Celebrate Book Lovers Day -- August 09

by tealmermaid

Tips and ideas to promote literacy by celebrating Book Lovers Day.

What is Book Lovers Day? This day is an unofficial holiday in celebration of books and those who love to read them. The best possible way to spend the day is reading a good book all day in a quiet spot, but true book lovers know the value of having even a few minutes of quiet reading time. In addition, by celebrating books with your excellent example, you can encourage others to read.

When is Book Lovers Day?

Book Lovers Day is an annual celebration on August 09. Be sure to mark your calendars well in advance so you don’t miss it!

Nine things you can do to celebrate Book Lovers Day

Visit your local library

If you haven't been to the library lately, dig out your library card to check out a copy of the latest bestseller, or take the time to re-read an old favourite. Best of all, it's free! Don't have a library card? There is no better time than now to get one.

Why buy books when your area has a free public library? It is public and accessible for all with a library card.
One of the primary benefits of both urban and suburban living is access to a public library.
A Little Free Library open for business
A Little Free Library open for business

Start a Little Free Library

Rather than a public library, open a library of your own in your front garden or other publicly-accessible place. Set up a protected container with books and watch people come to borrow. You might set out copies of some of your favourites, or focus your library on a particular theme. This is a great way to promote literacy in your area.

Host a book club

Invite a few friends over to discuss the books each person has read lately. With a bit of advance planning, you might even suggest a read (or re-read) of a particular book for the club's discussion that day.

A book club can be a delicate balance of practicing good etiquette and fervent discussion about a book.

Support your local bookstore

Many small bookstores have closed their doors in recent years for lack of patrons. Have you supported your local economy lately by stopping in to pick up a new book?

Try a new author

While we all have our favourites, sometimes it is good to step outside that comfort zone with something new. New authors are published every day; why not give one of them a whirl? You might just find a hidden treasure!

Read to a child

A love of reading should be cultivated from a young age. Sit down with a child you know and read one of your childhood favourites to them. If the child enjoys the book, you may have just created a book lover for life!

Read a classic online for free

Written materials such as books generally become public domain seventy years after the death of its author. Once they are in the public domain, they may be freely reproduced and shared. Certain sites have been established to help share these classics with others by digitizing them and publishing them online for free. Check them out and you are sure to find something worth a read!

A selection of sites at which readers can read public domain books online for free.

Swap books with a trading partner

You are not limited to trading with only friends or family. Try out one of these sites to get started trading books around the world. Book swap sites generally run a point or credit system where the sender pays shipping for each book sent. Their trade partner will then get to keep the book or trade it on when they have finished with it. Some variances of course exist on different sites, so please read carefully before you sign up.

Books -- even eBooks -- are expensive to purchase. Save money by swapping unwanted books with others.

Release a book into the wild

Related to the book swap concept is Bookcrossing. Register with the site, then leave a book in a public place for others to pick up, read, and enjoy.

A brief introduction to Bookcrossing -- a "catch and release" site to track books which are released into the wild.

Read, read, read!

If you read a lot (like most book lovers), this is a wonderful online method to keep track of your recent reading adventures. Take a few hours to catalogue your home library.

A brief introduction to Goodreads, a social networking site for bibliophiles.

How many books do you read each month?

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Mira on 10/02/2015

This was a good resource. I didn't know about bookmooch. Unfortunately they don't have much swapping in Romania, but I could try it with British users.

CruiseReady on 10/02/2015

Who knew there was a special day for book lovers?" (Not me.) I like the idea of making it a point of reading to a child on that day.... or any day, for that reason.

tealmermaid on 10/01/2015

I was surprised to find that there are quite a few around here too.

blackspanielgallery on 10/01/2015

I have seen a few of these small book stands around here.

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