Animal Speakers

by sheilamarie

Animal Speakers are a fun way to listen to your music. Look at these speakers to find one for someone young or young at heart.

If you are an animal lover, what better way to listen to your favorite tunes than through an animal speaker!

These animal speakers are portable and can be used with any portable device, such as an ipod, ipad, tablet, MP3 player, phone, laptop, and on and on.

Great for music fans young and old alike.

Animal Speakers: A Fun Way to Listen to Music

Speakers Come in a Variety of Animal Designs

Animal speakers are really a lot of fun! Whether you prefer the stuffed animal variety that you can have as a cuddly friend or whether the cool animal designs on Doodle speakers from Zazzle are more to your liking, animal speakers are a great way to listen to your music.

Each speaker comes with an adapter you can plug into your MP3 player or into your ipod, ipad, iphone, or laptop. The little guy will then become your personal speaker that will enhance your listening experience. Everything will sound better coming from an elephant's trunk or to the beat of a zebra's swinging behind.

Children will especially like the stuffed animals that they can take along with them while traveling in the car. These stuffed animal speakers will perch perkily on a dresser or desk, too.

Animal speakers are sure to make your listening time a trip to the zoo!

Kuchi-Paku Lion

Lip-Syncs and Dances Along with the Music!

I love this little fella, the way he seems to be singing the song on the MP3 player! He's an animal speaker I'd really like to have. Unfortunately, he's not yet available on, so I guess I'll have to wait.

But the dog and cat speakers below are adorable, too. All four of them dance to the beat.

Here's How the Animal Speakers Work

What an Entertainer!

Which Stuffed Animal Speaker Is Your Favorite?

Which Stuffed Animal Speaker Is Your Favorite?

Teddy Bear Speaker

With or Without the MP3 Player Built-in
Lulla-Bear "Brownie"Gund Gundfun Sneaker Speaker Bear

Animal Speakers from Aaron's Animals

My Zazzle Store

Aaron's Animals is the name of one of my Zazzle stores. I opened it as a special store to feature the products I've designed using the photographs of my eldest son Aaron.

A master with the camera, Aaron took a trip to the zoo near Paris with his little girls. I was really impressed when he showed me the photos he took during that visit to the zoo. With his permission, I decided to try to make some products with his animal pictures. I have only skimmed the surface of his animal pictures so far. I hope to add to the animal product gallery on my Aaron's Animals Zazzle store as time goes on. I hope you enjoy these designs.

If you do like these designs, come visit the whole store and see how else I have used Aaron's photos. You may find something else you'll like, too.

Which Kind of Animal Speaker Should I Choose?

If you are choosing an animal speaker as a gift for someone you love, a good idea is to see all the available options and match what's out there to the preferences of the person receiving the gift.

What is the person's favorite animal?

What is the age of the person?

What would he or she feel comfortable with as an addition to his or her room?

Stuffed animals may be appropriate for some people, but the cleaner lines of the doodle speaker would be better for another.

Some people would love the idea of a cuddly friend as a speaker for her favorite music. 

Both types of speaker are portable and handy. Both are compatible with a large variety of devices.

Do You Prefer the Stuffed Animal Speakers or the Zazzle Doodle Speakers?

Which Speakers Would You Choose?
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Zazzle Doodle Is My Favorite.
mandeesears on 07/27/2011

the Zazzle Speakers are more my style but I can imagine children going crazy for the stuffed toy speakers. In her younger years, my daughter would have gone nuts for the monster speakers!

petunia on 07/27/2011

I would like the Zazzle Doodle for me, but our granddaughter would flip for those stuffed animal speakers!

Stuffed Animal Speaker for Me.
nickupton on 07/30/2011

It has to be the penguins for me.

Jimmie on 07/28/2011

They are ridiculous, but I like the stuffed ones!

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Do You Know Anyone Who Would Like an Animal Speaker? (Or Just Say Hello!)

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sheilamarie on 06/10/2012

Thanks, everyone for your comments. I think they're really cute speakers, too.

Jimmie on 07/28/2011

Fun topic! My daughter would love some silly stuffed speakers.

mandeesears on 07/27/2011

Too cute (and cuddly)! I love the variety of animal speakers available and your son's photos are gorgeous!

ohcaroline on 07/27/2011

The Animal speakers are really cute for kids. I'd have to take the Doodle Speakers myself.

mivvy on 07/27/2011

My son would like one (and so would I). The Teddy Bear is my favourite. I like your son's speakers too, but I haven't got an iPad etc

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