Camper Decorating Ideas For Halloween RV Camping

by frugalrvers

Here are some easy, unique rv halloween decorating ideas we would like to share with you. We are full time rvers and we know space is an issue - these decorations will fit rvs!

Halloween camper decorating ideas can be summed up in one initial thought - less is more! For fulltime rvers like us, you can't lug around boxes of decorations for each holiday...there is no place to store all of the stuff, unless you opt to not bring clothes, pots/pans or the large family dog along on your journey. You've got to think small, but make a big impact.

So we've put together some great tips that make everything feel ghostly and spooky, without needing a storage unit to store them in when the holiday is over........

Decorating An RV For Halloween Isn't Like Holiday Decorations In A Normal Home

You have to think outside of the pumpkin on this one, so to speak, and think of Halloween decorations that either store easily OR can also be used year round (like a black couch throw or orange towels). Also, linens are your friend because they fold so small yet cover a large area when unfolded.

This can work for ALL holidays! Ideally, if you are an rver who loves a touch of decor, from Valentine's Day to St. Patrick's Day to Easter, then try to limit yourself and get a small plastic storage bin for each holiday...and set those boundaries! No more than what will fit inside. You won't believe how creative you can get....We did a camper decorating article on Valentine's Day and also one on Christmas!

The following ideas deliver quite a Halloween ambiance in a small space, storing compactly and easily. This way, the dog gets to stay in the motor home and you get to be festive, too!


"RV Wearing Our Halloween Costume? You Bet V Are!"

The Bedroom: RV Decorating For Halloween Or Any Holiday

So let's start with Halloween rv decor in the bedroom. The biggest impact will be made on the bed, of course, because that is pretty much all camper bedrooms have! You don't need an entire bedding set to get in the holiday spirit - some pillowcases or a festive throw blanket will do just fine.

Our Cheap RV Decorating Tip

One great tip for rvers who travel full time is to choose normal bedding that can be utilized during the holidays. For example, have a set of pumpkin colored sheets around and a small, black throw blanket. At the holidays, put them together on your bed. At Christmas, you can have red sheets and a little green throw. An rver usually has a few sheets sets and blankets on board, so choose ones that can be incorporated into the holidays and you won't have to take up limited space.


BED THROW: In our camper, the bed takes up the entire room - so you can see why just a simple bed throw creates a holiday feel in the entire room. Just add a few candles and voila!

PILLOW COVER: This is a great pillow cover to put on your bed (especially if you have black sheets or comforter). But it is also cute on the couch in the living room, too! This one fits a standard 18" x 18" throw see how compact this is! Simply put over your existing pillows and you are set!

The Dinette And Kitchen: RV Halloween Decorating Ideas

Moving on to another "room" in the rv, let's look at Halloween decorating in the dinette and kitchen area. Again, accents are the key to keeping storage needs low, yet adding a pumpkiny feel. One of the larger surface areas is the dinette table and kitchen counter. These can be jazzed up with pumpkin placemats or even a small cloth or plastic tablecloth. Also consider getting a dish towel to hang over the oven handle.

Cheap RV Decorating Tip

A cheap, plastic Halloween tablecloth from a dollar store can store easily and is easily trimmed to fit your camper dinette table.


PLASTIC TABLECLOTH: Affordable, plastic tablecloths can be cut to fit your dinette table - sometimes leaving extra material to use as accents in other areas, too.

PLACEMATS: You can put these pumpkin placemats not only on your dinette table but also anywhere else you have counter space....even in the kitchen!

The RV Bathroom: Halloween Decorating A Camper

If your rv has a shower curtain like ours, you can transform your camper bathroom for Halloween with easy decorating ideas. It should be noted that most shower stalls in rvs aren't designed to hold the width or length of a normal curtain. But you can easily trim yours down, let it bunch together, safety pin the sides and bottom or whatever you prefer. In addition, a little pumpkin hand towel is all you need (and all that fits!) to add more Halloween decorations to your tiny rv bathroom.

Cheap RV Decorating Tip

You can purchase a cheap, plastic black shower liner and cut it to size to hang in your rv bathroom. It stores easily afterward. You can put some cute pumpkin stickers all over it, for more decorative impact.

Outdoor Halloween Decorating Ideas

Don't forget outdoor Halloween decorating ideas for campers! After all, most people see the exterior of your rv, not the interior.


These are a fantastic decorating tool that take up no space. What rvs have a lot of are windows - in fact there is more window than wall. So why not stick pumpkins, black cats, ghosts and mummies all over them? You can even put them on your mirrors. They are easy to apply, remove and store afterward.


This is one of our favorite decorations in a camper. We love the feel, indoor or outdoor, of holiday lights at night. These are a must, in our opinion! You can get the Christmas tree type lights to hang inside, in black or orange - or get orange rope lights for outdoors in any type of weather.


What could be better for decorating on the outside of the camper than a bunch of pumpkins and a hay bale or two? You don't carry that with you when the holiday is over, so it makes life easy.

Final Touches For Halloween Camper Decor


Another great idea is to stick little pumpkins and fall leaves on cabinets and counter tops. You can do this yourself by cutting them out of construction paper or even ask any little ones in the family to make some for you, which you can treasure every Halloween when you take them out of your holiday box.


Of course safety is most important in an rv (or any home!) so do be careful, but small little Halloween votive candle holders with tea lights go a long way to create a spooky glow. Also, there are flameless candles available today, which are perfect and 100% safe!

Decorating A Camper For Halloween - Final Thoughts

As you can see, a little Halloween decoration can go a long way in a camper. Unlike a home, where it takes a lot of decor to make an impact, just one pumpkin dish towel really stands out in a recreational vehicle. The ideas above, if you did them all, would make your camper come alive at Halloween. Even just a few of the ideas will make you want to scream "trick or treat."

One thing I can't help you with, however, is supplying trick-or-treaters to come to your rv door. They can be a bit hard to find in a campground in October. But don't despair, buy a large bowl of candy and indulge yourself on Halloween!

Happy (Haunted) Trails!

See Our Camper Decorating For Valentine's Day Article

When decorating your rv for Valentine's Day, why not let the love last all year long? You and your Valentine can decorate your camper with hearts and ambiance 365 days a year.

And Our Camper Decorating For Christmas Tips Article, Too!

We are happy to share our rv Christmas decorating tips with you, so that you have that holiday feel without needing tons of storage space after Santa goes back to the North Pole!

And Here We Are...........

In the middle of our lives, financially and mentally unprepared, we walked away from it all and stepped into a 30 foot travel trailer. RVing was key to finding the simple life...
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DerdriuMarriner on 07/07/2017

frugalrvers, The blanket, shower curtain and tablecloth are particularly fetching. What do you with the bales and pumpkins? Eat the latter and host a bonfire or hayride for the former?

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