Barbie Princess Charm School

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Barbie Princess Charm School is a 2011 animated movie starring Barbie. Find info on the movie, Barbie Princess Charms School dolls and play sets and character information.

About Barbie Princess Charm School

Learn about Princess Blair

Barbie stars as Blair Willows, a hard-working waitress trying to support her kid sister and sick mother, in the animated movie Barbie Princess Charm School.  Blair's life is turned upside down when her sister enters her in a scholarship draw to attend the elite Princess Charm School and she is chosen to attend. She initially does not want to go but the opportunity to improve her family's
situation by becoming a Lady Royal spurs her on.

From the start Blair does not fit in. She makes a quick enemy out of the soon to be crowned Princess Delancy; however, soon she is able to make a few friends and it is not long before she uncovers the secret that she may be in fact the true heir to the throne. The only problem is Delancy and her mom stand in her way of finding out the truth about her past and her future.


Barbie Princess Charm School DVD

Watch Blair discover the truth
Barbie: Princess Charm School
$14.98  $3.31

Princess Charm School 101

What happen as a Princess Charm School?

What does one learn at Princess Charm School? Primarily eligible Princesses and girls hoping to become Lady Royals attend classes in order to graduate with the confidence and sophisication to live up to their responsibilities.  The Lady Royals hope to graduate with a place procurred for them in the palace.  For Blair this would be away to open up oppertunities for her family and allow Blair to make enough money to get her mother the care she needs to get better.

Barbie Princess Charm School Horse & Carriage Set

Explore the world of Princesses and Princes

This plays set allows young fans of the latest Barbie movie, Barbie Princess Charm School, to play out their favorite scenes from the movie.  

As the carriage moves a canopy pops up.  In the carriage your can make sure your favorite Princesses make it to the coronation on time.

Horse & Carriage Set from Barbie Princess Charm School

Take a ride
Barbie Princess Charm School Horse And Carriage
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Arrive in Style to Princess Charm School

Barbie Princess Charm School Horse and Carriage Set

When Blair was selected as the lottery winner she did not have time to pack or even change before she left (Refusing to leave on time would cause her to give up her scholarship).  A driver escorts her to the school in a horse drawn carriage.  This is her first taste of what life would be like for her at the school, and as she puts it she already flunked carriage riding.

Barbie Princess Charm School Dorm Playset

Share your space with your Princess Charm School friends
Barbie Princess Charm School Princess Playset
Only $39.99

Princess Hadley from Barbie Princess Charm School

Barbie doll
Barbie Princess Charm School Princess Hadley Doll
Only $18.99
Barbie Princess Charm School: School Girl Princess Hadley...
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Princess Hadley

From student to Princess

Hadley is a character from the 2011 Barbie movie Barbie Princess Charm School.  She is a Princess in training and one of the girls who is nice to Blair from the beginning of her journey into Princess Charm School.  

Hadley is confident and enjoys playing soccer.  Even when she trains to be a Princess you can see some of the soccer player shining through as she trieds to balace a book on head like she is bouncing a soccer ball.  It is an effective strategy but does not appear very graceful.

Hadley is also one of Blair's two roommates at the school.  Blair made Hadley a new uniform after Hadley's uniform was destroyed.  The Hadley school doll shows off her blue stylish uniform.

Hadley is depicted in a beautiful blue gown that she sports at the coronation ball where Princess Blair is crowned as the rightful heir to the throne.

Delancy from Barbie Charm School

First impressions...

When the audience, along with Blair, is first introduced to Delancy we get the impression that this future Princess is bad news and mean. In fact, she is portrayed as one of the antagonists through out the movie.  She wants Blair to leave, but when she learns Blairs true identity we begin to see a different side to Delancy.

When confronted with the possibily of loosing her crown Delancy does not go on the attack; instead, she wants to see justice done unlike her mother.  She tries to aid Blair and her friends but she is caught between wanting the truth to come out and the woman, her mother, who raised her.  In the end Delancy stands up to her mother and does the right thing.

Delancy's transformation from Princess in training to graduate Lady Royal can be see in the two versions of the Delancy doll: The student version and the graduate cornation ball Delancy.  Both Barbie Princess Charm School Delancy dolls are 12 inches tall.

Princess Delancy Dolls

Inspired by the movie Barbie Princess Charm School
Barbie Princess Charm School Princess...
Only $18.99
Barbie Princess Charm School: School ...
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Prince Nicholas from Barbie Princess Charm School

Potential love interest

We are first heard of Prince Nicholas before he appears in the animated movie Barbie Princess Charm School.  Delancy is seen looking for him at the dance lesson and from her interest we learn he is a desireable dance parnter as Delancy is willing to suit out of the dance while she awaits his arrival.  Too bad, for Delancy, her mother intervenes and grabs Blair's original partner.

Fortunetly Blair does not have to sit out from the dance lesson as Prince Nicholas arrives late.  Nicholas adds more tension to Blair and Delancy's relationship as Nicholas and Blair seem smitten with each other.

Prince Nicholas appears for the second time at the end of the movie after Blair has claimed her throne.  He is her dance partner for the coronation ball and they seem to pick up where they left off.

The Nicholas doll based on the Prince Nicholas character in the movie is depicted with blond hair and dresses in a black suit ready to whisk Blair around the dance floor at the coronation ball.

The Barbie Princess Charm School Fairy Assistants

Blue, Pink and Purple

Each Princess or Lady Royal in training receives a fairy assistant to help her on her way.  These assistants show the Princesses how to use their lockers, provide any assistance the royal needs, and seem to know all the ins and outs of the school.

Below find dolls representing three of these tireless fairy assistants.

Barbie Charm School Assistant Fairy and Dragon Dolls (mini)

Mini Assistant Fairy in blue, pink and purple
Barbie Princess Charm School Princess Assistant Purple Fairy And Dragon

Barbie Princess Charm School Princess Assistant Purple Fairy and Dragon Barbie Princess Charm School Princess Assistant Purple Fairy and Dragon is a classic adventure for fantas...

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Barbie Princess Charm School Princess Assistant Blue Fairy And Dragon

Barbie Princess Charm School Princess Assistant Blue Fairy & DragonBarbie Princess Charm School Princess Assistant Blue Fairy & Dragon features a charming mini fairy assistant a...

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