Funny Cat Demotivational Posters

by frugalrvers

These demotivational cat posters capture the true essence of cats - sarcasm. A funny kitty poster will surely brings smiles to home or office. The trick is deciding which one!

When motivational posters came on the scene, my husband and I both saw these and had to let out a little "ugh." You know the type that hang the "go team" signs all over the office walls. Of course, it was more envy of their positive attitude in the daily cubicle...but it was fun to complain about anyway.

But when DEMOTIVATIONAL posters started appearing, we couldn't get enough. We loved the sarcasm and humor of the captions underneath words like "teamwork" and "achievement." Recently we got the idea to feature our superstar cat, Spot, on our own funny cat demotivational posters. Hope you enjoy!

Demotivational Cat Posters - Meet "Spot" Our RVing Kitty

We admit...we are biased - but Spot, our rv cat, makes the perfect subject for the creation of demotivational cat posters in addition to "hang in there" cat posters. We rv full time and are subjected to his anti-motivational tendencies everyday.

He is huge and though admittedly he could stand to shed a few pounds, he is LONG. But he doesn't acknowledge his size. He sprawls out over the motorhome dashboard. When stretched out, he takes up half the length of the bed or couch.

Furthermore, he wants to be taller and bigger, so he jumps on the rv dinette table to get to eye level, lays on my chest which often requires administering CPR to me afterward. He is, in one word, a character.

We get that demotivational feeling from Spot in two ways - expression and a meow that is equivalent to nails on a chalkboard. We've heard other cats meowing and they sound sweet and gentle - but not Spot. His meows are painful to the ears, with a demanding tone that gets you up and out of bed to tend to his every whim, just to make him quiet.

But our favorite feature is his expression. He will win a staring contest with any human, hands down, always giving you a look that instantly makes you feel like you are annoying him or considered an idiot in some way.

Our Cats Demotivational Poster Portfolio

Do You Own A Demotivational Cat Like Spot?

We Had A Cat Before That Was Nothing Like Spot - Is It Just Us?

The Funny Work Poster - Why Office Demotivational Posters Are Best

The advent of the funny, work demotivational poster for the office cannot be ignored. Finally, workers too afraid to say what they feel or risk having a "bad attitude" could safely let their personalities shine via an "innocent" poster.

Similar to people who love to express themselves through t-shirts, sarcastic posters for the workplace allowed an individual to let off some steam without actually saying a word. They could freely state they are tired or "leave me alone" while hiding under the safety net of a funny picture and a caption.

Cats Demotivational Poster - Never Give Up

Most cat owners feel certain their cat is like no other - and we feel the same. We have a large dog on board the rv and SHE listens to us. We've had other dogs and other cats and THEY listened to us...but Spot, well - we admit defeat.

He rules the kingdom and we are here solely to tend to his needs. Honestly, when he naps on our bed, if we enter the room he lets out one of those annoyed meows as if to tell us to go away and let him rest.

We had a "no cat on the bed rule" but, as the poster to the right shows, we "gave up" and just got a cover to keep it fur-free. Even when WE want to rest or nap, he sometimes decides that our memory foam bed is better than his bed, the couch, the dinette cushion or our captain's chair (other favorite nap locations).

Demotivational Posters Cats Love - Cat Victory!

Cat Demotivational Pictures Good For A Laugh At Least

In all likelihood, Spot isn't going to change - we will continue rving with our pets - he is who he is and has been this way for nearly ten we surrender. Finding humor in him and making funny demotivational posters is about all we can do.

Certainly don't see cat training courses available...and we are certain there is a good reason for that - it would be a waste of money, obviously. It is evident that Spot has us trained, however. We know his annoyed tone, his hungry tone, when we've messed up (like the heater isn't on him)...he truly has us molded into the owners he desires.

I write this sitting on my bed with a tray for my laptop, occasionally looking up when I hear Spot let out one of his contented sighs. My legs are veering off to the edge of the bed, because he is sprawled out on his back in the center of it. With each little turn and adjustment, he inches his way toward my side even more.

Sigh...(that was me sighing this time).

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frugalrvers on 12/17/2012

Thanks for commenting! My daughter named him when he was a kitten, because his belly is all white but he has one black "belly button" - he is a goof. My favorite part are his green eyes...which stare a hole right through you when he wants something!!

frugalrvers on 12/17/2012

Thanks, Lana!

sheilamarie on 12/16/2012

Very cute! I can see why you named him Spot. Just give him a little nudge in the other direction now.

Ragtimelil on 12/16/2012

These are GREAT!

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