A Conscious Mind Changes World

by Cagsil

A conscious mind has increased awareness. It is open, which matters most in your life. If you close your mind, you limit yourself.

One Conscious Mind Is Extremely Powerful!

The article before you, is all about you as a person. Yes, it is true I have no clue who you are or what you present to the world, or represent to those around you. And, to be quite honest, I really do not have a need to know you or to understand what you present or even represent.

What I can tell you is that it is very important to open your mind to the possibility that you, at times, do actually choose to be ignorant, in some aspect of your life. I know, from a poll, that every single person realizes they are ignorant at times.

But the poll does not explain is that each person, chooses to be ignorant when they choose to be. It isn't a fact of being ignorant without knowing or realizing it's happening at that specific point in time. By ignoring specific things, because they go against what you have already learned or experienced, you negate your own ability to learn more than you already know.

Change Is Not Easy, But Must Be Done

Learn To Change

As a conscious living human, you should be aware that your future depends on how you apply what you have learned and experienced. It is required, so your life does not stagnate, but does flow quite more fluidly. Thus, less obstacles and less limitations.

Many people do not realize or choose not to understand, that when you have a thought, for which, turns into an action, there is always a conscious choice behind and before, the action actually takes place.

Many people decide on their own, whether or not, they listen to their own conscience also, before the action is taken. So, two things happen before you even move your body. Many people act without thinking about what their actions are going to do to others. This happens when a person is not conscious about their actions.

Instinctive actions or actions without awareness, are just reactionary movement. Your emotions are just instinctive responses that happen, do so via cause and effect. Your emotions happen when something else happens first. Thus- emotions are the effect of the something that happened, which caused the emotional response.

It is better to improve upon who you were yesterday than remain the same and my objective is to open you consciously, so as to open your mind to bigger and bigger things. To increase your awareness of things you might not be aware of.

If I sound demeaning or degrading in any way, then I would say you need to seriously change your attitude, view, perception, perspective and put aside your ego for a few minutes. Stop and think about it....if not, you help no one, including yourself.

Many people, possibly like yourself for instance, might not realize that you are actually connected to your neighbor, sorta like your family members, but fail to see it for whatever reasons. The other people who live in your community struggle with their life, just as you do with yours.

Almost everyone has problems, but there are the select few who have no problems at all, because they have a unique perspective/perception and understanding about their own life. This is what separates people from one another, on the most basic level.

Change Equal Self Improvement

Every person has a conscious mind, which creates thoughts and in today's society, when you look around at those people, you can see a lot of their pain, misery and depressive nature, just by their actions. Should their actions be fluid, then you can see them as graceful.

However, should you see them stumble or hesitate in their actions, then they are dysfunctional or suffering from stagnation. The problem with these people is that they are trying their best to understand their life, but are not really sure of the gravity of life. Like, they have not applied or learned that - "meaning of Life" is something they are to give to their life, as is "purpose of life".

The "meaning of life" is fairly simple to understand- it is about you giving meaning to your life, so other people can understand who you are and what you bring/represent. You are to make the meaning. You must realize that is one of the responsibilities you have to yourself.

The "purpose of life" is also fairly simple to understand- it is about you creating a purpose, a bigger picture focus, specifically designed to show others your integrity, honesty and goodness. If you are unable to see "big picture" things, then you will struggle to find a positive path for arriving or creating the future you choose.

It does not take much to understand that when you want to create a positive future, you must put in positive effort and open-mindedness to the extreme, without being bothered by outside influences that which are meant to only distort truth or distract your attention to other things.

Those who distort or manipulate people, for whatever reason, go to great lengths to portray themselves in a positive light, yet their own actions prove they are dishonest or deceitful. You must be able and willing to see pass the facade, so as to get to the truth or heart of the matter.

You could think that I am trying to manipulate you, and there is a good chance, you had already convinced yourself that I am doing exactly that. However, should you seem to think that, I would highly suggest that you re-think it again. There isn't anything so far, for which, would not lead one to be a positive force in the world today.

A single conscious mind is about you understanding the fact that it is time to become more responsible in your own life. The time has come for you to put integrity in your life, as a living thing, and into your actions. The time for you to become more consciously aware of the many misconceptions and dishonest actions of millions of others. The time has come to change your view about life with regards to your willingness to be more vibrantly active on self-improvement.

Self-improvement is a self-interested person, who develops self-growth, which in turn, builds self-esteem and self- confidence, which leads directly to self-worth and faith in oneself. There are less people living a path, as above, because they were not gifted with the knowledge and yet to gain the wisdom, due to a lack of experience or chosen ignorance.

To the average person, changing the world seems like an unapproachable task. The view of many would support it. But, a conscious mind however has the power to give me faith in you and love for you for trying to achieve a better self. Respect you would earn, not only mine, but millions of others, would show you how to love yourself, so you could return the respect and love to others. Change your mind and You Change the World!

Thank you for your time.

Updated: 12/10/2016, Cagsil
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