Blizzard Prep For Baby Boomers

by MarenEliz

Forget the bread and milk. Here is a humorous look at what people age 50 and older need to stock for a shut- inside Winter Weather weekend.

Who are the Baby Boomers?


This group of people embraced life full of hope – that the world they created would be full of peace, love, understanding, and tie-dyed clothing.  They are the peeps born between 1945 and 1964, according to most sources.  They burst upon the scene after WWII ended but before the Beatles appeared on the Ed Sullivan show.  Therefore, they are now in their very late forties to mid-sixties.

Pretty Mama gonna take you

by the hand
Funky Wine for Aging Hippies
Funky Wine for Aging Hippies
Maren Morgan

Changing Needs

According to age

Three decades ago, the generation known as the Baby Boomers would have prepared for being shut-in by a blizzard with wine, candles and chocolate.  Plus, if they had young children at home, they added diapers, milk, and bread.  Staff in hospital maternity departments (this is true) circled their work calendars for the date 9 months later.  They were never proved wrong.

Now the Baby Boomer generation is beyond baby making.  They babies have grown up and left (we hope.)  Unlike prior generations who would have been graying, balding, and sedate at this time in life, the Boomers are committed to staying young and vigorous.  Or at least, thinking that they are.

Necessities to Stock for a Blizzard

For Baby Boomers

1.  Coffee and the fixins

Whether they run on Dunkin or Starbucks, Boomers will need it for sipping as they look out upon the winter wonderland trapping them inside.  Make sure there is Bailey’s Irish Cream coffee creamer, too.

2.  Good books

Boomers are on the dividing line of techno-savvy people.  Unlike the succeeding generations, knowing how to load apps into an iPhone was not considered a basic survival skill for them.  Nonetheless, some of the Boomers are tekkies.  Therefore, these good books may be on Kindles or they might be quaint stacks of paper bound together.

3.  Firewood and/or propane space heaters

This is a concession to their advanced age (don’t say it too loudly.)  Coldness is neither next to Godliness nor comfort.  That’s why old folks become snowbirds migrating to Florida.  Boomers who stayed north need to protect themselves from becoming Old-Fart-sicles.

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4.  Charged phones

Whether the phones are wireless landlines or cells, they need to be fully charged.  Who knows, the kids might call to volunteer to plow out the Boomer’s driveway.

5.  Optional for pet owners: Pet food  

The picture of being trapped in one’s abode with ravenous, long-toothed hamsters is not a pretty one.  We don’t want an inter-species Donner party.

6.  Wine, candles and chocolate, K-Y, and those little blue pills

Hey – just because they are beyond baby making, does not mean they don’t go through the motions.  

Be Prepared

The Boy Scout motto is “Be Prepared.”  Although The Weather Channel gives general tips for weather emergencies, this segment of the population must customize the advice to meet its specific needs.  By stocking the above items in advance of anticipated confinement, Baby Boomers will be in great shape.  So great, in fact, that they may look forward to the next blizzard.

Updated: 01/21/2012, MarenEliz
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MarenEliz on 04/05/2012

Maybe he wants to be prepared in case you need to move into a warm engine-running car - in the unlikely event that part of your roof caves in ????? As long as he remembers the wine and chocolate, we can allow him his full tank of gas, can't we?

terrilorah on 04/05/2012

Yes, I totally agree that we have to have certain things 'before' the blizzard starts...oh and don't forget the gas tank has to be filled just in case! My hubby always has to make sure it is, and I"m not sure what the reasoning is for that if we are going to be shut in!

MarenEliz on 01/21/2012

Thanks, Angel! i am enjoying my coffee right now as i watch the cats watch the birds in the snow. Wine and chocolate will come later!

Angel on 01/21/2012

Not a baby boomer but I like the idea of being shut in with wine and chocolate! Great article. I enjoyed reading.

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