Creating Your Family Legacy With Blank Recipe Books

by CorreenK

Starting off with a blank recipe book is your canvas to creating something truly unique and special for generations to come.

Most of us have personal, as well as family recipes that we love to make. In fact, each day, normal, everyday cooks create fantastic new recipes which should be written down, along with those old family favorites.

Realizing I am one of the fortunate few to have my grandma's handwritten cooking and recipe books, it's become more important for me to spread the word to others. Think of starting off with a blank recipe book as your canvas to creating something truly unique and special for generations to come.

Certain dishes, specialties, and meals say family more than almost anything else
The Family Table: A Journal for Recipes and Memories

Write Down Your New and Old Ideas in a Blank Recipe Book

It's important to carry on the legacy

It's never to late, you can create recipe journals today that your children and grandchildren can enjoy well into the future.

All of the recipes can be neatly organized, making it easy for future generations to locate treasured recipes, as well as the memories of good food and family gatherings.

At the table with good friends and family you do not become old. ~Italian Proverb

Food, Cooking, and Memories

Remembering is the best part

The aromas that waft in from the kitchen quite often bring back childhood memories. My grandma’s cardamom bread or Aunt Jean's molasses cake brings my family into the kitchen for a nibble every single time. By sharing recipes in a journal or notebook these same familiar aromas will continue to delight family members and friends for many years to come.

Years ago, cooking, and therefore recipes were taught from mother to child. That tradition has been lost in many families, but it is possible to provide our loved ones with recipes that we have come to love. As we have adapted our own touches to an old recipe, our own children may discover new culinary delights by using one of our shared recipes.

Blank recipe books can help that happen by offering a convenient place to jot down not only recipes, but perhaps memories that go along with it.

Pleasant words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bone. ~Moroccan Proverb

Sizing Up the Recipe Book You Need

Making the decision

If you have tons of personally created and/or family recipes you might like...

  • A large, expandable binder
  • Smaller recipe books or binders for each cooking category 

If you have an assortment of recipes you might like...

  • A large binder with the opportunity to expand as you grow your recipes
  • Journals with pockets to tuck away your favorites 

If you are giving a blank recipe book as a gift...

  • Consider the person and how much they like or dislike cooking; ease in the nay sayers by providing lots of tried and true easy recipes
  • Don't forget to include 'you' in the gift...add a handwritten family fave recipe or two to give the otherwise blank recipe book some personality!

A Quick Snippet

Write it down, it's your special recipe book

Why a Moleskine Passions Recipe Journal?

My thoughts

I love the idea of this smaller sized blank recipe book to use for the many ideas that swirl around in my foodie head.

After reading customer comments on Amazon, as well as out and about on the internet it's wise to assume this Moleskine journal is best suited for jotting personal notes about recipes and cooking versus a full on recipe with a list of ingredients and instructions.

With intention, it's a diary of your food-related thoughts written down to inspire the next generation!

Journal About Your Cooking Adventures

Passing on good food and memories

Even though not all of us are culinary geniuses, we often have specialties that we have created which our families and friends love and continue to enjoy...bite by bite. Passing these specialties on can create new, special memories as well as refresh the old.

For those of us that love to be in the kitchen creating, not only is it awesome to journal about our cooking adventures, including the successes AND the failures, it is the imaging of passing on the legacy of our cooking adventures with blank recipe books that should fuel us. We can pass down our thoughts, memories, and recipes to those we love.

A stunning journal to jot down your fondest food moments...sure to be a hand-me-down that your family will treasure forever and ever
Small Chestnut Pocket Journal with Handmade Paper
Only $25.00

Which type of blank recipe book do you prefer?

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In Closing...

CorreenKIt fills me with joy to share the different ideas I'm whipping up in my head. Besides the articles here, I'm also growing my online presence and passion for cooking over at

If you are interested in writing here on Wizzley, click on my referral link to join in on the fun and profits! ~Correen K

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Updated: 08/05/2014, CorreenK
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EducationInfo4U on 04/21/2012

I absolutely love this idea. Very creative and a great way to add or pass along tradition to our children. Thank you!

terrilorah on 03/21/2012

What a great idea for a gift to pass onto the children!

katiem2 on 02/13/2012

What a nice idea, this reminded me of my three brothers and I who often fight over who's getting Mom and Grandma's hand written recipe books. I'm going to start my own, maybe even copy them... Thanks for the inspiration

dak on 12/08/2011

Wonderful page with wonderful ideas and great information.

Mickie_G on 12/06/2011

I really should make a family recipe album for my daughters. Thanks for the ideas.

nightbear on 12/05/2011

What a great idea. writing about your kitchen, cooking and recipes. I love it. and what a gorgeous page you've done here. Wonderful job.

emmalarkins on 12/05/2011

Love it! This is a great, personal gift idea.

Bhavesh on 12/05/2011

What a terrific idea to have a recipe book as a way to create memories for the future generations. One of the things that families do together, after all, is eat!

petunia on 12/05/2011

Family recipe books make great Christmas gifts, too! Everybody loves them!

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