Alternative to Adsense on Wizzley

by nightowl

Wizzley authors who do not or cannot use Adsense now have an alternative to monetize their articles - with Chitika.

Content monetization is an important aspect for most writers here at Wizzley. While we do provide several different streams of potential revenue, Adsense being one of them, one can never have too many options.

A primary reason for having alternatives is, of course, the fall-back if one of them becomes unavailable. But in some instances, one might simply convert better or translate into higher returns. Whatever your personal reasons, we have you covered.

Wizzley Introduces Chitika as Alternative to Adsense

Some of you asked, and we listened. The Wizzley team is very excited to announce a new feature which is primarily intended as an additional incentive for authors without Adsense accounts.

Authors who do not have an Adsense account, or who simply want an alternative for whatever reason, can now opt to display Chitika ads instead.

In order to prevent clutter and overly ad-heavy pages, authors can only use one or the other, but not both! If you have accounts with both advertising networks the choice is entirely up to you.

We'll be testing this feature for a while to see how it goes. Be sure to leave us your thoughts and experiences in the comments section.

Chitika Ads on Wizzley Pages - How It Works

Chitika Sign-upObviously, authors wishing to use Chitika must have an account with them. If you do not yet have one, you can apply here. If you do not have your own website or blog you may try to use your author profile page URL as your website. Applications will go through an approval process which is beyond the control of Wizzley.

Once you are set up you can enter your Chitika user ID (same as your user name) into the field provided on your Wizzley Settings page. Optionally, you can also assign a channel ID of your choice, which can be any alphanumeric string of characters, e.g. mywizzley123. Currently, you can only assign one channel to all of your Wizzley pages.

You don't need to specifically create a custom channel on Chitika. Just enter any ID of your choice into the field we provide. Please be aware, that Chitika might not actually show the clicks on any given custom channel if they generate less than 10 clicks a day. In this case, they would still be tracked under the Default channel.

Check out the links to more information below for more tutorials and helpful resources.

Important Note: Chitika and Adsense are mutually exclusive on Wizzley

One or the other, but not both

You must choose between Adsense and Chitika. If you have already entered an Adsense pub-ID then you will not be able to enter a Chitika ID. In this case, you would need to remove the Adsense ID first before you can enter a Chitika ID.

What About Referrals? They Only Use Adsense...

ReferralsIf you have recruited authors to Wizzley, they may or may not have opted for Chitika. It doesn't matter, because your Chitika ads will display during your 10% impression share, regardless of what type of ads are shown during the remaining 90% of impressions.

If you refresh a page often enough you will see your ads during "your" slot.

The same principle applies in the reverse scenario, i.e. you have Adsense but your referral has Chitika. During their impressions, their Chitika will display. During your impression, your Adsense will display. It's really simple and straightforward, and you can test it anytime by refreshing a page often enough until all the impressions have been through the sharing cycle.

More Information?

Check out these links on Chitika for further information

How Is Chitika Different From Adsense?

Or, why am I seeing strange ads?

Chitika ads are not contextual. This means they don't "read" the content of your page and then try to match the ads according to your content.

Instead, the ads are targeted to the search terms your reader used before coming to your page. Ideally, your page was displayed as a relevant search result to your reader, so the Chitika ads should be relevant to your content as well.

If you look at your own page without performing a search first you are likely going to see something different entirely, which is fine, since the ads are not targeted at you anyway.

Chitika Search Targeted Ads

How DO they decide which ads to show?

Get Chitika Premium

Updated: 04/28/2012, nightowl
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DerdriuMarriner on 06/27/2017

nightowl, Which one do you use on Wizzley and why?

blackspanielgallery on 06/25/2016

I will continue with Adsense. I am finally getting close to a first payout.

LyraKua on 08/22/2014

Thank you for the information. This is just what I need.

nightowl on 07/11/2013

@Maritravel; the ad code is only needed if you want to show Chitika ads on your own sites, like your own blog for example. Here at Wizzley, we take care of that. I can see it is working fine on your pages.

Maritravel on 07/11/2013

Thankyou night owl. I have now done this and await results. Seems almost too simple. What puzzles me now is why they give me a code and tell me to copy it. For what reason?

nightowl on 07/10/2013

Maritravel, all you need to do is to put your Chitika user name into the field provided on the Settings page. Everything else will be taken care of automatically. Chitika ads will replace Google ads on our page template during your share of the impressions.

Maritravel on 07/10/2013

In a state of total confusion which I am going to blame on the unexpected heatwave! I have signed up for Chitika, copied my code but now what?. I tried to paste this into the Settings tab for Chikita but it had too many characters, then I tried to insert it into an article below the title but nothing happened. Am I missing something? And do I need to put this code in every time I want to place an ad somewhere in an article? To have to copy/paste this code every time doesn't seem right. I'm not feeling at all intelligent today so please be kind to me!

nightowl on 04/07/2012

Thanks for the feedback. It's not easily determined whether Adsense or Chitika "is better" if you do have access to both programs. I guess the only way to find out for sure is to test them under identical conditions.

On the other hand, if you don't have an Adsense account, the choice should be easy... ;)

mulberry on 04/06/2012

Good info. I don't keep up with things well and didn't realize Chitika was an option. I've used it in the past and am certainly willing to try it again as it worked fairly well for me previously.

terrilorah on 03/21/2012

Had no idea of the difference between the two. I also have a Chitika account.

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