Sweet Baby Giraffe Halloween Costumes

by Marie

Choose a giraffe Halloween costume for a gorgeous baby outfit for your little one this spooky season. Use the outfit afterwards for plenty of sweet dressing up games and fun.

How adorable to dress your young one in a Giraffe themed Halloween costume. These are gorgeous and gentle creatures which babies and young children in particular are very fond of, probably because they tend to be surrounded by zoo and safari animal toys from birth so they quickly become familiar with them.

You will find some cute designs and wearable items for your little one right here which they will look simply adorable in.

Cute Boy and Baby Girl Giraffe Halloween Costumes

You can find a cute outfit from ages 6 months and upwards. You might struggle to find one for a baby younger than that but there's always a workaround of getting or making a suitable print onesie or bodysuit and attaching a cute wool tail and felt ears to a plain headband. This animal theme is a very sweet idea for babies and toddlers. A giraffe costume will suit boys and girls very well so it is an ideal unisex design to opt for.

As most little ones adore zoo and safari animals, it really is a great choice to go with. Animal costumes look so cute on kids and this is one print that never goes out of fashion. As October 31st draws nearer, you will find a bigger selection of these designs to choose from. Out of this season, you'll possibly have the best luck checking eBay which you can do as well.

Some other Baby Giraffe Outfit Ideas

If you have trouble finding a proper themed romper suit for an infant to wear, don't just give up on the idea because there are always workarounds. You don't need to buy a specific Halloween item at all (though it is nice) but can get creative in searching for an outfit that features this animal or it's tan color sandy brown print. I've shown a couple of alternative solutions to the left of the page.

I just love that really cute Carter's 2 piece, green and brown bodysuit with spotty lime green pants and a sweet design on top. You can make or buy pretend giraffe ears and a tail which will highlight the zoo animal theme even more. A very young infant is going to be much more comfortable in a purpose romper suit than a thick costume, look out for a sweet and charming stripy, baby suit which is simply gorgeous. Add a cute little head band with pretend soft ears made from no-sew felt - and you're good to go. 

Here are some other ideas that you can buy. Also check your local auction site out because you could get a fantastic deal on a design which is either new or nearly new - especially out of the actual season. It's definitely worth a look. I hope you find just the thing!

Updated: 07/18/2016, Marie
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Marie on 05/02/2012

Yes you would have to take a ton of photos because the outfits are so adorable. Thank you for stopping by, Sheila.

sheilamarie on 05/02/2012

Very cute giraffe costumes! If you put your baby into one of these outfits, take lots of photos (but of course, you knew that)!

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