Any Science And Religion Similarities? DOGMA

by frugalrvers

If you're looking for science and religion similarities, dogma is the best one you will find. I'm not religious, but I don't have blind, devoted faith in the sciences either.

I had my fill of religious upbringing, going to a Lutheran school for 9 years of my early childhood. I've always been a thinker and questioned authority, so it isn't a stretch of the imagination to think I had some difficulties swallowing everything I was told to believe. At an early age, it seemed science or, at least, nature, was the path for me.

But as I've aged these past 4.5 decades of my life, something has happened to science, in my opinion. It grew followers and preachers, it condemned if you didn't believe in it or put fear in me to go alternative routes...yep, it started to feel just like that Lutheran school once more.

Science vs Religion Arguments - They All Sound The Same To Me

When it comes to science vs religion arguments, I grab my popcorn and sit back like I would at a boxing match. I've been in both corners of the ring and feel so liberated to be a spectator at this point in my life, thinking for myself and keeping an open mind.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not taking notes and deciding which one to bet on before my time in this physical world is over - not at all. Rather, I'm relieved that I've seen how both "teams" stifled me into a box where I stopped thinking for myself. Words like "faith" and words like "proof" seem silly to me now.

I've had enough experiences in my life to feel confident that this physical world isn't what it appears to be on the surface. I'm so relieved to be free of the chains that made me choose sides all of my life and identify myself with one team or the other. "I'm a Christian!" or "I'm an atheist" or "I'm pro-science" about, "I'M ME!!" Can't tell you how good that feels.

Dogma: Where Science Meets Religion

In my opinion, science meets religion when it comes to dogma. I really don't enjoy any company where there is an authoritative presence in any "group" that is declaring something as absolute. Ah, but listen to these absolutes on both sides of the fence. One side tells me to have faith or fear eternal damnation. The other side tells me if I can't prove it, it doesn't exist. How suffocating that existence is to me - I can't question? I can't think for myself? If I have an experience that doesn't fit into their belief systems, doesn't exist? I won't live my life that way.

I've always believed that once you think you've got it all figured out, you have little living left to do. I feel the magic of our time here on this earth is when we continue to evolve, learn, grow, discuss, communicate - THINK. What's left if you are so certain you know all of the answers? If I'm certain of one thing, it's that nobody has all of the answers. Am I to believe (is my ego so large) that throughout the entire span of life, I am the fortunate one to be living in a time where we've got it all figured out? I'd be embarrassed to think that highly of myself, to be honest.

Science And Religion Conflicts - Like Kids On A Playground

Science and religion conflicts truly get ugly and uncomfortable to listen to...they can get REALLY ugly. Science has its perceived proof to back it up, considering religious folks as ridiculous. Religion feels pity on the souls that will be damned for not listening to their message. Sometimes BOTH parties use their faiths as ways to take advantage of people (think donations in one corner and greed of pharmaceutical companies in another). I just can't listen to either of them anymore.

Not siding with either team, but not long ago (to paraphrase) I'd mentioned in a comment that Big Pharma can and does hurt people. The response was that medicines save lives.Ummm...but they HURT PEOPLE, TOO. Do the lives saved negate those that die from the greed of Big Pharma? Not if it was my life or my loved one's lives...betcha not if it was you, either.

Here are some examples of both sides of the coin that have stuck with me:


  • Telling a child (me) if your dad doesn't believe in God, he is going to burn in hell
  • Your mom is in a better place (after she died suddenly) and it was in God's plan
  • Seeing horrific examples of hypocrisy in church goers who treat people terribly - they judge, discriminate, close their minds, turn up noses....yet they "know the way?"


  • Do NOT question your doctors
  • If you don't follow medicine blindly (get xrays, do mammograms, choose chemotherapy, take this pill) you are an outcast and something is wrong with you
  • If we can't prove it, it doesn't exist (no consciousness? no near death experiences? no telepathy? no sixth sense? nature is purposeless and mechanical?) - how sad.

For me, both camps are sure they are living in the EXACT time (think how long life has existed, please) where they KNOW IT ALL. This sends me running from what both sides are trying to sell me. They tell me my experiences that don't fit into their molds don't exist. They try to sell me on their beliefs via fear (eternal damnation, I'll die without their "science").

I'm someone who uses a lot of visualization....and I see two pulpits - one with religion, one with science.

The Consequence Of Science And Religion - You Have Fatalities

The consequence of science and religion is this - you have stopped thinking. I'm sorry, but call it faith or call it proof (dismissing experiences that have yet to be proven) kills people's spirit. It makes them dismiss their experiences, it convinces them that what they feel, which doesn't fit in your box, isn't real. It tells people to stop thinking because YOU have it all figured out. SHAME ON YOU.

Dear science and religion enthusiasts - as you point fingers at each other, shake your heads feeling sorry for how uninformed both sides are, how fortunate you are to be informed and see the light, I can say only this: you have more in common than you will ever know.

I don't need your faith (religion) and don't ever tell me what I experience isn't real because it isn't in your textbook (science). You two duke it out and have a good time as life goes flying by you.

Me? I'm in awe of the magic I see, sense and feel each day. There's so much more out there than what you try to sell me. You are both missing out on so much living...

Life is a school - why do you insist on ceasing to learn and grow anymore? In your present day world you subscribe to, both of you would have a big, fat "F" on your report cards. It's a gorgeous universe to explore, if you both would only open your minds. Since I've stepped out of both of your clubs, I've experienced so much more wonder and beauty. You don't have to give up your beliefs (you can take them with you when your time is up)...just simply admit that you actually do NOT know it all - and stop pretending that you do.

I'm grateful I know better - finally.

Updated: 09/29/2018, frugalrvers
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