Best Christmas Gifts For iPhone 4 Owners

by xmasdecs

A selection of fantastic gift ideas for iPhone 4 owners, some products here to suit all budgets!

We all want to choose Christmas gifts well. Most importantly, we just want our lucky recipients to enjoy and use their gifts. The best way to ensure that your gift is appreciated is to simply buy something that you know they will use. I don't know a single iPhone owner who doesn't adore their phone, do you? They spend hours fiddling with it, playing games, checking their facebook account, downloading apps, taking photos, iPhone's become part of the life of their owners. Buying an iPhone accessory for any iPhone user seems like a sure fire way of ensuring that your gift is used and appreciated!

The only consideration that you really need to give is to cost. There are thousands of iPhone accessories and attachments on the market, they can vary in cost greatly. With the iPhone being a high cost gadget, there are plenty of providers of luxury accessories or advanced gadgets fulfilling demand. It is also important that you find out which iPhone your friend or relative owns, most will own the latest iPhone 4 or 4S, but some will still be using the iPhone 3. The gift ideas on this page relate to the iPhone 4 and 4S. You should also avoid buying them the more obvious accessories, unless they are also getting their iPhone 4 for Christmas, if they have had their phone for a while then you can assume that they have a protective case or sleeve?

Kogeto Panoramic Accessory for iPhone 4

Does your iPhone 4 using friend use the camera regularly to take videos and photos? Most do now, thanks to awesome apps such as instagram which can publish photos directly to Facebook and Twitter. This awesome accessory clips onto the iPhone and allows the user to make 360 degree panoramic videos without having to do any editing or stitching on their PC or Laptop. Just film, watch, upload. The videos are in full HD and can be uploaded directly to Facebook or Twitter. Fantastic gadget which produces incredible crystal clear panoramic videos, perfect for those who want to record concerts or sports, or even stick it on their dashboard or front of their bike for road trips. The possibilities are endless.

Kogeto Panoramic Accessory for iPhone 4 - Black

Share the world around you with Dot - the pocket-friendly 360º panoramic video attachment for iPhone 4.Snap Dot onto your iPhone 4, download our free Looker app, and instantly r...

$14.99  $13.99

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HHI Camera Kit with 8X Camera Zoom Len

If they prefer to use the camera to take photos rather than shoot videos, then this awesome Camera Kit features a long 8x zoom camera lens, a mini tripod, a special included case, and a special sketch stylus. This kit really allows keen amateur photographers to take their creative output to the next level, it's sold at a great price too!

HHI Camera Kit with 8X Camera Zoom Lens with Mini Tripod and Special Case for iPhone 4 and iPhone...

Turn your iPhone 4 into a camera with 8x optical zoom in under a minute! Just attach your iPhone 4 onto the universal holder and it's done! Product Features: Extendable metallic...

Only $49.99

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Altec Lansing inMotion iPhone 4 Speakers

An iPhone has precisely the same music playing capabilities as an iPod Touch, and many iPhone owners fail to take full advantage of that. Music is audible without speakers, but will sound incredible when used with high quality external speakers from a high end brand like Bose or Altec Lansing. This iPod speaker dock is compatible with the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, the sound quality is good enough for a house party, any iPhone owner who doesn't hook up their tunes to a great pair of speakers is missing out!

Altec Lansing IMT320 inMotion Compact iPod Speaker System

When you need a compact stereo system for your iPhone or iPod, but still want exceptional sound quality, Altec Lansing has you covered with the iMT320 inMotion Compact. The inMo...

$79.99  $71.77

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Mini Bluetooth Sliding Keyboard

If your iPhone owner is the more practical professional type, then they will probably appreciate the convenience of this sleek sliding keyboard attachment. It makes typing emails and other documents infinitely easier and quicker, it also looks awesome and adds a whole new dimension to the iPhone. Not every iPhone owner appreciate the touchscreen for some tasks, this is the perfect compromise and gives an iPhone owner the best of iPhone and the best of Blackberry in the same phone.

SANOXY Mini Bluetooth Sliding Keyboard - Rubberized Hard Shell Case with Background Lights/ Backl...

iPhone Sliding Keyboard Case iPhone4 sliding keyboard case is a hardshell plastic case with a sliding bluetooth keyboard. It provides a physical keyboard for your iPhone while p...

Only $27.50

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ihorn for iPhone

If you are simply shopping for a stocking filler or a novelty item, perhaps for a co-worker, then consider this 'iHorn', yours for a just a few dollars. The iHorn is bound to raise a laugh. It simply slides onto the end of the iPhone and amplifies the sound, making it louder and clearer. Really simple gadget which a humorous design, but there are many people who actually use this practically to listen to podcasts or music while doing the housework or sitting at their desk! Numerous different colors available.

Bose IE2 Earphones

The headphones which come with the iPhone are decent enough, but they aren't incredible. If you are prepared to really splash out on your lucky recipient then Bose headphones are as good as you can get. Once you buy a pair of Bose earphones or headphones, you never buy another brand again. The headphones will work with the iPhone 3, iPhone 4, and iPhone 4S. Older iPhones need converters / adapters to accommodate standard headphone jacks.

Bose IE2 Audio Headphones

Bose IE2 audio headphones set a new standard for sound reproduction that conventional earbuds can't match. Re-engineered from the inside out, they feature an enhanced acoustic d...

Only $99.95

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60x Magnify Microscope with LED Light

I'll finish off with my favorite low cost gadget, this 60 x Magnifying microscope with an LED light! This enables iPhone users to examine and take photos of small print, really small insects such as fleas and lice, and whatever other tiny things they would like to examine and take photos of. Buying a microscope is the only way that you can take detailed photos of tiny things, budding scientists will love it. Also awesome for checking the quality of diamonds, stamps, collectible baseball cards, etc. Such a fun gadget for a few dollars.

For Apple iPhone 4 60x Magnify Microscope with LED Light

Great for those with an iPhone who want to take pictures of small print, examine super small items such as insects or minute samples. Have fun and upload your pictures to this d...

Only $3.33

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