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Abbey Bominable Monster High bio, video and more.

Introducing Abbey Bominable

Monster High Transfer Student

Abbey Bominable, the daughter of a Yeti, is 16 years of age and a foreign exchange student at Monster High where she is captain of the snowboarding team.  She is often seen as cold and standoffish because of her demeanor.  Abbey's blunt nature scares some people away; but it comes from a need to survive.  She is orginally from up north and lives at high altiudes.  Where she is from it is important to save your breathe, and long winded speaches would cause health issues.  Abbey must be able to communicate as much she can in the shortest amount of words.

As for boys, she does not understand the way they try to attract girls with flirtation.  Abbey finds this demonstration dissatisfactory and not a honorable way to declare ones attentions.

Abbey has a pet baby wooly mammoth named Shiver, and enjoys math but hates drama class.  Her closest friends are Frankie Stein and Lagoona Blue. Headless Headmistress Bloodgood is a friend of the family who encouraged Abbey's parents to send her to Monster High to attend school.  During the school week she lives with the head mistress to be nearer to school.

Abbey has trouble interacting with other Monster High students because English is her second language.  She is often unable to distinguish whether her classmates are being serious or joking.

Abbey has blue skin, white hair with pink and blue streaks and wears fur.  Her tears change to iceicles when they fall on her face.  She wears a beautiful crystal necklace around her neck that allows her to keep her surroundings on the chilly side.

Abbey is extremely strong as she was able to toss a minotaur around like she was lifting a grape.  If you ever need a bodyguard Abbey is the ghoul for the job.

Abominable Impression - Monster High

See her in action

It's time to Shiver


Shiver is a four year old wooly mammoth who enjoys snowball fights and hates trunk jokes.  She is blue and white and her best friends are Rhuen and Sir Hoots A Lot.  Shiver has a huge appetite and is one of the pets that has been extinct for many years.

Abbey Bominable Dolls

Icy Monster High Dolls
Monster High Abbey Bominable Doll With Pet Wooly Mammoth Named Shivver

Monster High Monster High Doll - AbbeyDraculaura, Clawdeen Wolf, Frankie Stein and Lagoona Blue are the coolest ghouls in school with their trendy fashions, accessories and ...

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Monster High Friends Plush Abbey Abominable Doll

Monster High Friends Plush Abbey Abominable Doll: These scarily delightful plush versions of the most popular students at Monster High come with their favorite outfit and ...

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5 Reasons to Like Abbey Bominable

Shout out for this Monster High Student
  1. She is strong and can take on any man or beast.

  2. She has a great Russian accent.

  3. Love the hair with the mix of blue and pink streaks.

  4. She is poised and is straight forward.

  5. Her crystal necklace is a nice accessory but she has great expressive violet eyes.

Abbey Bominable Games & Activities

Have some Monster High fun

Abbey Bominable Dress Up Game
Dress up game based on the Monster High character.

Abbey on Facebook
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Abbey Bominable Costume

For Halloween or Dress-up
Girls Abbey Bominable Costume Deluxe with Wig - Monster High - Medium

Costume Details

About this costume

Product Information:

Note: This costume does not appear to be an officially liscensed Monster High costume, but if you want to dress like Abbey it would seem to be the only costume available.

The costume includes: Long wig, dress with belt, arm and leg warmers and a Monster High Button.

Would you dress like Abbey Bominable for Halloween?

Monster High Costume Idea

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DimondWitch on 11/10/2012

I would so not die with out that doll I want that doll so much

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i toats love her:))!!"

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