Best Christmas Gifts For Smokers

by xmasdecs

Some fantastic Christmas gift ideas for your friends and family who are keen smokers!

Smokers are ostracized and demonized in most Western cultures now, yet many people who smoke simply love smoking and don't have the desire to stop. Furthermore, they smoke proudly and openly, and take genuine pleasure out of their smoke. The reality is that most smokers just enjoy smoking, and as a result they enjoy smoking paraphernalia too and would enjoy it as a gift unless they make it well known that they are an unhappy smoker.

So, should you buy a smoker a smoking relating gift? That depends. If they are vocally frustrated with their habit and no longer enjoy their addiction, then no. If they enjoy smoking, then why not? It's a gift that they will use and appreciate, in fact every day they will use your gift and think about you. It's just like buying a keen gardener a set of gardening tools, or somebody who likes sewing a felt applique set. I am one of those smokers who simply loves to smoke, and this page is intended to help you decide wha

Floor Standing Ashtray
Floor Standing Ashtray

Telescopic Floor Standing Ashtray

This awesome retro telescopic floor standing ashtray will add a bit of class to any contemporary or traditional lounge area. Any smoker who smokes inside the house would adore this. Probably not a good option for those who smoke outside, unless they have a covered porch area which will protect this ashtray from the elements.

Zippo Lighter

Zippo lighters have been around for over 70 years and they are as desired and collectible as ever. A Zippo will never let a smoker down, once your ditch those cheap disposables for a Zippo you never go back.

Zippo Lighter Classic,Zippo Crown Stamp, High Polish Chrome

This Zippo Classic with Crown Stamp Pocket Lighter's strong metal construction provides incredible durability that is literally guaranteed to last you a lifetime. The World Famo...

$39.95  $22.10

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Vintage Cigarette Case

Which smoker wouldn't adore this tasteful vintage style cigarette case? This case will store 9 cigarettes and fit into any regular pocket or handbag. An awesome option for both men and women.

Vintage Paisley Cigarette Case #34A

Cigarette Cases are always a classy way to hold on to your cigarettes and prevent them from getting crushed. Just flip the spring loaded lid open and retrieve your favorite ciga...

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Shoot O Matic Rolling Machine

Does your smoker prefer hand rolled cigarettes? A good quality heavy duty rolling machine will save them time by enabling them to roll large quantities of cigarettes in a short space of time. Many smokers that I know will roll their cigarettes each Sunday in anticipation of their week at work. Some cigarette machines are difficult to get the hang of, this thing is easy!

Laramie Shoot O Matic Heavy Duty Metal Cigarette Machine (Does Both King Size and 100mm Tubes)

laramie shoot-o-matic cigarettes machine, make three sizes(100mm, king size, regular short size), easy to use, very great machine , cheaper price compare to the other name brands

Only $28.87

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Cigarette Holder

Is your smoker female? If they have everything featured above, and are worried about buying them something that they already have, then think outside of the box and consider buying them an elegant Marilyn Monroe style cigarette holder. They will feel like a Vogue front cover every time they light up. Cigarette holders are in fashion with arty types, they help keep peoples fingers from going yellow too!

Cigarette Holder, Deluxe Adult (One Size)

Top quality 14" extendable metal holder with cigarette ejecting feature. Comes in Gold. This item is the gold one shown on the right hand side of the image.

$5.74  $1.83

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Updated: 07/11/2012, xmasdecs

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