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A selection of fantastic Christmas tree stands to support your real Christmas tree in the forthcoming holiday period.

One of the major benefits associated with buying an artificial Christmas tree is that they have an easy metal stand! For those of us who still buy authentic real Christmas trees we are left with finding a huge plant pot, filling it with sand, and hoping that it stands up straight. This is often time consuming, particularly when we make the mistake of buying a huge tree which is far too heavy to safely sit in the pot that we used last year! The solution is to buy an adjustable Christmas tree stand which is designed to be adapted to hold a real Christmas tree no matter what the size. The stands themselves come in different sizes of course, but generally they can be adjusted to hold small, medium, or large Christmas trees and you will only need to buy one stand - these things will last as long as an artificial tree, so store it in the attic and just bring it out each Christmas! On this page we take a look at a few of the very best Christmas tree stands to suit all budgets.

Krinner Christmas Tree Genie - Large

One of the most popular tree stands on the market is this one, the Krinner Genie, which is available in a range of sizes. This product has been widely acclaimed, customer reviews conclusively confirm that this is a quality product. Krinner have handed the large stand a 3 year warranty, and the XXL large stand a 5 year warranty, showing their own confidence in their product! Realistically you can expect these heavy duty stands to last as long as you do, you will only need to buy it once. The large stand has a 1 gallon water capacity and will hold trees with a trunk up to 7 inches in diameter, the extra extra large stand holds up to 2.5 gallons of water and is intended for trees with up to a 7 inch trunk and up to 12 feet high! These bases may seem expensive but they are built to last, as long as you measure your Christmas trees before buying their should be no reason why you will ever have to buy another one ever again!

Emerald Innovations XTS3 Swivel Action Tree Stand

The Emerald Innovations XTS3 swivel action stand has been around for many years and remains a highly popular and highly rated product, it uses a unique patented technology to straighten your trees using a pump action! Coming with a limited lifetime warranty, which you probably won't ever have to use, this almost indestructible stand will hold trees up to 10 feet high as long as the trunk isn't wider than 5 inches.

Emerald Innovations XTS3 Swivel Straight Tree Stand For 10' Tree

20", Swivel Straight Tree Stand, Makes Straightening Any Tree Quick & Easy, Holds 10' Tree With A 5" Trunk Diameter, Foot Pedal Retracts & Locks Tree Into Upright Position, The ...

$54.99  $53.98

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Indoor Steel Christmas Tree Stand

If you are looking for a stand which will fit in with your Christmas decor then this steel stand may fit the bill! This product is tough yet very simple, place your tree into the stand and tighten four screws to hold it in place. It is suitable for trees up to 10 feet tall.

Contech Enterprises TS9405 Indoor Steel Christmas Tree Stand

Features patented turn straight centering system and weight absorbing base. The heavier the tree the more stable the stand becomes. Simple to use; perfectly straight and stable....

$88.12  $29.99

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Plastic Christmas Tree Stand

If your on a tight budget then this is probably the cheapest that you should go, the Good Tidings stand isn't as heavyweight as the stands featured above - it is made from plastic after all - but it has achieved a perfect five star average rating on Amazon and will hold any tree up to 10 feet tall, as long as the trunk doesn't have a diameter of more than 7 inches. The reservoir holds 2 gallons of water which not only waters your tree to keep it fresh and happy but also helps to keep it sturdy, you should keep the water levels topped up to ensure stability. If the price stays at around $20 then this stand is a snip!

Good Tidings 7290001 Plastic Christmas Tree Stand for Trees Up To 10 Feet Tall

The Cinco mid-sized model tree stand is designed to hold trees up to 10' tall (larger if attached to plywood using reinforced holes at outer edges of stand) and 7" diameter trun...

$50.00  $22.97

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