Best Fun Gifts for Your Adult Sister

by wrapitup4me

It's fun to buy gifts for grown-up sisters and you want some fresh ideas of what to get her for her birthday or any other day when you just feel like showing her you love her.

There are so many directions you can go - sweet and sentimental gifts, cute and funny gifts and useful things she probably would not buy for herself. I hope you enjoy getting inspiration for that perfect sister gift. I certainly had fun putting this together for you while wishing I had a sister to give these to.

My friends are going to benefit from this because now I have some great ideas and I am sure to surprise them one of these days.

Ways to Be Together Even When You Are Not

We grow up and build our own lives. Perhaps you live close by, but perhaps you and your sister are too far away to sit together for coffee in each other's kitchens and you miss having her near. Skype can let you have a chat over a cup of coffee (or soup in a mug) and it can be fun to have her sit before you sipping from a sister-mug you bought just for her. And if you don't Skype, then you will know that she has a part of you next to her every time she drinks from this cup.

This mug has a whimsical and lighthearted design. Most reviews on Amazon showed that recipients loved the mug and that it is much more beautiful in real life than in the photo. The only problem some people indicated was that some of the writing got lost in the florals and vines.

The mug comes in a few different colours.

A Touching Statue That Expresses What You Feel

Susan Lordi has a way of expressing family sentiment and love so simply yet elegantly. Look at the casual way these two sisters are walking and holding hands - a simple everyday kind of scene that evokes a deep sense of intimacy and affection. If this is what you feel toward your sister, she will be greatly touched to receive this gift from you. It is not expensive and arrives gift-wrapped.

Every time she sees this figure it will surely bring a smile to her face.

There is a selection of Lordi statues from which you can choose.

Give Her a Cute Kitchen Gadget That Will Make Her Smile

Who can resist smiling when you pick up one of these little kitchen helpers? 

The piranha pizza cutter works wonderfully and cuts more than just pizza. It makes pizza night a little more fun - and her kids (or grandkids) will get a kick out of helping slice up the pizza or grilled cheese sandwiches.

Spiralizing your vegies is a great way to eat healthy. The little gadget offered here is easy to use and for most people seems to do the job wonderfully.

The grip on the monkey peeler is great and, while peeling potatoes is never fun, at least your sister will smile and think of you as she sets about to do this task.

Picture the oven mitts hanging over the oven door handle, always easily accessible yet not taking up space or contributing to kitchen clutter.

The vegetable steamer is much better than metal ones - never too hot to pick up, easier to clean and lasts longer. It's also much more colourful.

Use the pod to boil eggs and easily remove them from the hot water for peeling, or chopped up vegies or other materials you are making broth with and don't want to leave in the finished product.

What Happens With the Sisters Stays With the Sisters

T-shirts are a fun gift. This one is a particularly cheerful design. You probably have a secret or two that you and your sister share. Why not show everyone how close you are now or were once by letting the world know there are things you are not saying.

Updated: 03/04/2016, wrapitup4me
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