Baby Names for Babies Born in the Year of the Dragon

by TessaSchlesinger

by Tessa Schlesinger.Baby names for dragon babies. They are considered the luckiest, strongest, and most auspicious babies in the Chinese Zodiac Calendar.

All babies born after the February 4th 2012, for the next year) will be born in the year of the dragon. This is the most highly desired Chinese Zodiac sign for a child to be born under, and highly desired to Chinese people. There is a reason for that. For those who know little about the year of the dragon and who are pregnant and/or are planning to have a baby this year, I am going to tell you why those born in the year of the dragon are so very highly regarded.

Why Those Born in the Year of the Dragon are Admired and Highly Respected.

In the days of the Chinese Dynasty, the dragon was the symbol of the Emperor and was associated with exceptionally strong chi, great success in business and love, as well as a preserver of life. The Chinese zodiac dragon is associated with the western zodiac Leo sign and bears similar characteristics. The year, 2012, has another distinction for babies  born in the dragon year. It is a water dragon year, and water dragons are a little more insightful and intuitive than metal dragons, wood dragons, fire dragons, and earth dragons. Those born in water years tend to be artistic, objective, and sensitive.

Cute Dragon Baby : Born to Luck and Greatness!
Cute Dragon Baby : Born to Luck and G...

Attributes of Babies Born in the 2012 Year of the Dragon

Dragons, whether born in a water year of not, are creatures of fire. They are feisty and are likely to run around all over the place, getting into everything, and forever seeking out what is new and experimenting with what shouldn’t be experimented with! That said, these babies make friends easily, show leadership ability fairly early on (they’re going to be making up their own minds about things earlier than expected), and have a high degree of self confidence. Parents will know early that they have an exceptional child in some respects; it will become obvious that success in terms of wealth will be on the cards!

Babies Born in the Year of the Dragon will be Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise!

Suitable Names for Babies Born in the Year of the Dragon

Names are very important in all early cultures. They can determine whether the future is lucky or not!
  • Alexander is an excellent name for babies born in the year of the dragon as it means protector of mankind. Likewise William.
  • Belinda for girls. It is old German meaning dragon.
  • Pandra is a girl’s name. It means the chief dragon. It is unusual but has a very pretty sound.
  • Drake is the medieval name for dragon. It is a boy’s name.
  • Leo which is the western astrology equivalent and means lion.
  • Drago is a delightful name. It is a boy’s name and means dragon in italian.
  • Linda is a girl’s name meaning ‘pretty.’ It has some association with the dragon.
  • Isabella means God’s oath and is a fine name for a dragon baby.
  • Emma means Universal and this is a good name for a dragon baby as well.
  • Sophia means wise and as dragons are known for their wisdom, this plays well for dragon babies.
  • Ethan is a fine name for a dragon boy because it means Strong.
  • Michael stems from the archangel Michael and is protective of those that are weaker. Dragons are protective so this is a good combination.

General Attributes of Adults Born in the Year of the Dragon

In general, people born in the year of the dragon are exceptionally lucky, very strong (in terms of character, energy, and persistence), highly intelligent, and, I suppose, with a bit of a fiery temper. Despite this, their natural charm quickly alleviates the tensions caused by any outburst, and they, therefore, tend to have many friends and are considered highly charismatic people.

On the dark side, some of them can be accused of arrogance. This may be because it is the nature of those born in the year of the dragon to seek leadership. Fortunately, they make strong, natural leaders and lead well, otherwise their desire for the power that goes along with leadership might prove to be disastrous.


Gifts for Babies Born in the Year of the Dragon

The best color for dragon people are black, gold, and green, so to lighten these up for babies, go with a sunny yellow and/or a soft green. As they grow older, combining black, gold, and green will make a splash. Toys in the shape of lions, dragons, rats, and monkeys are auspicious. This is because dragons are compatible with those born in the year of the rat and in the year of the monkey, and Leo is the western astrology equivalent of the dragon.

Wonderful Toys for Blessed Babies Born in the Year of the Dragon

Gifts for Babies born in the Year of the Dragon
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Moms and Dads with Dragon Babies

You are Blessed!

While your dragon baby may prove a handful in the early years, you are blessed with a compassionate wise child who will be very successful. In order to make sure that the dragon baby becomes the best person s/he can be, teach self discipline and self control early because the dragon baby has a temper! Enjoy parenthood.

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April on 01/27/2012

Sounds like someone will be getting a handful with a baby born this year

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