Big Fat America

by Suzylnn

Who's To Blame?

America's Fat cat's

Stop feeding em!

The evening news was just reporting that the coke cola companies are being targeted for America's obesity, and asking viewers if they thought that was fair! Too funny!
If their going to keep asking trick questions like this, we're going to keep writing reminders like this:  According to Wikipedia encyclopedia 2012, aspartame is now an ingredient in 6,000 foods and beverages sold worldwide, including cokes, diet or otherwise. In breath mints, cereals, sugar-free chewing gum, chewable vitamins, milk drinks, wine coolers and yogurt.
The food industry wants food to have a longer self life so they can have more money, so they added even more dangerous chemicals to our food. We see the results and how the chemicals have reek havoc on Americans. Before the 1980' we grew up without these chemicals so our bodies functioned properly. We were not obese or sickly. We were more active than most kid's today too which is a whole knew subject!
Man just keeps digging himself deeper and deeper into sad living conditions.
I may be just a mom, and grandmother, but I am one who has been interested in health since i was 18. I sold Shaklee Vitamins as a teenager. Trust me that was not the norm. In the 1970's if kid's sold anything it was pot!
I eat organic, and farm fresh foods. Anyone who knows me knows that. You may even know that by now from the articles I write. You don't have to do without your favorite dishes, just make them with real food. You can still have a coke, I drink a coke now and then if it's the original coke cola or organic. You can still buy them but they cost more. If your wondering why that is think about this. "The Food & Drug Administration..... FOOD and DRUG! You do the math!

I've have to share this with you too (your not gonna believe this!) I just read on an online news report. Harvard Research words: "Guess who owns billions of stock in the fast food industry?" Life and Health Insurers. lol It makes perfect sense! Obesity and cardiovascular disease are the two leading causes of death n this country. How do you feel about your Health insurance company now!
A contributing Writer for Wake Up World a writer name Anthony Gucciard, wrote " You may be wondering why some supposedly 'healthy' companies deceive consumers into purchasing products with hidden additives and fillers. One reason is that most of these pseudo-organic brands are owned by Coca-Cola and General Mills. In fact, some of your "All Natural" and so-called organic companies like Odwalla are owned by Coca-Cola! Who by the way are fuming over the requirement to change their recipes in order to avoid a cancer warning label! Kashi, is owned by the Kellogg corporation which has been found to contain GMOs and pesticides, according to a report from the Cornucopia Institute".
This is much bigger than we realize. We must read labels. We need to buy 100% organic from 100% organic companies. We must support our local farmers, and buy farm fresh rather than grocery store modified foods.
Do the best you can, and grow what you can. Just try not walk into the grocery store, and unknowingly buy stuff. Be aware of what is happening to you the consumer. Do all you can to protect your family. The only thing getting fat on these guy's is their wallets but American's, well, just look around, or in the mirror!  Stop feeding these selfish fat's cat's and be healthy.


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Updated: 06/21/2012, Suzylnn
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katiem2 on 07/12/2012

Oh this issue makes me so mad, they health industry does what it can to insure they have repeat customers ARGH! Health, as if our health is a consumable product! You bring to light some very painful facts about the face of this country and who's driving the fat issue to their advantage. Thanks for reporting :)K

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