Animals Superior To Humans? Yes, In What Matters Most In Life

by frugalrvers

As I reach my middle age, I've come to the conclusion that animals are far superior to humans in very important life lessons - and we could be happier if we learned from them.

So are animals superior to humans? I've already stated that I believe they are, but I'm not talking about the typical measuring tools modern society places importance on. I have no interest in discovering if they can run faster than an Olympic athlete, find their way out of a maze or learn to jump through a hoop to earn a reward.

My definition of superiority is that they are higher in QUALITY than humans - not status, intelligence or speed. I certainly cannot list every example in this article, but will choose some of my favorites - throwing in some personal stories and examples along the way.

Why I Have More Empathy For Animals Than Humans In Many Cases

Recent Story That Inspired This Article

As many who have read my other articles already know, my husband and I live in an RV full time. Recently we had to stay in a family member's driveway for an unexpected, extended duration...smack in the suburbs of Chicago. Though I grew up in the Windy City, I made my escape to the mountains in Glacier National Park, Montana 12 years ago. Being back in the urban dwelling that suffocates my spirit took quite a toll.

A few weeks ago, we were having a small BBQ with family and friends of the family, which led to a lot of dialogue and questions around the patio table. As we sat there, a bird was chirping loudly on a tree branch. Suddenly someone said, "hear that? shoot that thing!" Now, of course, this was said in fun - a dramatic way to exclaim the chirping was driving him crazy. But my quick reply was, "are you KIDDING?" I am sitting here, feeling my blood pressure rise from the sound of incessant lawn mowers, thump-thump car stereos, 747's flying overhead...and that one little bird is driving your crazy?!"

I was quickly sucked into the explanation of the peace and quiet I find in the mountains, where there are no planes overhead, no cars driving on the four wheel drive trails off the beaten path, no tv, no cell phone signal - where I feel completely calm and at peace, completely in the moment. The reply? "Isn't that silence deafening?" (I quietly count the days in my head until I get to go home to Montana).

Another evening not long before this BBQ, other people were over visiting at this same location. The topic turned to the wildlife in NW Montana - particularly, grizzly bears. "Oh my god!" one person exclaimed. "You can't walk outdoors! Aren't you scared?!" I, of course, drew attention to the continually climbing murder rate in Chicago that is on the evening news each night.

I also went through the explanation that grizzly bears are not trying to get into houses, lurking in the trees waiting to eat you - that most maulings are from humans stepping into their domain off the beaten path - surprising a mom with cubs or a griz feeding on a carcass in the back country. Even then they are likely to bluff charge, not attack. But the gaze I get back (and silence) speaks volumes, with a "yeah, right" look. I say I'm more scared walking the streets of Chicago in daylight, to no avail.

As you can see, just these few events got my wheels spinning in the direction of this article. What has happened to people? When did it become only our world, with other living creatures having no claim. When did a bird chirping or a bear in the woods become something bad?

Though I consider myself very caring to my fellow man, overall the large population of unhappy humans I see today, in my opinion, have no one to blame but themselves. They've lost the magic and wonder of life. If only more people sat and found beauty in a bird's song...I can't even imagine such a world anymore. Nature is still doing its "thing" but man has developed blindness to the amazing gift life is and what matters most. Yes, I have more empathy for animals than humans.

Life Lessons From Animals - Why They Are Superior To People Today

The following are some examples of life lessons from animals we all could learn from. To me, these are some of the reasons why an animal in nature surpasses many humans today:


Animals in the wild give their children their undivided attention. They teach them skills to stand on their own two (or four) feet. They nurture, nourish and protect them. They aren't afraid to set boundaries to keep their young safe. Humans today seem more interested in percentiles, who can read faster. I honestly feel it is the "baby races" when I hear family talk about toddler testing, fear their child is behind the others in preschool reading. While our children have to be the best and the brightest to keep up with the Joneses, what they need most is our time and attention, love and devotion.


Our domesticated cats and dogs could teach us a thing or two about unconditional love. There have been many times I've let my dog down. Just not feeling like the daily walk, coming home a little later than expected, being a grouch and raising my voice. But there is Hannah, wagging her tail and nudging me. I had a cat that would nuzzle if I was crying or sick in bed. My current cat, Spot, rarely leaves my side. When Hannah sees us coming, she wags that tail and squeals with excitement - yet she would defend and protect us no matter the cost. This is unconditional love. My faults are "forgiven" and I am loved for being the very best me I can be each day. Few human relationships I've witnessed throughout my life come without strings attached. As Kubler Ross referred to, human relationships are more "I love you IF..."


As humans have evolved into takers, animals continue to only take what they need from the earth. They are in search of food, shelter and protection from predators above them in the food chain - which used to be all that humans needed, too. But we've split off from pursuing basic needs in search of filling some void inside of ourselves. Few people today, if the power went out or a catastrophe should strike, would be prepared to provide food, shelter or protection for their families...humans have lost the important basic skills in exchange for surrounding themselves with useless "stuff."


I'm the type of person who cannot hurt another person. When I sell a car, I disclose every known flaw because I cannot live with myself to do otherwise. However, I am constantly burned when I am the buyer. This happens time and time again, where I am lied to for personal gain or let down by someone who pretended to be someone they were not. An animal is who he/she is. There are no surprises, they aren't hiding behind a mask. What you see is what you get. My trust in most people is shattered, because personal gain at the expense of others is behind most human actions I see far too often.

The Tragic Loss Of Human Senses - #1 Way Animals Are Better Than Humans


In today's society, few people slow down to recall that even a hundred years ago, this world looked very different. Go back further in time and it was completely unrecognizable to what it looks like today.

In all of this "progress" we've paid a huge price - losing our sensory system and ability to meet our basic needs. Animals that have been domesticated, those in captivity or those in urban environments have paid some of this price, too - but they have still hung on to some basic instincts which humans have lost through distraction, the drive of the ego and a noisy mind.

There are few people who have any survival skills anymore, depending on their gadgets, electricity and luxuries to meet their needs. There is no quieting of the mind, connecting with nature, with the constant noise in and outside of the home. Eyes glued to text messages, they aren't even observant of a potential person in need (or a red light sometimes, too). Many people aren't fit to walk a mile, compliments of sedentary lives. They don't eat real foods anymore, so their health declines. The list could go on and on.

I don't believe it is a stretch of the imagination to visualize a quieter world one day where animals still roam - humans nowhere to be found.

Do You Have More Empathy For Animals Than Humans?

Should Animals Be In Captivity? No - But They Can Serve As A Mirror To Ourselves

I don't believe that animals should be in captivity, but I'm also quite pessimistic at the state of the earth in general...feeling most problems are just too big to fix anymore and that nature will right herself someday in the future. When I see a captive animal, I think of what I should learn from the face looking back at me...that there is something I am to take with me from the heartbreaking picture. I believe animals are so superior that they are the teachers and we are the students. Brown bears are my totem, which is likely why I've been drawn to their habitat since I was very young.

What I draw from the animal is that he/she serves as a mirror to people today. Stripped of his/her most natural traits, the freedom of the wild, the challenging yet simpler existence - they have the same glazed appearance of people I see on the street today. They just "exist" now in their cages. Their senses are no longer heightened, they aren't responsible for themselves, they are bombarded by noise and distraction daily. They aren't truly living anymore.

My domesticated dog, Hannah, may be by best pal - but I often picture what her life would have been like being part of her pack, a world with no leashes, eating what nature intended instead of man made dog food junk. I feel guilty that she wasn't able to experience that. But though I'm not religious, I've kept my energy and spirit opened up to nature like people did not long ago...and feel certain someday we will be done with our purpose on this physical part of our lives...and maybe we will both run free in beautiful fields in the next part of our journey...


Are Animals Superior To People?

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