Alex DeLarge (A Clockwork Orange) Costume

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How to put together an Alex DeLarge costume - the cult anti-hero from A Clockwork Orange makes for a great book or movie villain themed Halloween costume or party outfit!

Alex is the sociopathic anti-hero and narrator of the dystopian novel A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess published in 1962. Alex is the brutal leader of a gang of teenagers known as Droogs who speak in a form of slang known as Nadsat and who engage in random acts of "ultra-violence". Alex is remorseless in the way he treats both his victims and his friends and eventually he is betrayed by members of his own gang and made to pay a heavy penalty for his crimes. In the novel the character's surname is never stated, but he refers to himself as "Alexander the Large". When the book was later adapted into a movie in 1971, directed by Stanley Kubrick, Alex was given the surname "DeLarge" and played by actor, Malcolm McDowell. The movie has gained cult status over the years and McDowell's iconic appearance in the film makes an Alex DeLarge outfit instantly recognisable and a great choice for a Halloween costume or fancy dress based on book or movie characters or villains!

Alex DeLarge was voted the 12th Greatest Film Villain Of All Time by the American Film Institute.

It's simple to dress up as Alex from A Clockwork Orange as you may well have some of the items required in your own wardrobe already! This easy to make Clockwork Orange costume consists of a black Bowler or Derby hat, false eyelashes on one eye, white suspenders, pants and collarless shirt (with bloody eyeballs attached to the cuffs!), a codpiece, black Dr Marten boots and a swordstick/cane sword!

"Then I looked at its top sheet, and there was the name - A CLOCKWORK ORANGE and I said: 'That's a fair gloopy title. Who ever heard of a clockwork orange?'"

Alex: A Clockwork Orange


How To Make An Alex DeLarge Costume

Costume essentials
  • Black Bowler / Derby hat
  • False eyelashes on right eye only
  • White suspenders
  • White collarless shirt (with bloodied eyeballs attached to the cuffs!)
  • White pants
  • Black "Dr Marten" style boots
  • White codpiece (an athletic support cup will do)
  • Cane sword (or plain black cane)

Putting together this costume is very straightforward and you may well already possess some of the items required e.g. boots or a shirt. Even if you have to buy anything you don't have, all the items can be obtained online from sites such as (with examples shown below) and are pretty inexpensive.

If you don't want to go to the bother of buying or making individual items, or you're short on time, it is possible to buy "complete" Alex DeLarge costumes which consist of various costume components such as a hat, all in one jumpsuit, codpiece etc, but judging from the photographs of the ones I've come across online, some of them don't seem to look all that great (in my opinion). My advice is to do your research if you decide to go down the pre-assembled costume route. Have a look at photographs of the costume in large resolution if available, check exactly what you'll get for your money and read reviews from people who have already purchased the costume.

So, for those who want to organise a costume from scratch, let's start from the top and work downwards, with a step by step head to toe list of how to put together an awesome and authentic looking Clockwork Orange costume:



Start at the top with a hat fit for a Droog!

First you'll need a black Bowler or Derby hat for your costume...

False Eyelashes

Alex DeLarge wore false eyelashes on his right eye!

False eyelashes will give you a really authentic Alex from A Clockwork Orange look!

If the thought of applying false eyelashes doesn't appeal to you though, you can outline your eye with black eyeliner pencil and use black mascara to make your own eyelashes stand out to give yourself a similar appearance.

The set of eyelashes shown below comes complete with eyelash glue supplied in the pack.

If you need any tips or advice on how to apply false eyelashes here's a link to a very useful step-by-step video guide on You Tube: How To Apply False Eyelashes


Banded collar shirt

Alex and his gang of Droogs wore white collarless shirts similar to the one shown below. A white T-shirt with long sleeves would be an acceptable alternative, or, if you want to keep the cost down, you could wear an ordinary long sleeved plain white dress shirt with a collar if you don't mind not looking 100% "right"!.

Eyeballs (for your shirt cuffs!)

Bloodied eyeballs for real Clockwork Orange outfit authenticity!

Alex wore bloody eyeballs attached to his shirt cuffs. For those looking for a totally authentic look, (combined with maximum shock value!), in the movie Mr DeLarge wore a brown eyeball on his left cuff and a blue one on his right! 

These realistic looking latex eyeball costume accessories are certain to get you noticed - ewwwwwww!!

Ripped Out Eyeball - LIGHT BROWN

Brown latex eyeball for Alex's left shirt cuff!

View on Amazon

Ripped Out Eyeball - BLUE

Blue latex eyeball for Alex's right shirt cuff!

View on Amazon

Pair of Realistic Life size Bloody Ripped Out Eyeballs

...or just buy a pair of eyeballs!

View on Amazon


White pants

If you don't have a pair of white pants or jeans, baseball or utility pants are a good alternative.


Alex and the Droogs held their pants up with suspenders!

These Inexpensive white elasticized suspenders simply clip on to your pants for an instant Clockwork Orange look!


Alex DeLarge wore a white codpiece over his pants

An athletic cup and supporter/groin protector will achieve a similar effect!

The item shown below is available in a range of sizes.


Dr Marten Style Boots

Alex DeLarge used his black DM's to commit "ultraviolence"!

Any military/combat/jungle style black boots will do - you will need to tuck your pants into your boots.


A swordstick or cane sword is the perfect finishing touch for Alex DeLarge costumes - or use a plain walking cane if you prefer!

Alex DeLarge never indulged in "a spot of the old ultraviolence" without putting his trusty cane sword to it's gruesome use! These days though, it's not easy to source such an item as a sensibly priced costume prop. Cane swords are available, but they don't come cheap and in the wrong hands they can be lethal - they are, after all, weapons! A budget priced (and less dangerous!) alternative for a Halloween or fancy dress party costume is a plastic cane.

Would YOU Dress As Alex From A Clockwork Orange For Halloween Or A Party?

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