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by TessaSchlesinger

The Atlantis Paradise Island Hotel is on Paradise Island in the Bahamas. It is one of the world's great theme hotel. right across the way from Nassau.

The perfect vacation holiday is, no doubt, in paradise, and in this particular case, it's the Atlantis Paradise Hotel, on Paradise Island, just across the way from Nassau, in the Bahamas.The hotel is built to simulate tales of Atlantis with every luxury to titillate. In addition, it's on Paradise Island which has its own set of mystery buildings like The Cloisters. It's the vacation of a life time and it definitely needs to be on your bucket list!

History of the Atlantis Paradise Resort Hotel

In my youth, I worked for a man, Sol Kerzner, who went on to build the best theme hotels in the world. The Atlantis Paradise in the Bahamas is one of them. If you are in need of a vacation to change your life, then just five days at the Atlantis Paradise Hotel in the Bahamas will change your life. The Atlantis Paradise Hotel does not belong to Disney even though it is a theme hotel.

Sol Kerzner is a South African who specializes in building world class international hotels that are mystical – probably much in the same way that Disney builds fairy tales for kids. He is extremely successful at it, essentially because he seems to be in touch with a secret yearning that most adults have.

Each hotel always has the essential casino, the rock pools, water slides, the animal park, enormous architectural themes that stun (be they a long lost forbidden city or a future city still to come), many eating venues, and both formal and informal settings. They are probably the best resorts in the world.

Atlantis Theme Hotel
Atlantis Hotel, Paradise Island, Bahamas
Atlantis Hotel, Paradise Island, Bahamas

Atlantis Paradise Hotel

Dubai and the Bahamas

There are Atlantis Paradise Hotels in both the Bahamas and Dubai, but for the purposes of this article, I am going to focus on the Atlantis Paradis Hotel in the Bahamas. The hotel, incidentally, is affectionately known as the Atlantis. There is no other Atlantis Hotel in the world. Not one like this, anyway!

Trivia about the Atlantis Paradise Hotel

The Atlantis Hotel is built on 65 acres, has 25 restaurants and bars, 6 pools, 11 lagoons, and probably more fish, sharks, dolphins, and sea life in general, than all the world Aquariums put together. It also boasts the largest casino in the Caribbean. If you’re looking for the most exclusive suite in the world, then you have found it. The Atlantis Paradise Hotel cost $1 billion dollars to build in the 90s. It opened in 1998.


Paradise Island, Bahamas

Paradise Island is almost entirely taken up by the Atlantis Resort. The theme hotel, of course, comes from the mystical tale of Atlantis that sunk below the waves. All sorts of myths have arisen, not the least of which, that it was populated by a superior people who had amazing talents! As most of the sights are part of the theme hotel and the cost to enter is about $250 per day, there are other sights on the island as well. This includes the Cloisters, the remains of a 14th century monastry. If you booked into a hotel in Nassau - the capital of the Bahamas - you can either hire a car and drive across the bridge for a day visit, or you can take the ferry across. The ferry is more fun, but that might just be my personal opinion. :) This wiki article lists all the different sights to see on Paradise Island.

The Cloisters, Paradise Island, Bahamas
The Cloisters, Paradise Island. This is the ruins of a 14th century French monastry.
The Cloisters, Paradise Island. This is the ruins of a 14th century French monastry.
Vacation Deals for the Bahamas

There are expensive ways to travel and there are clever ways to travel. The expensive way you pay through the roof for the time of your life. The clever way, you pay substantially less for the time of your life. Here is a list of great deals to get to the Bahamas so that you can explore and enjoy the Nassau, Paradise Island, and the Atlantis Theme Hotel.


One of the most expensive hotel suites in the world

The Bridge Suite at the Atlantis Paradise hotel

The Bridge Suite is 5000 square feet – more space than most Mc Mansions. It is situated on the 17th floor, with windows allound gazing down at paradise. The views from all the windows show something of the sea as the hotel is built on an island. In addition, the architecture of all the buildings is stunning so that everything that meets the eye is truly beautiful. It is probably the honeymoon suite to beat all honeymoon suites.

It costs approximately $25,000 per night and is recognized as the most expensive hotel 'room' in the world. 

Tourist Fun on Paradise island


Just to make sure that you never get bored, in 2007, Aquaventure opened on 141 acres of land. It has everything an imaginary journey into the heart of a mythical kingdom would have. There is a mile long water ride that has artificial waves and artificial tidal surges. For those interested in a bit of Sol’s history. He tried those artificial waves first in Sun City in Botswana, one of the original homelands, in South Africa. It also has four waterslides. Water slides are big at Atlantis. Here’s a video of one of them. The Royal Towers was built in 2007 and it has four water slides, each of them with a theme. These are the Leap of Faith, the Challenger, the Serpent Slide and the Jungle Slide.

Aquarium at Atlantis Paradise Island Hotel

Sol Kerzner outdid himself in the design and creation of the world’s largest open air marine aquarium. There is an enormous manta ray which is more than ten feet long, together with hundreds of different species of fish. The aquarium is style according to the lost city of Atlantis so the bottom of all these aquariums have the detritus left from the destruction of the mythical city of Atlantis.

There are eleven different lagoons, including one which has barracudas and stingrays. It is here that a 100 foot see-through tunnel permits one to walk through and see what a lagoon looks like from the bottom up.

Water Slide through the Shark Pool at the Atlantis Hotel

The Shark Pool Slide is a particularly wonderful experience, guests tell me. One slides through an enclosed tube with sharks swimming all around. I'm not quite sure if it's scary or not because this is not something I would personally take a chance on. Unhappily, I have been known to turn down things that give me the creeps - and sharks give me the creeps. Others, in the know, tell me that there's nothing to it. And I guess, they must be right because everybody who does it loves it!

Underwater Passageway

Imagine walking underneath the sea with the fish swimming around you and a clear view of exactly how they interact. The video alongside will show you far more clearly than I can explain it to you. However, all those that have walked through a glass passage with water on either side, and fish swimming in their natural habitat have placed it as one of the life experiences that they will never forget.

The only other glass passage underwater that I have walked through is in Barcelona, Spain.The major tank at the aquarium has a glass passage built built through it. It is so large that one cannot see the other sides of it. This is the same with the underwater passage at the Atlantis Hotel.

Hotels in the Bahamas and on Paradise Island

As with any vacation, there are different ways to do things. You can either stay on a cheaper hotel on Nassau or on Paradise Island and then pay the day ticket which ranges from about $200 through to $300 depending on what you take, or you can treat yourself to the holiday of a lifetime and stay at one of the hotels at the Atlantis Paradise Island Resort. It's worth it.

You can look for great deals at these links!


On the other hand, if you want an entire package deal, then the place to look is at one of the websites that specialize in deals at certain times of the year. Because the Bahamas has a great climate (well, not hurricane season), it really doesn't matter what time you go. It's just as much fun, and it really is the holiday of a life time.





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jose hamilton bolani on 04/03/2014

fiquei 9 dias em 2007, maravilhoso esse hotel Atlantis, quem tiver chance de ir nao perca

TessaSchlesinger on 01/17/2013

Thank you, Mira. Much appreciated for your kindness. :)

Mira on 01/17/2013

Nice article :)

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