Are Doodles Art?

by TessaSchlesinger

Is doodling art? That is the question those that doodle ask. And do you have to go to Art School in order to learn to doodle?

Do you doodle quite well and you're wondering if it's doodling is art? Well, a few years ago I went to the artsites to see if doodling was taken seriously. Indeed, it seems that some doodling sells for quite a lot of money. That said, all art takes marketing, and doodling is the easy part and marketing the difficult part. So, have you ever thought that you can make really nice doodles and frame them? Believe it or not, those framed doodles of yours can and will attract positive comments?

Serious Artists do Doodle!

Doodle Artist Jim Bradshaw

Believe it or not, some pretty serious artists doodle, and Jim Bradshaw, as in the link below, is one of them. Then, there are even people who sell their doodles as serious art. There's a Russian lady whose doodles are almost like mine and she sells them for about $2000 apiece. It's all in the reputation, of course.

Doodles are also used to demonstrate some pretty serious videos by RSA Animate. If you go to Youtube and google RSA Animate, you will see that all their videos use doodling in order to get their message across. If you take time to watch the RSA Animate video below, take time to look at the doodles. They are absolutely fantastic.

Doodler Jim Bradshaw
New Jersey illustrator Jim Bradshaw has been doodling away since he could pick up a pencil. By day, he works as an art director but by night Jim tackles all things creative and is never far from his Moleskine. His doodles open up a weird and wacky world that often includes creatures from outer space and walking tree stumps. We love it!

Everybody can Doodle!

Learning to Doodle

So you're holding the phone in one hand, a pen in the other, and you're waiting while you go through endless automatic music exchanges, waiting for Agent No seventy six to answer the phone so that you can fix what needs fixing.

Only you've been waiting for fifteen  minutes, and it sounds like you're going to wait another fifteen!


You've got the pen. You've got the paper. You've got the time. Now Doodle with Design.

Doodling isn't difficult. Doodling allows you to relax. Doodling makes you feel as if you haven't quite wasted your time while waiting on the phone.

Doodle Art Poster

Doodle in Black and White

Another Doodle Art Poster

Teen Doodle Art
RSA Animate doodle art

History is full of Doodle Artists

Adolf Wölfli did this doodle in 1910
Adolf Wölfli did this doodle in 1910

Escher is a World Famous Artist

Escher's Relativity
Escher's Relativity

Doo-ing Doo-lightful Doodles

I'm a doodler!

I sadly confess to being a doodler. 

The question is, though, "Are Doodles Art?"

This hub is devoted to Doodles and Doodlers and Doo-ing with Doo-light.

About three or four years ago, my daughter finally got it into my head not to throw my doodles away. She was angry as she wanted to use them for a project, and they accumulate so quickly that I just trash them.

Anyway, she talked me into taking them seriously. Can you believe my stunned amazement when people started commenting on them and loving them?

So now I am no more complexed about my doodling and share my doodle delights with you.

Bottle of Wine Doodle


My Morning Coffee Doodle

Morning coffee
Morning coffee

If You Never Went to Art School..

Art Schools and Doodling

If you never went to art school and are a frustrated artist, then doodling is for you. Using the most basic shapes, you can create the most wonderful art works. So you draw a square and you put some dots in them. Then you put a circle around the square and fill in the space between the square and the circle with stripes. Pretty soon, you've got a doodle.

As you practice doodling, learn some basic shapes. It's very easy to draw the outline of a duck and/or a tree, with some flowers sitting at the base of the tree. Then you doodle inside the duck and the tree and the flower and the stream. Other poeple love them!

Once addicted to doodling, you can doodle forever. Remember, you can have advanced doodles and sophisticated doodles and doodles that took a week to doodle. 

And, no, you don't have to go to Art School to learn how to doodle.

Darth Invades Art
Darth Invades Art
Paris in the Spring
Paris in the Spring

googling for doodle art

Google Doodle Art
Google Doodle Art
Beach Town
Beach Town
Shadow Man
Shadow Man
Fractal Flowers
Fractal Flowers

I'm Watching You...

I'm watching you
I'm watching you

Learning Shapes Makes Doodles Prettier

Clever Doodles

Once you've mastered the basic shapes, and you've got the dots and the stripes and the other patterns mastered, it's time to move on to a more advanced form of doodling. This is when you put all those shapes together to draw an actual picture. The picture should be recognized by viewers. So, for example, if you're drawing a beachscape, there might be a starfish lying on the beach, together with some boys and girls playing with a ball. The outlines are all very basic so you don't have to be a great artist. People recognize the shapes!  

Doodling is not rocket science,but it is creative science. The more you practice it, the more awesome your doodles become.

Everybody can color something, draw endless lines next to each other, make tiny circles, and all the other little ways of doodling. So just to put those steps in bullet form, here they are.

  1. Practice basic doodling - squares and circles with stripes, dots, curves, and other shapes inside them.
  2. Increase the scope of your doodling by learning to draw basic shapes of animals, trees, flowers, and other items in everyday life. You just need to be able to do the outlines and they can be very simple.
  3. Combine the shapes into a picture that tells a story. 

So there you have it. You're well on your way to becoming a doodle artist and you didn't even have to go to art school! Oh, yes, and the 'doodle art' that is not attributed to anyone else is my own...

Updated: 01/07/2013, TessaSchlesinger
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TessaSchlesinger on 01/10/2013

Thank you wrapitup4me - do you doodle? :)

wrapitup4me on 01/10/2013

I love your doodle art here. Thanks for the inspiration! Next phone call . . . .

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