Angela Johnson's Online Writing Journey

by AngelaJohnson

I've been dabbling with online writing since 2007. I've written on six sites and created two blogs over the years, but haven't made enough to support myself yet.

Some of the sites went out of business or else I got tired of them, but I learned something from each experience and plan to continue to write online for a long time. At this time I'm only writing on Wizzley, but I'm sure I'll find other places to write.

I like to write about my personal experiences and subjects I'm interested in, but I know I also need to write about subjects that have some commercial value (so I can sell products). I've been studying online marketing for a while and feel I will be successful soon.

While writing online, I have met so many nice and helpful people. When you write online, you're among friends.

About Angela Johnson

 Angela JohnsonI'm an amateur photographer and often use my own photos to illustrate my articles.

I'm not a specialist in any one subject.  I have many interests such as reading mysteries, local history and and personal memories, taking walks, discovering interesting things in nature, going sightseeing, learning about natural and organic foods, and interesting recipes in old cookbooks.

I enjoy life and am open to new experiences. I've lived in Missouri, Illinois, Texas, Tennessee, Vancouver Island, B.C. and Okinawa. At this time, I'm back in Texas (San Antonio). I am not ready to settle down anywhere permanently. 

No matter where I live, I explore and learn about the local area, culture, and history. 

In the Beginning..... with Writing Online.

computer keyboardMyLOT

I think I may have joined this site in 2007 or 2008. It's hard to remember what it was like but it seems like you answered people's questions.  I knew from the start they didn't pay much, but it was fun and people seemed to like my answers.

After a while, I got tired of the site and stopped writing; I don't remember getting any payment. 

MyLot is still in business, though.  When I did a search, I had a hard time finding information on them.  One review said that in 2013, they quit paying and that it was hard to find conversations anymore.

I assume there must be some advantage to using the site - perhaps to get links to your blog.



This is where I wrote about moving from Texas to Tennessee and the differences of living in a city vs. a rural area. I enjoyed writing articles and including photographs.  I added affiliate links to related items I thought someone might buy, but I rarely sold anything. The blog took up too much of my time without bringing in any income, so I eventually deleted it.


After I left Tennessee, I lived in southern Illinois for a few years.  I don't know why I started this new blog since my other one didn't work out.  I guess I just wanted to document my new experiences. As I explored, I wrote about all the small nearby towns and things I discovered when walking around out in the county.  The same thing happened as with the other blog, though. It took up too much time and people weren't buying from my affiliate links. I loved working on both of these blogs, but since I needed to start make money, so I eventually gave this one up, too.


Yes, that is really how the site name was spelled. I joined Qondio in January 2010. 

This was a writing site where your articles were called "intels." You submitted an article and then 10 members had to vote that your article should be published. I didn't mind that because I believe it encouraged writers to write better articles. My articles seemed to get approved within a day. Qondio didn't pay you, but you could put affiliate links in your articles and sometimes people bought something and you got a commission. Unfortunately, this site also went out of business,too.


Fortitude began publication on June 7, 2010. This was an ambitious site, but unfortunately, didn't succeed. You had to pay about $20 or $25 to join, which I know you should never do, but I did it back then. Fortitude was supposed to be for serious writers, and let me tell you, the articles I read before I joined were EXCELLENT! 

You could be paid up to $100 per article, but most people were paid $10-$50. I did make enough money to recoup my entrance fee and probably made about $25 more, but then the site went out of business. I believe they were TOO ambitious and paid writers too much. They were supposed to make money by selling reprint rights to other sites, but businesses didn't want to pay the fees or else didn't need the articles.


Fortunately, I've always been in the habit of making copies of what I wrote, so I had my articles from Fortitude and Qondio even though they went out of business.  And of course, I saved all my posts from my two blogs.   Eventually, I was was able to re-use a lot of what I had written.

Writing at Squidoo

I joined Squidoo in 2009, but was quite slow about writing articles (Squidoo called them lenses).  I liked the idea of Squidoo because I could write pages on all different subjects, add photographs, post youtube videos, and offer different products for sale (mostly through Amazon).

Your lenses stayed on the Squidoo site until you removed them (unless they violated Terms of Service).  In the five and a half years I was at Squidoo, I only wrote 80 lenses, although I kept revising them over and over again, every time I learned something new.

You were paid for advertising that Google put on each of your pages, but it was kind of complicated.  You only received payment if your lenses were in a higher tier, which meant how well they ranked among other pages on Squidoo.  I rarely made money this way; maybe 20 cents a month on my best lenses and nothing on lower ranking ones.

Squidoo also had an Amazon module where you could promote products.  I didn't make much in commissions, though, because I mostly recommended books.  

Squidoo continued to make many changes over time, hoping to improve the site's ranking.  But on  August 15, 2014, we were all surprised to see a message titled "Squidoo and HubPages," and then "HubPages is acquiring key content from Squidoo, creating the largest site of its kind in the world."  We had until August 29 to remove our content if we didn't want it to transfer to HubPages. 

After I thought about it, I decided this couldn't have happened at a better time for me.  I was planning to work hard at creating new pages through the holiday season, but then leave Squidoo after January.  Even though Squidoo continued to make changes to the site, I felt it was going downhill.

Rather than going to HubPages, I decided to remove all 80 of my lenses, and since I already belonged to Wizzley, transfer many of them here.  

I don't regret staying with Squidoo as long as I did because it was only in the last year that I really understood the importance of revising and promoting your work.  Using social media, I promoted my pages like crazy and could see my lenses ranking higher.  I can do the same with my Wizzley articles.

Writing at Bubblews

I joined Bubblews after reading many great reviews of the site and how you could earn money there.

Bubblews was founded February 2nd, 2012 and I joined August 1, 2013. Once I joined, it took me a while to figure out the site; the TOS (terms of service) were vague, and there were no tutorials provided on the Bubblews site, although some of the writers provided advice. I eventually realized this site was really a social media site rather than an article writing site.

I eventually wrote 227 posts after a year's time.  I did make SOME money (depending on the number of "likes" I received, but nothing compared to what some of the writers on Bubblews were claiming they made.

I read articles and gave "likes", too, and followed those who wrote well. But I could tell that many of the writers did not have have a command of the English language. Although some posts had just a few grammatical errors, many posts made no sense at all. 

And many writers plagiarized material for their posts. I could easily tell if news stories were "copied and pasted" into a post. Other times a post started out in broken English and then miraculously continued with well written text.  I never supported these writers with "likes."

I wrote fairly long articles about a variety of subjects. My posts were lucky to receive 10 "likes" and even toward the end of my year of writing on Bubblews, the number of "likes" rarely increased. But short, poorly written posts were receiving hundreds of "likes." 

Over time, by reading what people wrote on Facebook and other places, I learned many writers were spamming Bubblews, "liking" posts as quickly as they could (often using bots), and asking others to "like" their posts, and plagiarized material was rampant. It's too bad Bubblews' administration couldn't figure out a way to stop this.  

So after one year of writing posts, I decided to remove all my content and leave the site.

I'm glad I did because on November 16, 2015, there was an article on "The Inquisitor News" titled Bubblews Closes to Writers With No WarningI'm surprised they lasted that long, although after I quit the site I read many complaints from writers not being paid.  And I'm amazed at the number of writers who didn't keep back-up copies of their work. 

Once again, a content writing site went out of business, but it was another learning experience.


Writing at Wizzley

I joined Wizzley 6 years ago in 2011, while I was still writing on Squidoo.  

Wizzley is similar to the Squidoo site, so I didn't have to spend a lot of time learning how to use the site.

I wrote two articles on Wizzley in 2011, one article in 2012, and seven articles in 2013. 

I didn't stop writing for any particular reason, but was concentrating on Squidoo and then gave Bubblews a try in 2012.

When Squidoo announced on August 15, 2014,  they were being sold to HubPages, I decided it was time to come back to Wizzley.  I removed all 80 of my lenses from Squidoo and will eventually place many of them here.

I learned a lot from writing on Squidoo, especially during the last year. Mostly I learned about how important it is to revise your articles and promote them.  So before I transferred information from a single Squidoo lens, I reviewed and edited the 14 pages I already had on Wizzley.  I now have 62 pages on Wizzley and that number will continue to rise.

I miss Squidoo, but can still keep in contact with fellow writers on Facebook. And of course, other ex-Squidoo writers have come to Wizzley, too.

Would you like to join Wizzley?


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Daily Two Cents

I quit Bubblews and removed all my posts in early August, 2013.  After looking around at various sites, I thought DailyTwoCents would be worth trying and I could reuse many of the articles I had on Bubblews.

After you join the site, you must create three posts and have them manually reviewed and approved.  If your first three posts aren't approved right away, you may have to submit a few more to show you can write good quality posts.  And if your articles still aren't good enough, DailyTwoCents can close your account.

This rule is what will prevent them from becoming a site like Bubblews, with spam, plagiarism, and poorly written articles that make no sense.  

On Daily Two Cents, a post must have at least 100 words.  You can include one outgoing link per 200 words with a maximum number of 2 links per post.  The links can be to other articles, blog posts, or text Affiliate links. The site reserves the right to remove links if they think they are spam or go to an unreliable product. 

You are paid a half cent per unique view as long as the viewer stays on the page about 30 seconds.  (This eliminates all the click fraud that went on with Bubblews).  Payment is made once a month on the 2nd through Paypal (make sure your Paypal email is listed on your Profile), and on a net 30 day payment system.   That  means that your payment for October’s earnings will be sent on Dec. 2nd, earnings for November will be paid on Jan. 2nd and so forth. Payment is automatic as long as you have reached the $5 minimum threshhold.  That's certainly better than Bubblews, where you had to reach $50 before you could request payment.   

On October 31, I accumulated $6.48 with 1,297 views on 27 posts; I'm satisfied with that and got paid through Paypal on December 2.  

During the month of November, I accumulated $16.56 with 3,313 views on 66 posts.  This will be paid on January 2nd.  Each month I'll add new posts and of course, receive more views.  No, it's not great money, but I write about things I'm interested in and they don't take too long to write.  



A New Blog - Down Memory Lane - Just Being a Kid

burntchestnut as childWhen I was writing on Squidoo, I had 8 pages (lenses) about memories of my childhood.  After removing all my lenses when the site was sold to HubPages, I decided these memory pages would make a good blog.

My new blog is about memories of being a kid.  I realize we all haven't had pleasant childhoods, but want to emphasize happier times. 

I'm starting off with my own childhood memories from the 1960s, but am including memories from all time periods.  I've been interviewing friends and family members and would love to have readers submit their memories, too. I hope you like it
Updated: 04/21/2018, AngelaJohnson
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AlexandriaIngham on 09/18/2014

Welcome to Wizzley. It was great to read your experiences on others sites--some of which I've never heard of. I look forward to reading many more of your articles to come.

AngelaJohnson on 09/18/2014

ologsinquito - I'm sure I'll like it on Wizzley. I definitely need to add more pages - I have As of September 18, I have 26 pages. I had 80 pages on Squidoo and was just beginning to make a little money.

ologsinquito on 09/18/2014

Welcome to Wizzley. I hope you like it here. I like it a lot, but realize it's not quick money, and that we have to work for what we earn. I am starting to see results, but I know I have to add a lot more pages to make it work.

AngelaJohnson on 09/18/2014

jptanabe - I wasn't against HubPages, but since I already knew about Wizzley, decided to move my lenses here. Many of the people on Squidoo Facebook groups seem to be happy with how their lenses were transferred, but I don't really know how much work is involved getting their lenses to fit in with HubPages. My Squidoo lenses didn't transfer here automatically, of course, but that gives me the time to review each one before I publish it. I'm sure we'll both do well where we are and someday you may decide to write some articles on Wizzley, and I might check out HubPages.

AngelaJohnson on 09/18/2014

Mira - I already enjoy Wizzley. It's similar to Squidoo in that the writers are so friendly and helpful. I've read quite a few good articles here (and elsewhere) on writing well, promoting, and making money. The problem has always been me; I just like to write without doing all the additional work. But I'm determined to follow all that good advice and make enough money to support myself. I know it won't happen overnight, but it's possible.

AngelaJohnson on 09/18/2014

RuthCox - we certainly are alike in our writing philosophy. But I'm determined to start making money, so I'll write for pleasure some of the time, write toward making sales some of the time, and keep promoting what I write. I'm not giving up.

jptanabe on 09/18/2014

Hi Angela, thanks for sharing your story. I should write more articles here on Wizzley,since I really like the site. But, I opted in for the transfer from Squidoo to HubPages so that's keeping me busy for now!

Mira on 09/18/2014

Hi Angela, I hope you will enjoy Wizzley. There's a lot of good advice here on how to write better, promote your articles more efficiently, and make money.

RuthCox on 09/17/2014

Angela, your writing journey sounds about like mine, only I began a few years before you. My biggest issue from earning online is me. I want to write what I want to write, each day, rather than writing 'have to's." I write for pleasure and to share the gift, but sure would like to make more money doing so!

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