America: Death Penalty Solution

by Cagsil

Death Penalty/Capital Punishment Laws and application of, crime in America, Prison overcrowding and citizens human/civil rights. Social issue solution in a civilized manner.

It is my pleasure to have you reading my article. As you can see, the Death Penalty or Capital Punishment sentences are continually attacked by multiple advocate groups.

The main purpose behind writing about the Death Penalty or Capital Punishment sentence has arisen out of what is seen on today's TV/Cable programming, in the courts, handled by the State or Federal prosecutors and worldwide media.

It is not to be construed as to be false because the authorities presently in place are the ones who are really the fools who are making things worse, yet do not realize it. Or maybe they do realize it and are doing what they do on purpose. Which should scare you even more than just the usage of the Death Penalty or Capital Punishment alone.

If these people in positions of power are purposely using the sentences as nothing more than a tool, then in the end what good are they? None and will have no hope in deterring criminals from killing people on a large scale.

The Death Penalty or Capital Punishment is one of the hottest topics and seems to be dividing the entire citizenry, on different points.

The United States Government has authorized, individual States to use Capital punishment as a sentence for the hard criminals, who commit murder(premeditated and not), serial killers, child rapists, cop killers and even those whose acts are considered treason.

See through the deception.....

See through the deception.....

On an International stand point- America executes criminals for crimes against humanity. This has been done for "mass" tyrant killers or rulers of other Nations. This is a policing policy the U.S. has, but is unknown how the U.S. became the police of the world. It was not worth research. There can be no value learning from researching it. The simple fact that America does it, overall, is not healthy for America, much less other countries.

The death penalty has been instituted in many individual States, such as California and Texas, as examples. Most States left the decision for implementation of the law, up to the voters. Thus, meaning the people were granted the power to vote on the topic. Unfortunately, this is where many different advocate groups, special interest groups, and lobbyists get involved. They gather citizens to prevent law(s) from being passed to continue the status quo of business practices.

Some defend a criminal's life, under the "right to life" cloak. It is a prime example and should explain a lot to other people. The individual rights of a person are not subjected to a person's individual view. Individual rights- you have only two of them.(#1) Right to Life and (#2) Right of Choice or Right to Choose(even this one is included under #1). Everything you can do is categorized under these two rights. To maintain a civilized society, you as a person should be moral good and responsible for your actions.

Even under "right to life" and "right of choice", no individual has a right to take another person's life. The myth that the "majority" cannot make that decision is wrong, because it's not actually the "majority" making the decision. It's what is best for the individual person and what needs to be done to protect individual citizens from those who are willing to damage the rest.

There are plenty of people who are religious in some way or another. They either follow religious teachings or just believe in god. These same people find themselves above those who do not. It is called- Righteousness. They think themselves better, therefore they are. Simply because of their religious belief and/or belief in god. Some use their beliefs to make other peoples' life a mess or harder, which isn't right in itself.

Unfortunately, this specific area is where many things get cloudy. Those who hold a religious belief, either following along religion's line or simply believe in god, create what they believe to be, as close to perfect, as possible way of life. However, as we know, humans are not perfect and are always proven to be fallible.

To create a civilized solution for the arguments laid down about the death penalty sentence, is to have a complete understanding of moral right and wrong, and objectively weigh, each person's value to society. The overall out-weighs the individual in any Nation, regardless.

Trust in this example: IF the only option available comes down to the government issuing a direct order to have you killed, with the hope/chance of saving hundreds of millions of lives, then you can better believe your life isn't worth a dime. That alone should speak volumes to you about governments themselves. It speaks to you about your rights and how your rights aren't actually rights, but are privileges afforded to you, by those who govern.

Reality of life......

Reality of life......

Again, there are plenty of advocate groups and special interest groups, who like to manipulate the perspective about individual rights. Some scream and shout, about one person's rights, but forget to bother to think about those whose rights will be infringed upon, by the other person's individual claim of rights.

Your individual right to life and right to choice is automatic(just because you were born), when you do no damage to others or do not infringe upon the rights of others. However, the rights you do have can be negated by acts against others. Should you feel that your rights out-weighs that of others...then you would be wrong. Equal application of rights is best for individual rights.

That means, your neighbor and you, should be able to live moral good and civilized, while you two are neighbors. You do not have a right in infringe on their rights and they do not have the right to infringe upon your rights.

The death penalty is all about providing the maximum sentence, so as to prevent crime. There are some people however, claim that Capital Punishment does nothing to deter or prevent crime. And, in some way they would be right, but up to a point. It is the manner in which the death penalty is used that is not helping to deter criminals or the crimes they commit.

Yes, do realize- the people who advocate that serial killers are people too. There happens to be something wrong with them and should be locked up for their life, and not executed. Since, advocate groups pushed so hard and continually the State and Federal authorities have had to bend to conform. What that means is that inmates who are executed are to be done in a humane fashion.

The advocate groups have screamed loud enough, that even an inmate who is sick from the flu, cannot be executed, until he/she is in full health.

The highest moral value is to up hold all life. That would also include those who commit crimes against others. We are suppose to value that person's life, just as much as the life that was distinguished by that same person.

Many people want "eye-for-an-eye" type of mentality, but is seen as what is called "Justice", a.k.a. "revenge" or a "vendetta". Justice is really an illusion for those who are not in power. There are no ways of justice, because "the ends never justify the means".

With that said- how does a civilized death penalty become realized, if moral integrity of the highest caliber says to preserve all life above all else? Well, since the world, including America, humanity isn't truly civilized, nor it is as advanced as it is believed among those who are living. When you look around, you can see the obvious happenings that destroys others.

The question is what are the people going to do? Where will they find common ground?

People need to be held accountable at this stage! Society isn't civilized!

Again, What are the people going to do? Where can common ground be found? Both questions, by the people, the common folk who are really too busy with their own problems, to care about the overall of society, should be on their minds, but is not.

The average, most common person, has more problems than others realize. Many people do not, for some reason or another, equate the problems they have with others or that they are the same. Yes, many people do not realize that the problems they suffer from is suffered for by others as well. Which means, you and them, are in the same boat.

What do you know? Unrealized common ground. The misconception that humanity is civilized is just that, a misconception. The average person can be civilized, but is not. Some know how to be, but choose not to be. Those who commit acts against others, and a life is lost, is where the death penalty comes into play.

The death penalty should only be used on the worst killers of society. One of the other problems to plague the process is the cost of drugs, for which, are used in handling lethal injection executions. The drug manufacturers charge way too much for the drugs used in the process. This is absurd, but an avenue, in which, business can control executions, in a manner of speaking.

Death penalty costs too much! That's deception!

With that said, let's address that first problem - drug manufacturers, the makers of the chemicals that execute inmates. There are three different drugs used in the process of lethal injection and one is a paralyzing agent, and the other two take the person's life.

The first is adequate to do the job, but the second(technically third) one is used to ensure that the inmate is dead.

It never made sense to have two different drugs to do the same job. Maybe, it's just me. However, these drugs are expensive and another means needs to be found or assessed. Well, I have a very unconventional solution for fixing that problem.

The Federal and State authorities, specifically the DEA and FBI, and CIA, continue to amass high quantities of drugs from cartels from around the world. They confiscate tons of money and drugs, such as cocaine and heroin, and they supposedly destroy all of it.

To me, that makes absolutely no sense, especially if the drug cartels are going to continue to grow more, and more.

Destroying the money and drugs is foolish, when a better process for both can be used. The drugs should be used in handling the executions of inmates. There can be a legal overdose applied and the inmate would die via euphoria, and no pain. Technically, humane.

The "cash" confiscated should be used to pay for the War on Drugs and inmate housing! It is absolutely nuts for the citizenry to continue to pay for a War and not receive any benefit from it. The death penalty should be enacted in every State in the Union. That would be to deter criminal activity.

And, Yes, if enacted in every single State, then people are likely to second think about killing someone else. As it stands presently, people take in account that, if they have the goods on someone else, then they can bargain their way down from the death penalty, to life in prison.

That cannot be tolerated any longer, and for reasons (a) too many inmates, and (b) costs for storage(i.e., health care, clothes, food, prison costs).

Those who are in for life, should be doing something constructive, that would be beneficial to society that they harmed. They could be used in many other areas, such as clean up of communities and to do acts of humility that help others.

However, I will end on a positive note- should you think that we live in a civilized society still, after reading this, then you've obviously been out of the loop lately and really do not understand.

To make a civilized society, each and every single individual person must take the steps necessary, to hold accountable/responsible those who take other people's life. The message must resound throughout one voice, so as to make others pay attention.

Thank you for your time.

Updated: 12/23/2016, Cagsil
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