"POP Goes Your Freedom" - Bloomberg And Soda

by frugalrvers

New York City Mayor, Michael Bloomberg, has banned large sodas. I'm not a soda fan, nor do I live in NYC, but I am outraged by what I see happening in my country...

Before trying to swallow Bloomberg's soda ban, set your big gulps down and let's talk. This NYC mayor is being labeled "Nanny Bloomberg" - which might be good for a few laughs, but this is far from funny. The hypocrisy, the inappropriate role government is playing in our personal lives...it is terrifying to me.

Let me start by saying the following, so this isn't dismissed into black and white thinking.

*I'm not a big fan of soda
*I've never been to NYC and have no intention of ever setting a toe inside the city
*I'm not Republican or Democrat

The hypocrisy in "what is acceptable" in one powerful man's mind is, at best, wrong and misleading. The power he is asserting coming into our homes is inexcusable. How people are standing for this type of behavior and assertion of power is beyond me.

New York Soft Drink Ban - It Isn't A Joke, It Isn't Funny

The New York soft drink ban isn't funny. On March 12, 2013, sodas cannot be sold in sizes larger than 16 ounces. Supporters may say it is a good thing, but it has nothing to do with soda. It has to do with personal freedoms being lost one step at a time, political hypocrisy, inappropriate government power and much more.

For those who have loved Mayor Michael Bloomberg's overstepping to date, with trans fats, smoking restrictions and latest soda ban all developed to create a "healthier society" I ask this question: what will you do when you are next?

I've read comments in the news, people in favor of the banning of soda saying how much obese people and smokers are costing society. The loss of freedom hasn't hit home, so it is soooo easy to blindly support the "cause."

But when those dangerous cell phones glued to the side of one's head (I almost got hit yesterday by a woman texting and driving in her big Suburban) are taken away, it is determined your low calorie, high carb snacks are causing diabetes or you are too sedentary with your big flat screen tv...if those are taken away...then what?

Our country is unhealthy...but it isn't cemented in soda pop, fat or cigarettes...today illness lies in nearly everything.

Remember What Government Was For?

NYC Ban On Soda: The Hypocrisy

In my opinion, the NYC ban on soda and Bloomberg's "attack" on fats and cigarettes are brilliant. No, I don't think they are ok - but what a great target group to attack to gain support from the people as well as gaining political power. Yep, obese people and smokers are the ONLY health problems in America. The "lazy gluttons" and "the addicts." Again brilliant place to start.

The other great tactic is that currently most of America is in heated debate about rising health insurance costs. The obese and smokers apparently the cause...not crooked pharmaceutical companies, corporate greed and the like. The targets are health concerns, but our country is quite ill, no matter what size jeans they wear...even those size zeros.

Are these health problems? Sure they are! Absolutely! But, ummm, there are more. So what's next?

Personally, I believe many things in my society are unhealthy today and I avoid them to the best of my ability. But, not to be a bummer, it is almost beyond avoidance at this point. People self-medicate on over the counter drugs (think TUMS) that decrease absorption of nutrition. Humans still calorie count, filling their bodies with Snackwells that increase diabetes/blood sugar. Kids are given "juice" that is full of sugar. Water is full of dangerous fluoride. Prevention measures in conventional medicine include constant zaps of radiation to rule out...cancer? Pesticides in foods. Dangerous air quality. Asbestos in insulation. Sedentary lifestyles. Overuse of antibiotics and dangerous pharmaceuticals. On and on and on and on....

The thing that bothers me the most is that there is a plethora of information about the dangers of diet soda - so leading the herd from one "evil" to another makes no sense. And what is next...where does it end as far as dangers? Look at the LINK LIST BELOW for just a few more examples, if you would like to see what healthy weight, non-smokers might be exposing themselves to.

NY Ban On Soda - Loss Of Personal Freedom Agenda

As stated earlier, creating the illusion of "helping" the obese, diabetics and smokers in society was a brilliant way to gain support of the masses. A+ on the report card for advertising genius. So when someone orders a Domino's Pizza in NYC, they now have to spend more on a bunch of bottles of soda (more plastic in the environment, btw) or they can just go to their local grocery store and buy a two liter bottle - HUH???? Also love the (I would be embarrassed if this were my idea) restrictions at bars, where you can consume alcohol all you want, but can't have soda mixers. Yet "Nanny Bloomberg" remains in office?

It isn't ok for government to intrude on our lives like this. Even if the topic to date doesn't concern you and reels you in to a world of government living in your home because you loathe smokers, are disgusted by the obese - stop and think....AM I BEING MANIPULATED? My answer is YES! Getting the favor of the masses initially is a great way to then introduce other restrictions "for your health." Blinded because the first laws didn't effect you, you are primed for more intrusion on your personal freedoms in the future.

We've already allowed intersection cameras that don't protect you, but generate a lot of revenue. Seat belt laws (but motorcycles are ok hypocrisy) where 20mph zones in suburban neighborhoods create a fortune in fines....like the rolling stop sign. I touched on this in my article about the "serve and protect motto," if you are interested in further reading.

The point is that the question of if our society is healthy isn't the true issue. Health risks, whether you smoke or don't, whether you are skinny or not, are everywhere. Many people are getting cancer every single day: skinny, young and non-obese non-smokers. Autoimmune diseases that never existed are plaguing our society no matter their waist sizes. To survive, you don't need Michael Bloomberg - it is time for you to take personal responsibility for your health, think and look around at the health threats throughout our society (make good choices based on facts, not politics). It is also time for the government to get out of our homes and lives.



That's The Last Straw! :)
I'm proud to say I survived a childhood of lawn darts deaths from the vintage jart game. Looking to buy original jarts is harder than you might think...they are banned!

Are Nanny Bloomberg's Policies Crossing The Line To Personal Freedom?

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dustytoes on 02/27/2013

So where does it stop? What will they take away next to protect us from ourselves.

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NYC Soda Ban Comments

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frugalrvers on 07/01/2013

Thanks for your comment and sharing your insight, fitzcharming!
Some great points you've made....

I have family in urban areas and sometimes they just look like they've become members of Stepford, ya know? It's ALL acceptable and the norm (traffic cameras at intersections sending tickets to your home, police sitting at stop signs to issue hefty citations for a rolling stop or not wearing your seatbelt). They're in Chicago but I guarantee a soda ban would be "ok."

Laws that preserve other people's rights (though I smoke, I don't think nonsmokers should be subjected to my habit on planes, trains, at work) make sense. Yes, I can do what I please as long as I don't harm/bother/endanger others.

But when government starts issuing laws to protect us from ourselves, they're getting too big and involved in our lives. Just my opinion. But my family members blur it all as one thing such as "what government says, we do, end of story." They can't see the distinction between their job to serve and protect vs their desire to control the people.

The scariest thing to me is when someone like Bloomberg attacks sodas and that's it...ummm...he should be banning most aisles in grocery stores if he wants his citizens healthy. Things in boxes and cans with ingredients you can't pronounce or recognize aren't really food...

I hear you on "don't even get me started on pharmaceutical companies" - my husband would tell you I could go on for hours! But I won't, don't worry!

Thanks again for commenting!

fitzcharming on 07/01/2013

Lots to think about. One thing for sure, the food companies in the US have intentionally made people dependent on sugar. And I'm one of the addicted unfortunately. And don't even get me started on pharmaceutical companies. Some bans clearly are okay, like smoking in restaurants and airplanes. Big sodas? That's just weird.

BrendaReeves on 03/08/2013

It may not be funny, but it's definitely ridiculous. I drink diet Coca Cola, and I buy the largest cup I can.. I'm not fat. Yes, I'd say I drink too much of it, but that's my problem. Who knows, maybe it's preserving all of my internal organs. Great article.

frugalrvers on 02/27/2013

Thanks for commenting, Dustytoes! Thanks for pointing out that I didn't list the ban info...put it in there now...In sum, no sodas bigger than 16oz can be sold anywhere in NYC (except grocery stores). It will be implemented March 12, 2013 (disgustingly, dangerous DIET SODA is just fine! Kidney failure, cancer..no problem!). Bloomberg has also done a lot of other inappropriate things - not only regarding other food restrictions in NYC but just look up the "stop and frisk" program. NYC sounds like a police state - will never, ever plan to visit.

dustytoes on 02/27/2013

I don't know all the facts on the NYC soda ban (wish you had defined it here - or did I miss it?) but anytime the government wants to step in this closely and run our lives, it's bad! The "Think" poster says it well... come on people, start thinking...! It sickens me how so many people just go along with the crowd. I guess that is easier than using your own mind.

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