Best Cool, Funny Messages on T-Shirts Selling Online

by Mira

Here are some of the top selling custom tee shirts at Zazzle this Christmas. Enjoy the creative designs, which make for fun Christmas gifts.

Zazzle has a whole array of custom T-shirts, in categories such as Christmas tees, geek shirts, funny and slightly less funny T-shirts, offensive T-shirts, college T-shirts, Harry Potter, Batman, Transformers, Superman, Looney Tunes, Lord of the Rings, South Park, Disney and other such T-shirts, urban tees, cute tees, band tees, and more. Here are some of the top 100 selling T-shirts this Christmas / holiday season of 2012, together with some background information on the popular 2011 and 2012 Internet memes employed.

So if you're wondering
What's with the stash? Where does the honey badger come from, and why does he not care? What does it all mean? Where did the "Like a Boss" meme originate? When did the "Cool story, bro" meme get started?
I have answers to these and more Internet memes for you. You'll see some of these memes are old. One goes as far back as 2001. Other fade out of existence pretty fast, like Cheeky Squirrel, a.k.a Crasher Squirrel of 2009. Remember that little guy who posed for the camera when a couple in Canada tried to get a picture of themselves? Well, it was around a bit, photoshopped everywhere, and then he disappeared.

Dinosaur on a Bike in Sky with Moon

This dino on a bike profiled on the surface of the moon is becoming a new Internet meme. I haven’t been able to trace its origins but I can attest that it’s becoming quite popular, and  I can see why: it’s pretty out there. It might be just a crazy idea for a T-shirt that one Zazzle designer came up with. There are great, creative – and some of them really art and tech-savvy -- designers on Zazzle.


Now that the presidential elections in the US are over, the political messages on the bestselling T-shirts are different. At no. 5 in the top 100 selling T-shirts on Zazzle this Christmas is a T-shirt with the word Ineptocracy and a purported definition that goes like this: “A system of government where the least capable to lead are elected by the least capable of producing, and where the members of society least likely to sustain themselves or succeed, are rewarded with goods and services paid for by the confiscated wealth of a diminishing number of producers.”


A visitor commented with a definition of his own:

Dystocracy: “A system of government in which corrupt leadership colludes with dishonest bankers and greedy elites in order to ensure that productive members of society – people who actually do useful work – bear the greatest share of taxes while gaining the least benefit possible.”

This battle won’t be settled anytime soon.

Gone Squatchin

Whether Sasquatch or Bigfoot exists or not, one thing is for sure: he is pretty popular. So making a custom T-shirt on Zazzle about it is only natural. In fact, there’s this tee at number 9 (with other versions at nos. 27, 34, 81, 97), another Sasquatch design, in two versions, at nos. 4 and 90, and a third design at no. 66.

Oh, and by the way, the unusual name Sasquatch is derived from several words used by a Chehalis Indian tribe in Canada. It means “wild man.” It was coined by J.W. Burns, an American schoolteacher living in British Columbia, who was friends with Chehalis Native Canadians.

And if you’re now wondering where the name Bigfoot comes from, well, it was first used in 1958 in newspapers after Jerry Crew, a worker at a construction company in California, discovered large, 16-inch, humanoid footprints.

Now scientists have gone squatchin' too. They are testing for DNA that might be from an ape-like hominid. See below.

More on Sasquatch from Other Writers on Wizzley

Bigfoot Sightings -- Do You Believe in Bigfoot?

From Karen, aka kajohu. She writes,

There have been reported Bigfoot, or Sasquatch, sightings in Michigan, where I live. I had thought all "sightings" were in the Pacific Northwest. What does this mean?


Scientist Confirms Bigfoot DNA in East Texas

From JoHarrington. She writes,

Has proof of Sasquatch been uncovered in a laboratory in the USA? Dr Melba Ketchum found human ancestry coupled with an unknown DNA in hair samples.


Introducing Yahoo or Yowie -- The Australian Bigfoot

From JoHarrington. She writes,

For thousands of years, Aborigines have been chronicling terrifying meetings with the Hairy Man. Since 1790, other Australians have been too.

Honey Badger Don't Care

The honey badger meme is still quite popular. There are shirts with “Honey badger don’t care” or variations at nos. 12, 22, 29, 47, and 56. It all started in January 2011 with a video on YouTube that its maker, identified as Randall, called the Crazy Nastyass Honey Badger. And that’s because, as he repeatedly said in his voice-over narration accompanying a clip on honey badgers from the National Geographic WILD channel, “the honey badger don’t care; the honey badger don’t give a shit.” The video is quite impressive, showing this animal -- resembling a weasel -- as a fearless predator that eats everything that comes in its path: mice, snakes (including king cobras – and gets stung, passes out, and then starts eating from the cobra again), and so on. It even reaches into beehives to eat larva bees and honey (hence the name).

Make Your Own T-Shirt

Of course you can also make your own print T-shirt. Just click on the Zazzle template below, and, once you're there, on the "Customize it" button. Then you can easily add text and/or images. This kind of personalized T-shirt is always popular.

Freak Out & Run Around

A T-shirt I like has changed that famous “Keep Calm” line from the British World War II posters to “Freak Out & Run Around.” You’ve got to admit its funny, turning the message on its head like that. I’ve seen many playful versions of the “Keep Calm” quote. (It’s a true meme, not only propagating on the Web, but also changing as it replicates. It’s called memetic drift.)

This is one of my favorite Keep Calm – sorry, Freak Out tees. Bestselling at no. 38 in the Top 100 Zazzle list.

I Pooped Today

I see many people love potty humor. There’s an “I Pooped Today” T-shirt with a design that’s now classic: a stick figure raising his arms in victory. This potty humor design is so popular, you could leave only that image and people would know what you’re on about. In fact, it would be way cooler to get rid of the “I Pooped Today” text. If you agree, you can click and go to Zazzle and email the designer: he / she will custom make the tee for you.

Wait, there are two bestselling "I Popped Today" designs in this top 100. I'm showing both below.

Staching Through the Snow

Oh, and then there are stash T-shirts. That handlebar mustache has me thinking of Hercule Poirot, but that reference is too far removed in time for the fans of this stache meme. Jo here on Wizzley tells me people shopped for stash mugs, tees and other items on Zazzle in November because of Movember! This made-up word from moustache and November was created in 1999 by some Australians and it’s now mostly appropriated by the Movember Foundation which helps raise awareness for men’s health issues. Google made a video in 2011 about Movember and since then the stash meme is everywhere, constantly replicating and mutating. This November and December, given the holiday season, “Staching Through the Snow” came in at number 18 on Zazzle’s list of Top 100 Selling T-shirts.

Like a Boss

Actually, Zazzle is a field study in memes. Another one is Like a Boss, still popular after 3 years. It all started with a Saturday Night Live digital short written by The Lonely Island, featuring Seth Rogen and Andy Samberg. Samberg is a boss and the character of Seth Rogen is reviewing his performance. Samberg lists various activities, adding “like a boss” after each one. These activities are at first normal work jobs; shortly afterwards, however, the weird factor kicks in: he castrates himself, defecates on someone’s desk, turns into a jet and crashes into the sun – for instance.

This highly open-ended “Like a Boss” meme has generated a whole range of image macros (images with the “Like a Boss” text superimposed). There are no particular graphics associated with this meme, but someone on Zazzle came up with a drawing in comic-book style that’s way more popular than other images.

More Funny T-Shirts

The handlebar mustache also comes with seventies aviator glasses a lot. A design I like has diamond mustache and glasses. I don't know why it's funny, but this combination of retro with total bling is so bad it's good.

Then there's Cool Story, Bro, which apparently started with the 2001 movie Zoolander in which the character of Owen Wilson tells a story that gets the "Cool Story, Hansel" response from another character. Meaning it was so boring no one listened to it. A variation of this meme is "Cool Story, Bro. Tell It Again." But that spoils the fun, in a sense. Kinda like I did here, explaining it all away ;-).

Enjoy the Holiday Season!

Updated: 11/09/2016, Mira
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Mira on 11/09/2016

Thank you, Derdriu!

DerdriuMarriner on 11/07/2016

Mira, Very interesting! My favorite is the squatchin! In a way, I wouldn't want it in anything but black and white, or possibly red and black or red and white, since those are the three colors of cave art.

katiem2 on 01/10/2013

My pleasure :)

Mira on 01/10/2013

Yeah, people are getting really creative with the stash tees :) Thanks for visiting, Katie!

katiem2 on 01/09/2013

I love these t-shirts, the stash tees are my favorites... :)K

Mira on 12/03/2012

Thank you, Victoria!:)

VictoriaLynn on 12/02/2012

So much fun, especially the make your own and freak out and run around! So cool!

Mira on 12/01/2012

I wish I had been able to add an article list module with those 3 articles too and the option for them to open in a different tab. Would have looked better. But this site has a lot of great features, so I don't want to complain; instead, I took Paul's advice in the forum and added them in a text module.

kajohu on 12/01/2012

Ha, it's great that you added the "Gone Squatchin'" shirt :-) I also like the dino on a bike in front of the moon shirt.

Ragtimelil on 12/01/2012

I love the freak out and run around. That's me!

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