Apple vs PC: Does it Matter?

by TessaSchlesinger

The Apple vs PC argument seems to be ongoing. So far, however, there appear to be no scientific studies verifying whether Apple Mac is superior

Every Apple fan will insist that the Mac is superior in every way. Is it? There are those articles and technicians who will tell you that Apple is no better than any other computer. Remember, thought, that Apple comprises hardware and software. There are many different types of PC so maybe comparing Apple with PC was just a clever marketing ploy by Steve Jobs. Maybe Apple just isn't better...

Apple and PC Buy their Internal Hardware from the Same Manufacturers
Apple does not have their processors, RAM, or hard drives specially made for their computers. On the contrary, they use exactly the same bits and pieces as everybody else. Truth to tell, four months after I bought my MacBook, I had hard drive failure. This can happen to any computer. Apple is not immune. They’re using the same hardware.

The Operating System
The main difference between an Apple operating system and a PC operating System (Windows) is that Apple writes the software around the particular computer hardware. Microsoft writes Windows so that any different PC can run it, be it Dell, HP, Sony, or Toshiba. An Apple salesman will tell you that this is the major difference, that because Apple’s software is written to a specific fit, that it fits and operates better. That’s not necessarily true, so let me draw an analogy here.

Take a lady. Let a tailor sew an outfit for her. It fits perfectly. Then ask a tailor to make only one outfit that fits everybody, no matter what size, but he is only allowed to sew one outfit. This might look as if it is going to be a bad fit for everybody, but again, that’s not necessarily so. It depends on the type of fabric. If it is a knit, stretch, or elastic fabric, it might well look absolutely marvellous on everybody. In fact, the dress would be a lot more robust than the one that could only fit one person. In the same way, Microsoft Windows could well be more robust than Apple software. I am not saying it is because I don’t know the technicalities. I’m just saying that the Apple salesmen are spewing out fuzzy logic.

The Numbers
Market forces speak loudly. Although Apple was the first ‘what you see is what you get program,’ Windows pretty much took over market share within a few years. Currently, Windows holds 91% of the market, Apple holds 5% of the market, and Linux holds 4% of the market. Ironically, many will tell you that Linux is superior to both Apple and Windows, and that’s probably true. Neither Disney, Lucas, or Spielberg use Apple. It is suspected that they use Linux, although nobody is saying. 

Five Reasons Why PCs Are Better Than Macs - Esquire
With the iPhone, the iPod, and rising sales in the U.S., Apple's legion of fans are convinced they're getting the best machine for the money. Um, let's not get carried away, OK?

Degree of Compatibility

The Compatibility
There are enormous issues of compatibility between Apple and PC. If you own a PC, you can send a document or an email to anyone. If you have an Apple, there are numerous issues. Apple lovers will tell you that it’s because you haven’t saved it correctly and that you have to do it a specific way. Of course. And that’s precisely it. It takes up extra time and effort. It’s not automatic. One has to think about it. And one also has to assume, just from the sheer numbers of PC users, that if one is sending a document to a stranger that they are probably using Windows so one has to save one’s work so that it is compatible to Windows.

The point is this: if one so consistently has to make sure that one’s work is compatible with another system, why bother? Isn’t it simply easier and quicker just to have the system that is compatible with everybody else anyway?

The Software

Probably one of the most frustrating things about Apple is the lack of open source and free software. And everything that is written for Apple specifically is a lot more expensive than it is for a PC. That’s got to do with the numbers. If the author of software can sell a hundred million pieces of software for PC and only a million for Apple, and it takes the same amount of time and resources to write the software for both operating systems, the cost of writing software for Apple is going to be substantially more.

In addition, there is a lot of open source and freebie software that simply isn’t available for Apple. Nor do many of the established software companies make software for Apple. The market is simply too small. This limits one if one is using an Apple computer. It can also be extremely frustrating when one is looking for a particular kind of software and nobody has written it for an Apple operating system yet. I know that because I’ve been there, done that.

From a Gamer: Why PC is better

The Different Apps on Apples and Windows

Apple offers some pretty interesting innovations on its software - if you’re so inclined. I, personally, found them useless. I have absolutely no interest whatsoever in using my computer to write a musical score or to edit movies. I’m sure that there are some who find those applications very useful and that Apple is far better suited to their use than a PC is. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. The fact that Apple and PC choose to supply different applications with their software does not make one superior to the other. Again, though, it is a numbers thing: just exactly how many people are interested in writing a musical score?


One thing that peeves me no end is that Windows bought into the ‘Apple is Great’ myth. They copied the photo application. Whereas before, I could sort my photos into different files and know that they weren’t duplicated elsewhere, I don't have that luxury anymore. Now both operating systems put all the photos in one enormous file and have a secondary sorting system that allows you to put photos into different secondary files. But they aren’t really in different files. The photos are all kept in one place. I find this immensely inconvenient and frustrating. 

Both Apple and Windows have done this for search purposes. Thanks, but I preferred the old way. This one positively sucks. Just because it's innovation doesn’t mean it’s a good innovation.

This love affair with innovation has destroyed a lot of very useful products that were around in the 50s and 60s. Today, those items can’t be found, and the ‘innovations’ that have replaced them, aren’t half as smart or as useful.

More than that, I have a bone to pick with both companies. It’s not good for the environment to keep updating your products just because you want to make more and more sales. Let me step into absurdity here for a moment - just to illustrate a point. A company manufactures a cup that is capable of catching raindrops in their exact shape as they fall. They don’t join the mass of water, but retain their individual shape. The company tells everybody that these little gadgets are cheap at the price - only $499.00 - and to be a trend setter one has to get the first one so that everybody can marvel at what a cool cat you are. There appears to be nothing more effective, these days, than to appeal to people's egos to get them to buy a product.

Immediately, a load of unthinking people purchase the product. Why? They’ve never had the need to catch a single raindrop before. Now there’s a whole new game in town. People are moving to places where there’s rain - just to have rain drop parties. 

And how does this move human kind forward? It doesn’t. 

So the next time you’re contemplating buying your new 5G phone, please stop and think. Are your fingers able to take advantage of the fact that the latest gizmo in town uploads and downloads at the speed of light? In the end, your finger speed is going to limit how fast the task gets done. And more importantly, if you receive information a split second or a minute later, is it really the end of the world? 

I think that manufacturing all these ‘innovations’ might well be the end of the world; I don’t think waiting a moment longer for information is.

Why PC is better than Apple Mac
From the Australian PC Authority why PC is better than Apple Mac.

Apple vs Mac: A stupid and endless argument

Cost Comparison of Apple vs PC

Cost Comparison of Apple vs PC
While it’s possible to get a PC a great deal less expensive than an Apple, if you want a PC to match an Apple, you’ll pay about the same price. A PC and an Apple costing about the same have more or less the same processing power, ram, memory, lasting power, etc. It's also true that you get what you pay for. A PC that costs the same amount as an Apple PC will give about the same amount of problems that the Apple will. No computer is without problems.

Service Comparison Between Apple and PC
This is a big one. I will never buy an Apple again because in more than two decades of owning computers, I have never had such bad service as with Apple. I’m not the only one. I’ve heard the same story elsewhere. It’s not that some PC manufacturers don’t provide better service than others. It’s that they’re competing with each other and if your PC breaks down, there are a lot of people about town who can fix it. This is not true with Apple. To some degree, that makes them a lot more difficult to deal with. A salesman from Best Buy some years ago told me that Apple was a nightmare to deal with. Then, again, he said that Apple would take over the world. I don’t think the latter is true so, maybe, the former statement isn’t true either. Who knows.

Internal components of Apple and PC
This should put the Mac Vs. PC arguments into perspective.

Ten reasons why Apple sucks
College blog that's prone to offending people with controversial opinions, practical tips and advice, and underground research that will shock you.


Mac vs PC Viruses

No, Apple hasn’t been getting as many viruses as PC. However, that’s not because Apple is immune to viruses. That’s because the Apple market is so small that the people who write malware couldn’t be bothered to write these little ‘gremlins’ for Apple. 

That said, since I stopped using McAffee and Norton six years ago, I’ve never had a virus. I occasionally go weeks and months without any virus protac ection and I simply haven’t had any. I don’t think that’s wise, by the way, and I don’t go on to any unknown websites. However, the point is that sometimes one has to look a little deeper at the reasons behind things. The people who write viruses write them for Nortons and McAffee - not specifically for Windows.

More about PC vs Mac
So I have been noticing this sudden up rising in apple products and the ignorance of their users and I just cant keep my mouth shut anymore. (feel free to do that same, thats why I started this thread

Why Web Developers don't Use Mac
As Web developers, we never stop hearing about the Mac. A lot of people love to talk about their Macs, but despite the “elite” status of the Apple computer, is there any need for a Web developer to splash money on one?

The Real Difference Between Apple and Mac
It doesn't matter that most people choose not to hot rod their PCs. That's not the point. They can. It is, in fact, encouraged and built into PC culture. It is actively discouraged by Apple. You void your warranty. You can be sued. You are subject to

It's not true that Mac Does not break down

Reliability: Apple vs PC

One of the arguments that you will consistently hear is that Apple does not break down as often. No research has been conducted in this area, so it is all opinion, and that opinion is probably more the result of an extensive advertising campaign than anything else.

Walk into an Apple Store and you will see that there is a line waiting to speak to the Apple Genius Bar (I kid you not) about broken iphones, ipads, and their computers. In fact, there isn't five minutes to spare, so it's highly unlikely you'll just be able to stand in line. Mostly, you have to book two or three days ahead.

The best place to find out about Apple issues and breakdowns are the Apple sites. I've provided a few links. Take a read through. Also just do a search for Apple issues, Apple problems, Apple breakdowns. That should reassure you that Apple does, indeed, have breakdowns, bugs, and all the other normal computer issues. They are not immune!

I\'m having problems with My MacBook Pro...: Apple Support Communities
downloaded Mac OS X Lion 10.7.2 a few weeks ago, and now I've noticed weird glitches. For instance, my WiFi is SUPER spotty (even though we have RoadRunner top speed), and then I am having these random, yellow QR code-looking things that pop up o

How I Fixed my MacBook Air 11.6″ Wake From Sleep Problems
How I Fixed my MacBook Air 11.6″ Wake From Sleep Problems

MacBook Air 2011 Heat and Fan Noise Issues SOLVED | Mac Crazy
There’s been a number of complaints in forums about MacBook Air heat problems and fan noise or fan running constantly. What causes these heat issues? What’s the fix? Does it affect the i5 model as well as the more powerful i7?

Almost religious obsession with Apple

Apple is the best computer

theThere is almost a religious obsession with many Apple lovers. They will insist that the machine is superior in every respect. If you point out some of the simple things that it cannot do, and that a PC can, they will immediately say that it's easily overcome and that all you need to do is invest another $500 in a part that will immediately allow you to do that task with ease, and once you've done that, your Apple will immediately surpass anything that a PC can do. The fact that a PC does this automatically without an extra $500 cost does not seem to be of interest to them. So I'm exaggerating. Maybe the cost will be an extra $100 or an extra $200. The point is that Apple supporters can be almost irrational in their insistence that Apple is superior in every way.

Now don't get me wrong here. Apple can most certain do some things that PC can't. But as I've said, PC most definitely does a lot that Apple can't - play the same games that everybody else is playing, connect to the TV, and send a Word document without much ado.

Ubuntu: An amazing alternative

Alternatives to Windows, PCs, and Apple

Have you ever heard of Ubuntu? It's also an operating system, and it's a very, very smart operating system. Like all operating systems out there, it has some limitations, e.g. it doesn't use some browsers. That said, it's free. You can just download it. Why would you use Ubuntu? A friend's four year old HP PC had seen its day. It just wasn't working well on Vista. She switched to Ubuntu and that now six year old computer is still going strong.

Ubuntu is easy to use, gives you info about your computer like 'Your hard drive needs replacing' if there's an issue with it, and has free software of every conceivable type. It will also work with all your files you've created to date so you won't lose any work.

Ubuntu 12.10, 4-discs DVD Installation and Reference Set, Ed.2012

Do you know Linux? Are you new to it? Have you always wanted to try but were afraid, wondering if it was too geeky? Are you using it now but looking for a better installation? A...

View on Amazon

A misworded argument... It's not comparing Apples with Apples...

Apples and PCs cannot be compared

There's something incredibly misleading about the wording of the Apple is better than PC argument. For a start, there is only one Apple make, and there are many, many different PC makes. Some of those PC makes are better than others. They are not all the same, so it is ludicrous to argue that Apple is better than all those different PC types combined. It's just not true! Perhaps, the argument should be that the Apple operating system is better than the Windows operating system. As pointed out, they are different, and while Apple gives you the ability to do some things, PC gives you the ability to connect with the world.

PCs that are better than Apple?

Best PC makes

The Vizio and Sony Vaio are said by various technicians and computer magazines to be better than Apple equivalents. Because PCs are made by many different manufacturers, it is highly unlikely that each year one manufacturer using the same hardware parts from the same manufacturers will be making superior computers all the time. 


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Vizio XR6M10 Smartcast 6" Touch Screen Android Tablet Remote for 4K Vizio M-Series Televisions

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Switching from Mac to PC

Reasons to switch from Apple to PC

Fifty reasons to switch from Mac to Apple software is definitely more plentiful on the Windows side of the fence. While there are a number of free OSX applications, the ones that are decent usually require some kind of fee.

Doing Business with Apple

Apple Greed

Seattle Rex vs. Apple: The Verdict Is In | Seattle Rex
The U.S. court papers state: ‘These games are highly addictive, designed deliberately to be so, and tend to compel children playing them to purchase large quantities of game currency, amounting to as much as $100 (£62) per purchase or mo

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Steve Jobs Played on People's Desire to be Superior

Apple most successful brainwash job in history?

Steve Jobs did a magnificent job in convincing his Apple clientèle that Apple computers were superior in every way to PCs. I guess that is why he made his billions. Now that you've read through this lot, consider that it is not the opinion of everybody out there, that there is no impartial research conducted on the issue, and that it all really depends on what you want to accomplish with your computer. If you just want a computer that isn't going to give you problems at some point, it's not going to happen. It's a man made piece of equipment manufactured in a factory by machinery. Sometimes, you'll pull a dud product. It's the luck of the draw. The best thing you can do is look for good service and always, always, always, buy insurance!

Inside the Chinese factories making iPads for Apple | Mail Online
'Forced to stand for 24 hours, suicide nets, toxin exposure and explosions': Inside the Chinese factories making iPads for Apple

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TessaSchlesinger on 12/19/2012

Sam, and that's exactly it. The documents is the same, regardless of which machine it is created on. Nobody cares. PC does the job - creates the document, and that's all that matters. I absolutely prefer working on a PC, and I have worked on plenty of Macs through the year (graphics and web design).

Sam on 12/19/2012

Actually Tess, as I stated in my first comment, I am using both ;-) which gives me a good insight in the working with both PCs and MACs, disadvantages and advantages included. I haven't tried Unix/Linux/Ubuntu yet, but it is certainly on my geek list of things to do. As for
"However, PC is gaining traction because most of the world's files are done on PCs so clients send it to prepress print shops, ad agencies, magazines, etc. from Windows." There is no difference if a document is created on a Mac or a Windows machine when it comes to sharing it. A pdf is a pdf and a jpg is a jpg no matter nor difference if it was created on a PC or a Mac.

TessaSchlesinger on 12/19/2012

Sam, here's the issue. The only two people who have commented on this article are two mac users who are defending their equipment to the nth degree. Nobody else cares. Most industries in the graphics world use the Adobe Suite which works just as well on PC as on Windows. However, PC is gaining traction because most of the world's files are done on PCs so clients send it to prepress print shops, ad agencies, magazines, etc. from Windows.

Hollywood uses Linux. Ubuntu is gaining traction.

Sam on 12/19/2012

So do I, Tess ;-) I am writing this from my Mac. Sorry to hear that you had a bad experience with a MAC, but you can't generalize that so easily. What did exactly go wrong and when was it? As for decreased use of MACs in certain industries, that is a complex topic that depends highly on which kind of software is pushed in certain industries, some, like Photoshop, are available in MAc and Windows versions, other, more specialized ones, are only available for one OS.

TessaSchlesinger on 12/18/2012

Actdually,Sam, I'm speaking from experience and knowledge. I've owned a mac. It was the worse experience I've ever had, and I will never go near the machine again. That's when I learnt that there were two sides to the story...Also, if macs were so reliable, you would not find that 20 years ago, all graphic, pre-press print, and advertising were using Apple. Now it's 50/50.

Sam on 12/18/2012

Not enough time to comment on all of this, but two points:
We have one MAC machine and two Windows machines at home - maintenance time for the MAC machine / month maximal minutes -if. Maintenance time for the Windows machines / months / hours.
You write "There are enormous issues of compatibility between Apple and PC." That was true 10-15 years ago, but is not an issue at all anymore, I am continuously sending files, both docs and pics from my MAC to Windows machines and receiving them in reverse - no issue at all. I never care if I send something to a MAC or a Windows machine and it still works beautifully - so that point is out of date.
As soon as I can aford it, the whole home set-up will be converted to Apple / MACs, because it works, saves money and time is something you never get back ;-) SY

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