Bucilla Felt Christmas Stocking Kits

by xmasdecs

A selection of the most delightful Bucilla Felt Applique stocking kits, make your own fabulous Christmas stockings!

No Christmas is complete without a Christmas stocking filled with a variety of small but delightful treats! And it is not just young children that are thrilled by them either, I know a number of adults who still insist on a Christmas stocking each year from their spouse or even their parents! The idea of a traditional Christmas stocking is refreshing in our modern materialistic and consumer driven societies, particularly as it is expected that the gifts inside are small and practical. Whilst they were of course traditionally the only presents that a child would get for Christmas, they have instead become more commonly an accompaniment to more expensive gifts. An Xbox 360 or an iPhone doesn't feel particularly 'Christmasy', so a stocking filled with small treats is the perfect way to help retain the joy-filled traditional Christmas atmosphere within your home. The best quality Christmas Stockings on the market are made by Bucilla, who provide felt-applique kits for you to put together yourself or even with the help of your excited child.

Bucilla Felt Christmas Stockings

So what exactly do you get with a Bucilla Christmas Stocking set? There are numerous designs available and typically you will get:

  • A selection of stamped felts.
  • Sequins and Beads of various colors.
  • Cotton floss.
  • 2 Needles.
  • Guidance for personalization.
  • Instructions in multiple languages.

If you are not familiar or experienced with felt-applique do not fear, it is very easy to pick up and suitable even for younger children as long as they are fully supervised. Bucilla offer by far the most creative and brightest Christmas stocking designs, as well as the highest quality materials. Each finished stocking is approximately 18 inches in length and they are actually manufactured in the USA! They are always going to be better than the cheap low quality alternatives from China, and each Stocking will last a lifetime was completed if stored in a safe place! There are a wide range of highly collectible designs available, including the fantastic examples featured on this page.

You Do Have To Make These!

A lot of people make the mistake of seeing the fantastic Bucilla stockings online and buying them because they look so fantastic, without realizing that a lot of effort is required to make them, these are felt kits so you actually have to follow the instructions to make these stockings yourself! Now, for a lot of people that's the fun, but for others with busy lives they may not have the time and patience required to complete them. If you think that you may be guilty of getting over-excited and are at risk of not getting around to finishing them, you may want to consider buying pre-made stockings! There are some great stockings available at low prices including those featured below.

Updated: 08/05/2012, xmasdecs
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