Angelique by Anne Golon: The Best Love Story Ever Written

by TessaSchlesinger

The Angelique series of Historical Novels written by Anne Golan have depth, adventure, luxury, romance and are set in the time of Louis XIV.

The year was 1966 and I was a readaholic. My mother brought home five massive books of one thousand pages each, and then proceeded to read them every night. As I had never seen my mother read in her life, I was extremely curious. The books were the Angelique series by Anne and Serge Golon. Would you believe that I read all five books (5000 pages) in one night? Yes, that is how exciting those books were. I fell in love with Angelique. I fell in love with Louis XIV, the sun king of France. I fell in love with Joffrey de Peyrac, the love of Angelique’s life, and all these years on, I remember them. And you might even be wondering if there is any connection between the pen name I use - Sophia Angelique - and the greatest love story I ever read.

The books are currently published under Anne Golon’s name only. That is because in 1957, when her book was going to be published in France, the French did not think it a good idea for a woman to be the author. So she compromised and her husband shared equal billing. However, she was the author in every respect.

Angelique Series of Books by Anne Golon

Angelique by SergeAnne Golon

The first book in the series was published in 1957 and tells the story of a tomboy in France who grows up to be a stunningly beautiful woman. She is promised by her father to Joffrey de Peyrac, a nobleman of vast wealth. She accompanies her husband to the wedding of Louis XIV, and there I shall stop.

I’m going to list the other books and not detail their contents otherwise it will be a spoiler. The story is continuous, and it’s a wonderful, wonderful love story. As a result of the incredibly accurate historical research that Anne Golon did for the book, the court of Versailles, the times of Louis XIV, and the people of France (and elsewhere) became my favorite time period in history.


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Book titles in Angelique Series

Angelique book series

Book One: The Marquese of Angels

Book Two : The Road to Versailles

Book Three: Angelique and the King

Book Four: Angelique and the Sultan

Book Five: Angelique in Revolt

Book Six: Angelique in Love

Book Seven: The Countess Angelique

Book Eight: The Temptation of Angelique

Book Nine: Angelique and the Demon

Book Ten: Angelique and the Ghosts

Books Eleven through thirteen have been published in French but not yet translated into English. In addition, this wonderful author is still writing, and the fourteenth and fifteenth book will finally bring a saga spanning more than half a century to an end. 


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Angelique Fan Club

Friends of Angelique

Like all good books, Angelique has a fan club. It is called “Friends of Angelique” and was belatedly established in 1999. The first president of the fan club was Harvey Adkins who passed in 2007. He said, “With few exceptions, only those of us who were fortunate enough to have grown up in the era when they were popular even know of their existence. In a sense, this makes us disciples who must carry the word to others, and that’s at least part of what our group has been doing for the past several years.”

More than one hundred and fifty million Angelique books have been sold internationally. They have been published in sixty three countries and some three hundred and twenty publishers were involved.

Anne Golon - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Anne Golon (born 19 December 1921, Toulon, Var) is a French author, better known to English-speaking readers as Sergeanne Golon. She has written a series of novels about a heroine Angelique. Born Simone Changeux in Toulon, a port in south-eastern Fra

My Pen Name

Sophia Angelique

And yes, the Angelique in Sophia Angelique is in tribute to the Angelique books. I have always thought that there isn’t another love story on earth that is equal to that of Angelique by Anne Golon. If you’ve never read it, and you want to read a truly wonderful historical story, full of adventure, wars, kings, deceit, poverty, wealth and death, there are the books to read. You will never, never, never regret it!

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