Brush Your Teeth To Ward Off Cancer, Diabetes, And Heart Diseases

by Metreye

Infections of gums and root canal can put you at an increased risk of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and pneumonia.

Brushing your teeth twice a day, is the easiest way to cut your heart disease and strole risk, at least up to some extent. Growing evidence suggests that keeping your mouth healthy might boost your defenses against cancer, diabetes, pneumonia, and bronchitis as well. The key appears to be, avoiding bacterial gum infections known as periodontitis. Nearly one in three adults ages 30 to 55 has periodontitis, and the disorder can even lead to trouble in the next generation. Pregnant women suffering from gum problems may be seven times more likely to deliver pre term babies.

Brush Your Teeth Towards Good Health
Brush Your Teeth Towards Good Health


In adults, chronic destructive periodontal disease is responsible for more loss of teeth than caries, particularly in the aged. 

The most common form of periodontal disease begins as swelling of the marginal gingiva (gingivitis), which is painless, although the gingiva may bleed on brushing.

The disease gradually spreads to involve the periodontal ligament (attachment between tooth and bone) and alveolar bone, that gets resorbed slowly.

The soft tissue separates from the tooth surface, causing pocket formation with bleeding on probing and during chewing.

Acute inflammation may become superimposed on this chronic process, with production of pus and formation of a periodontal abscess.

Ultimately, extreme bone loss, tooth mobility, and recurrent abscess formation lead to tooth exfoliation or may mandate tooth extraction.

Periodontitis is associated with the accumulation of dental plaque which may become mineralized to form a calculus.

Down's syndrome and diabetes mellitus are associated with poor body immunity and severe periodontal disease.

Periapical and periodontal infections can lead to the causative microbes being leaked into the bloodstream after tooth extraction and even after routine rigorous dental cleaning.

This can lead to life threatening infections of inner wall of the heart called bacterial endocarditis in those with a previous history of rheumatic fever, valvular heart disease, valvular graft, or heart or joint prostheses.


Dairy Products for Strong Teeth and Gums

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Measures To Prevent Periodontal Infections

  1. Brush twice and floss once a day - If you do not have much time to spare, then a prescription mouth rinse and an electronic toothbrush can help.
  2. Dental cleaning - Have your teeth cleaned up by a dentist every 6 months.
  3. Dairy for dental health - Vitamin-D and calcium deficiencies are a risk factor for gum disease. Foods rich in these nutrients, like dairy products and fish, may help prevent gum swelling.
  4. Increase your intake of Vitamin-C - Skimping on vitamin-C can lead to a disease scurvy that can cause gum swelling. Rich sources of vitamin-C include oranges, cauliflower, and leafy greens.
  5. Trash your toothbrush - You are supposed to get your toothbrush replaced every 6 months. Once the bristles get crushed and frayed, they are not doing the job right, and the brush needs to be replaced.

By regularly following these measures, you can reduce your risk of many dangerous systemic diseases and live a disease free life.

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Metreye, What is the best non-prescription mouth rinse?

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I think electric toothbrushes are a great invention.

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