Boho, Bohemian Summer Dresses

by dustytoes

Boho clothing is a casual way for any woman to dress, but it is especially comfortable for those of us without perfect bodies.

Boho is short for 'Bohemian' and it is used to describe a style that is relaxed, natural and carefree. There is clothing that fits that genre, and this page will give you ideas for dresses and skirts that will fit your body in a loose and flowing way. The easy fit is perfect for a summer vacation to the tropics, or an island cruise.

The boho style is a take off of the hippie style, but to me it is a step up from the grungy hippie appearance. I grew up in the era of bell bottoms and long hair and all that anti-establishmentarianism. It was all peace and love, and who needs a bath? Well, not really, but you get the picture.

Loving the boho style means you are probably a free spirit, with a creative flair, who definitely loves nature. You are a bit unconventional, or maybe a lot. Following the crowd is not your thing, and being comfortable is more important than making a fashion statement.

Perhaps you don't care what it's called, or if you fit into the definition of 'boho'. You are a woman who is tired of seeing all the slender young things posing for L, XL and Plus Size clothing. Your body is not perfect and all you want is to be free from tight waistbands. The clothing on this page is for any size woman, but I'm highlighting the no waist, or adjustable waste designs.

Bohemian Dresses With Adjustable Waist

Never mind that the models are toothpick size. These dresses have adjustable waists.

dress with tie back for larger sizesDon't let the images of these skinny mini models scare you off!  Every dress featured on this page is advertised to ALSO fit large and extra-large size women.  

Either there is no waist at all, as in the flowing caftan style dress below, or the waist is custom fit with stretchy elastic panels and ties, as show here on the "Marigold Fairy Dress" seen in full below.

This dress comes as a "one size" but it's split into two categories:  One size (US 0-14 approx.) or One Size Plus (US 12-2X approx.)

Boho Fairy Dress Also Fits the Larger Woman

Sakkas Marigold Fairy Dress

Love the Wide Straps

Can't go in the washing machine.

The dress shown below is the Sakkas Zendaya Stonewashed Rayon item.  I love the fact that this one has wide straps.  A bra can easily be worn without showing.

Color selection will depend on the size you order.  By reading the comments on this one, some larger chested women would do better ordering the 1x over the Large size.  A lot can be learned by reading good comments from buyers who truly want to help the consumer.

The back of the dress has a smocked area with a tie, which should help create the perfect fit.

You must HAND WASH this dress.  That means in a sink, by hand!  I don't believe that machine washing on delicate is the same thing.  Then, it must be hung up to dry.  Any delicate clothing needs this care to make the item last.

Amazon Buyers Love This Long Blue Dress

The downside is that it must be hand-washed.

boho blue long dress

The  Stonewashed Rayon Embroidered Adjustable Spaghetti Straps Long Dress, comes in this pretty blue color and many others (depending on the size needed).  Choose a size from S/M to 1X/2X.   It is made of 100% rayon and has adjustable spaghetti straps.

The back is stretchy elastic with ties that come around from the front to give it some shape.  It can be tied at the waste to fit your body style.  I love the idea of choosing how tight it will be around my waste.  

The description says it will fit up to a size 20, with chest measurement of up to 47 inches.  At the time I am writing this, over 1,000 customers have given it a 5-star rating.

I always go to the 1-Star ratings to see what the negative reviews say.  Some said the material made the dress too hot for warm weather.  But most negative reviews were about the quality of the material.  The majority said that the seams, or embroidery came unraveled, or that it didn't wash well.  It must be hand washed, and it's possible they threw it into the machine.  It is very affordable, and you get what you pay for.  Decide for yourself!


Bohemian Print Pullover Dress

Long, flowing and comfortable cotton dress in woodland print.

Many of the boho, gauzy style dresses and clothing on this page come from the Sakkas company and they can be purchased through Amazon.  They are not frumpy, and are made in such a way that women over 40 and 50 can dress in comfort.  The good news is that these clothes are affordable and made to accommodate a large size woman, even though all the models are svelte and young.  (What else is new?)

I like the fact that many are one-size-fits-all, or it fits loosely until you tie it to your shape.  If you are thin, some of these clothes may hang funny on your body.  But if you are thin, you have many other choices! 

As we age our bodies change, no matter how hard we may try to keep fit.  As women, we may have the extra pounds added from child-bearing to deal with.  Metabolisms slow to a crawl, and all that fun stuff, which makes waste sizes grow.

I have PKD (poly-cystic kidney disease) which also adds size to my middle.  Finding comfortable clothing that looks good and fits around the waste is nearly impossible.  So I am happy to find that the boho style seems to take all that into consideration.

The Olive and Beige Caftan (click the image) shown here is 100% cotton, is 52 inches long, and comes in one size fitting up to a size 16.  Read more details and see color choices at the Amazon site.

Summer Garden Floral Corset Dress

This sleeveless beauty gets rave reviews from customers, but must be hand-washed.

boho garden goddess corset dressThe Sakkas Garden Goddess Corset Style Dress  pictured here gets very good customer reviews.  It comes in six colors, and this "clay" color is one of my favorites.  Or choose the brighter purple or ivory.  The dark gray, spearmint and rose colors are all very nice.   This is not a one size fits all, so you have the option to choose a dress in your size range.  Some reviews say that the dress runs small, and at least on customer said it runs large.  So check the reviews to make your decision when unsure of what size to order.

Unlike some of the other Sakkas clothing, this dress does not appear to be sheer.  It is 100% rayon and will have to be hand washed.  When I see "hand wash" I believe that means to put in into the sink or a container and clean it by hand, not the delicate setting on the machine.


If you'd love this dress with sleeves (click the gray dress image), it's available with short, cap sleeves!

The bodice is a beautiful feature of this dress, as it laces up, but there is fabric beneath the tie, so none of you will pop through!  Adjust to your body with the lace up front and tie in the back.  (Click the image to view.)

Caftan Style Cruise and Vacation Apparel

Tropical prints, in light cotton material, are perfect cruise wear or for Florida vacations.

The heat of the tropics can be stifling, and the best way to cool off (while having fun) is by heading to the beach.  I lived in Florida for many years, so I know first hand about dressing for extreme heat.  The casual atmosphere and high humidity means that the dress code is different.  Loose fitting clothing lets the hot breeze touch the body, and no one cares what you are wearing.  Each person is dressing to stay comfortable under the steaming sun.

When you're not in the water, or getting a tan, the lightest clothing possible is all you'll want to wear.  Light cotton dresses, such as the Palm Tree Caftan Dress- Click the image to buy at Amazon (comes in green, purple, turquoise, yellow and orange) are perfect for such a climate.

Casual Summer Dress or Beach Cover Up

This sleeveless style, tank dress is very casual and comes as a one-size-fits-all. It appears to be very roomy, and would make an excellent swim suit coverup as well as something to lounge around the house in.

The print is moon and stars on the front and around the hem, but the back is a plain color.  The images I've added here are of the blue and mint options, and there are many other pretty colors, such as black, red, brown and purple.

As of this writing, 140 customers have given it a 5-Star rating at the Amazon site.  The lower rating complaints were mostly washing related issues, which makes me wonder if they are hand-washing gently, as per the instructions.  It would be pretty with a belt too!

Sakkas B900 Batik Moon and Stars Caftan Tank Dress / Cover Up 

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dustytoes on 07/12/2017

@Margielinn, good to hear that feedback! I would look into one also if I ever have to dress up :)

Guest on 07/12/2017

Dustytoes I bought one of the Sakkas dresses for an outdoor wedding and I love it. Cool and light! Plenty of room for my full figure! Ha,ha!

DerdriuMarriner on 03/12/2015

dustytoes, The garden corset dress is my particularly favorite, because of the garden-theme, gentle colors, and rayon material. But I also like the inviting color and simple elegance of the palm tree caftan.

Digby_Adams on 03/01/2015

I love maxi dresses when the weather gets warm. They are much cooler than jeans and look better than shorts.

dustytoes on 03/01/2015

Yes, I dislike those models. I am sensible enough to know that the clothing will not look like that on me!

WriterArtist on 03/01/2015

Love these elegant Boho clothings, they look warm and comfortable. Like the idea that they go well with anybody and not just the perfect slim bodies that the models have.

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