands (which is a bit stupid with dogs, surely?). I love the dog sweaters featured below, click through to Amazon to see many more, that site should meet all of your doggy needs - no need to waste money in doggy boutiques!

A Luxury Dog House

Don't you think it's about time that you dog had his or her first bit of prime real estate? I mean, you get a nice warm well decorated home, and all he gets is a basket shoved in a corner. It's about time you help your little friend up onto the property ladder, mortgage free at that! There are dozens of fantastic value dog houses on Amazon, I should know - I bought one from Amazon last week! Some are suitable for both indoors and outdoors while others are only suitable for the indoors. I personally love dog houses which look like real houses, it's just super cute. A wooden house indoors will last for eternity.

Interactive Dog Toys

Dogs are much more clever than most non-dog lovers want to make out, and as dog lovers we don't underestimate our dogs intelligence  Sure, they do stupid things, but my own dogs continually impress me with their logical decisions and their emotional intelligence. We should as dog owners harness that mental ability by stimulating our little friends wherever possible, and interactive dog toys can help with that just like interactive toys help with the development of kids. Usually these toys offer treats as a bribe for solving problems, and we all know that dogs will do anything for food. Is your dog clever enough to solve the puzzles? Only one way to find out!

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