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by xmasdecs

Consider buying a genuine traditional English Christmas pudding this holiday season, some foods are just better bought!

Christmas Puddings are a delicacy not only rich in taste but also rich in history, they have their roots in medieval England and the recipe that should be used even now is hundreds of years old. There is no doubt that Christmas pudding is an acquired taste, but it is one that is well worth acquiring. It is extremely easy to notice the difference between a high quality Christmas pudding and a poor quality Christmas pudding; in America, the best Christmas puddings are still those which have been imported from England. It's not that Americans are better at many other things, just that the English absolutely rock when it comes to puddings.

If there is one food product worth buying pre-made at Xmas it is your pudding, a luxury Christmas can be purchased for a surprisingly low price. Some families make their own Christmas pudding, but doing it properly takes a lot of time and effort. You may have found the perfect recipe, but a Christmas pudding should be hung and left to mature for several weeks before serving to enhance the flavor. Making your own isn't always cost effective either, due to the sheer number of ingredients required to make a great one. Buying is simple, cost effective, and if you buy an imported pudding will probably be better than anything that you could make without a lot of practice.

Matthew Walker Christmas Pudding

Matthew Walker is a very special company. Founded in 1899, it has only ever made Christmas puddings, and is still the leading brand today. Who can argue with well over a century of constant Christmas pudding production? Their puddings are still made in Derbyshire, England, but are now exported worldwide. You can buy Matthew Walker Christmas Pudding in a range of different sizes, 454g is the size available to purchase in the United States. They also do a special luxury pudding which is only available to purchase in 100g portions (serves one). Follow the links on the right to purchase.

100g Luxury Pudding
Matthew Walker Luxury Christmas Pudding 100g

Matthew Walker Luxury Victorian Christmas Pudding 100g. Traditionally puddings were made on or immediately after the Sunday "next before Advent", i.e. five weeks before Christmas.

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454g Classic Pudding
Matthew Walker Christmas Pudding

Matthew Walker Christmas Pudding 454g

$16.99  $12.09

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Cole's Brandy Christmas Pudding

Cole's is another English company steeped in tradition, having been founded in 1939 by Albert Cole to produce Christmas puddings based on his Great Grandmother's recipes from the 19th century. The business is still thriving today, and Christmas pudding is still their specialty. You can buy a Cole's Christmas pudding in various different sizes in the United States, to be specific you can currently purchase 200g, 450g, and 700g puddings, all available via the capsules to the right and below.

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2uesday on 08/01/2012

Here in England, Christmas pudding is the dessert we have on Christmas day after the main course. Depending on preference the pudding might be served with custard,cream or even brandy butter. Traditionally in the past when the pudding was made a silver sixpence was put inside, as it was considered to bring luck to the person who finds it. Some people still make there own Christmas puddings but it is time consuming and the ones on sale are good. I am more likely to bake a Christmas cake than make a Christmas pudding, so I buy mine.

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