Bear Totem Meaning, My Personal Account

by frugalrvers

Years ago someone told me I had a bear totem. I knew I was drawn to brown bears, but thought little more about her statement, until now.

Animal spirit guides meanings meant little to me, decades after being told the grizzly was my bear totem. Perhaps if I had researched totem definition back then, life would have made more sense.

But life is a journey and perhaps I wasn't meant to explore further until this particular time in my life. For now, in my fourth decade on this world, bear totem meaning has taught me so much more about myself.

Finding My Bear Spirit Guide - Took Long Enough!

Brown Bear Totem And Me

For as long as I can remember, I was drawn to brown bears and grizzlies. This went way beyond childhood fascination, as most of my family and friends would tell you. Even when young, there was a pull and an ache to be in the presence of ursa major, which wasn't a realistic expectation growing up in Chicago (except for the Chicago Bears, of course).

I Could Swear I Am Part Bear

Discovering The Great Bear Inside Of Me

My Path To Becoming Bear Aware

As mentioned, a respected person told me long ago that the brown bear was my totem. I can only say that her statement was immediately shrugged off, not knowing what she meant (nor did she elaborate further). I felt certain that her exclamation was merely a response to my lifelong need of having the brown bear in my presence.

All my life I've been certain of two things: I've never felt I fit in these modern times and, in addition, I wanted nothing more than to place my feet in the footsteps of a grizzly bear (not TOO close, mind you!). So for someone to comment on this obvious "infatuation" wasn't odd or something to be studied further.

Though I have the freedom of living in an rv now, I grew up in the big city and constantly yearned to escape from the noise, distraction and chaos. I have always been introspective, unconventional - and this atmosphere did nothing but interfere with the quiet I needed to ponder my existence and find inner peace.

In my early thirties, I relocated 2000 miles to one of the last remaining habitats of the grizzly bear in the continental US, in gorgeous Glacier National Park, Montana. Though modern life still burdened me, keeping me tied to daily obligations, just knowing I was in grizzly bear habitat soothed my spirit.

The times I felt it most were when I could be off the beaten path, knowing I was now in her world - as small as it was becoming. Though bear encounters are rare, I could turn off the car with not a soul around for miles and miles, and picture her walking through the meadow. No longer was my need to be in her presence solely based on bear decor, jewelry and posters...I was in her home now.

I've Always Looked Inward And Defended Beliefs Since I Was Small

Do You Feel You Have One Or More Animal Totems?

Totem Definition - Wikipedia

The New Age Movement Promotes The Spirit Animal Helper
You can find a definition of totem HERE

Native American Animal Spirit Guides Through Modern Times - The Brown Bear

My Animal Spirit Guides Meanings

As I began to research in the present and got to know my bear totem more intimately, I was amazed at the descriptions I found. This woman who told me how significant bears were to me decades ago was right. Perhaps my desire to be in the brown bear's presence throughout my life was something more than just respecting them as beautiful creatures.

I started to draw similarities between my feelings about the world and the bear's own experience. I looked up bear totem definitions from long ago through modern times and could not find anything but parallels with my own personality and disposition. Like putting your glasses on after waking up in the morning, everything was coming into focus.

Here are just some of the qualities I share with the brown bear:

    • Solitude and the needing of time alone to reflect - I've always distanced myself as far as possible from external distraction, desperately needing quiet and even moving to parts of the country where this could become reality.
    • Find answers inside of yourself, then share knowledge with others - I crave quiet time alone but enjoy nothing more than having deeper discussions with others on topics I spend time pondering by myself.
    • Teaching and healing - I've spent a large portion of my life studying and sharing my personal experiences and beliefs in holistic medicine, damage caused by processed modern foods and many pharmaceuticals, even when met with resistance.
    • Can be fierce yet commonly portrays gentle nature - I am often quiet, introverted, reserved and can even appear to lack confidence in many instances, but I will always defend and protect myself and others from those who seek to do harm, directly or indirectly.
    • Full of strength and courage, considered brave for surviving large challenges and obstacles throughout life- I've always felt my life was a journey I had to take, even when I couldn't understand the continual hardships, pain and obstacles I've faced throughout my life.

These are just some examples of similarities and explanations I've found comfort in. But regardless of definitions or theories, things I don't intend to try and prove or disprove with my energy while on this planet, one thing is for certain - I've always been connected to the great bear, even planning to have my ashes spread in ursa major's turf when my time on earth is over. The bond between the bear and me I will accept as a gift, and treasure it always............

Updated: 09/29/2018, frugalrvers
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frugalrvers on 06/14/2012

That is great! I'm so glad you shared that with us...

Ragtimelil on 06/13/2012

Coincidentally, my teacher animal is a bear.

frugalrvers on 06/07/2012

Bev - thank you so much for commenting!

I see that you have a blog devoted to this very topic...and I am going to share that here so everyone can benefit: Cannot wait to read more...looks like a beautiful site!

bev-owens on 06/06/2012

What a great honor you have done here by explaining your Bear Totem. As I am sure you know, we have several animal spirits who work with us on our journey on this earth. We have power totems who are with us always, as your Bear totem is, and then we have messenger totems who work with us until we have learned the medicine they have come to share with us. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

frugalrvers on 05/18/2012

Chefkeem - you HAVE TO write about it! :) Please share your experience...this world needs these stories! Thank you for such a sweet comment, by the way!

chefkeem on 05/17/2012

Years ago, when I soaked up a lot of Native American spiritual teachings, I felt a connection with wolf spirit. Later on in Alaska, I had an amazing encounter with a wolf. I may write an article about it.
Thanks for this inspiring article! :)

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