Funny Anti Valentine Quotes For Those Dreading Valentines Day

by frugalrvers

If you aren't thrilled about the Valentines Day holiday, you can find fun anti Valentine quotes on t-shirts to proudly display on February 14th.

Valentine's Day isn't just for lovers...come on! It is the perfect time to scoff at those in love. They get all gushy, waste tons of money on chocolates and flowers, flood restaurants like a herd of cattle...sometimes they actually look quite ridiculous when February 14th rolls around. Shouldn't love be celebrated every day, after all? It makes companies who profit and prey on these "love zombies" shudder to think about them waking up and seeing what is truly going on.

If you want to celebrate anti-Valentine's Day, here are some fun ideas.........

Let Funny Anti Valentines Day Quotes Help You Through

Have A Happy Anti Valentine Day This February 14th?

If you dread February 14th, some funny anti Valentines Day quotes and survival books might just help you get through. Whether you dread the Valentine holiday because of the commercialism involved or simply despise cupid for leading you astray one too many times, you need to know you aren't alone.

After years of Mr. Wrongs, including a bad marriage, I finally found my perfect partner - husband, best friend and so much more. We even perform music together, having been performing for years as the duo, One Less Karen.

There were times we both felt we would never find someone that could bring us happiness - accepting that being single forever might be the best choice. Then, in 1997, we met (he was performing with his band and I joined in on a song) and that was all it took.

For us, however, we aren't into the commercialism of holidays in general, so there is a bit of anti Valentine in us, even in a great relationship. We just think that love is something to be celebrated 365 days a year. Plus, I'm not a big fan of chocolates and flowers anyway!

Anti Valentine Quotes On Buttons, Pins

Get A Jumbo Pin With Your Favorite Anti Valentines Day Sayings

Which Type Of Valentine Are You?

I Hate Valentine's Day Books

I Hate Valentine's Day

Whether single, dating, married, or divorced, the dreaded February 14 arrives each year to ambush our self-esteem. No other 24-hour period convinces otherwise happy folk that ...

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The Anti-Valentine's Handbook

The mushy sentiment, the lousy candies, and the pressure of finding a date make February 14th a day that many wish didn’t exist.This pocketsized companion to Flirtology will ...

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Funny Quotes On Anti Valentines Day T Shirts

Something For Everyone In These Anti Valentines Day Shirts

Is There A Little Anti Valentine Day In All Of Us?

Men And Women Have Quite Different Experiences On Valentine's Day

My high school days are only a distant memory, but I still remember Valentines Day rituals in my school. I wasn't anti-Valentines back then per se, but I remember feeling icky when I watched the other girls in my school get deliveries of flowers, balloons and teddy bears. Yes, even high schools promoted cupid, and the local florists danced with glee.

Girls watched the other girls with envy, who paraded around with all of their love loot. Guys who didn't plan ahead, completely "humiliating" their girlfriends in front of their peers, were cowering the rest of the day. A girl's popularity seemed to stem from the size of the teddy bear or balloon bouquet, so even those girls getting just one rose felt somehow inferior.

This carried on into college and adult life. When Valentine's Day would come, girls were comparing and contrasting how fancy the restaurant was, how expensive the jewelry, etc. It is hard to imagine guys sitting around bragging about their Valentine Day gifts, though some probably do.

In sum, Valentine's Day seems to be a lot about the women receiving and the man giving...and making sure it is more spectacular than his girlfriend or wife's best friend. So the question is, even if a couple celebrates Valentine's Day, if a man feels pressure or a woman is disappointed, isn't that a bit anti-Valentine? Shouldn't it be about love - and that is enough?

For us, this Valentine's Day we will most likely be found hanging out in our rv with our hilarious rving pets and listening to music, laughing and saving a whole heck of a lot of money. There's a little Valentine and Anti Valentine in all of us, so maybe I'll pull out the red and pink crayons and make him a card - but Hallmark won't be getting a donation from us this year...


What Do You Like Least About Valentine's Day?

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CorviInquisitio on 01/27/2015

I am in a mutual multipartner relationship and can't stand valentines day. I do not understand making a holiday to celebrate love. Love should be something expressed all the time towards the people we care about. The best tokens of affection are the ones that do not involve the "all mighty coin." They involve all the little things one can do which are embedded with care and understanding which is lacking in a great many interactions between human beings. As the importance on being "rich and famous" or note worthy or making something of yourself is predicated upon how much you have in the bank. Instead of your worth being judged by your deeds, caring, and character towards your fellow human beings and the earth which provides us with all we have today.

This holiday was originally meant for Christians to remember and have a memorial of sorts of the two saints that were killed for defying a roman edict forbidding the marriage of young people. It was a memorial not a time to go out and "purchase" the love of another. You can buy a lot of things in this world but there are a great many more which if they come from within a person's being are not for sale. No amount of money or goods will bring that forth. The only thing which will capture another's affections is the quality and character of an individual. Money buys falsity. I wish it were eradicated from this world.

frugalrvers on 06/21/2012

Thanks for posting!
I just cannot shake the memories of those girlfriends who competed and compared notes on what they got for Valentine's Day, what they did, etc...After being in a happy relationship for 15 years, for me the most "romantic" memories are the little things that happen each day....

Tolovaj on 06/21/2012

We (Slovenia) hardly heard about Valentines until we switched to capitalism about 20 years ago. But we had some kind of equivalent with Day of Women (March 8th). So the need of men to make some show to the ladies at least once a year is above the system which monetize this need with flowers, flowers and more flowers.
Now we have two similar holidays but flower sellers are going out of business despite that because supermarkets now offer flowers on these specific days and it is more convenient (and cheaper) to buy big bouquets there (quantity, not thought, counts) so this business with 'love' (as you wrote it is more like popularity contest ) is not good for everybody but only the biggest players.
And yes, I have to agree. Buyers really look like zombies:)

wendy wright on 02/13/2012

I'm in a relationship, I adore him, love him to pieces but can't stand valentnes day. The first time I told him I didn't care and that the whole day was a big fat joke he thought it was trap and bought me flowers, a teddy, and wine. Without trying to sound too ungrateful I told him off and felt very guilty. I quickly wrote a message on a post it. How can people make money off love... There is no evidence to show Saint Valentine was anything to do with love.

opia on 02/12/2012

valentines is hell

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