Cell Tower Blues

by iggy

Cell towers are everywhere, is this a necessary technology. Why have we accepted it.

There are cell towers in every town, these are necessary because people can no longer live without cell phones. These towers are part of having cell phone use in society today. We accept it as technology and live with it, but does it mark up the landscape. Are we trading our health and scenic views to have a form of constant communications.

Cell Phones

Everyone has them and it has become part of society to have and maintain constant communications. We have them for many different reasons, as teenagers we want them to stay in touch with our friends or to ask mom if we can stay out late. As we matured they become necessary for work or to stay in contact with family members, they became a big part of our social life. Waiting for that handsome boy or sexy girl to call. We needed them to get that important call about a new position or to be able to get to the hospital to see our child born.  When they first came out some thought of them as cool and hip, we needed one to be that way. Luckily we have grown past that.

 We have grown so use to having them that we feel funny without one, everywhere I go I see someone on one or searching online with one. They have become necessary for everyday life, we have to be cautious about getting overly dependent on them. Sometimes technology can make us dumber, we become dependent on them to do certain things and if they disappeared what would we do. One example would be; Our numbers are stored in them, if we lost our phone then we could not call someone without finding the number again.

To have cell phone service we need to have these towers to make the phones work, these need to be relatively close to each other. This placement is dependent on the landscape for line of sight transmission of the signals, they could be one to four miles apart.

These towers are high and ugly, if you have a beautiful landscape or city skyline they can damage the view. Some of these towers can have multiple antennas on them, these give off a major radiation footprint.

Cell Tower Blues
Cell Tower Blues
by author

The Price Of Technology

  It seams that most technology comes with a price, and there is a higher price to pay from these towers then just the scenic damage. These towers give off radiation that may injure humans and undeveloped fetuses.

 There is a higher rate of cancer and birth defects today, there is no evidence this is from cell towers directly but it has been proven that the radiation given off in the form of radio waves by these towers does pose a health risk.

  This radiation is also given off in much smaller amounts by your cell phone and the blue tooth earpiece you use. We put the phone that creates radiation right next to our brains, the blue tooth stays next to you head in your ear for longer periods of time then the phone. Some people (myself included) would have the blue tooth in for 9 hours a day or longer, that is constant radiation going to our brains.

Electromagnetic Radiation

Electromagnetic radiation is the form of radiation given off by these towers, this radiation has had an impact on humans and the local ecological balance surrounding the tower. We are exposed to 100 million times the radiation our grandparents were, not all of this is from cell phones but I would say 50% of it is.

 Cell phone towers have output limits pertaining to how much power or radiation can be used at their locations, towers with the highest outputs are usually on mountains or hilltops away from people. They have to cover greater distances and can have higher radiation outputs because they are not located near highly populated areas. The people located near these usually suffer from headaches, insomnia, birth defects, cancer, and Alzheimer's.

  Cell phone usage grows every year and is expected to grow 48% next year alone, this will create a need to erect more towers. An antenna on a tower can only handle so many calls at a time, that is why you see so many antennas on each tower. As the need for phone usage grows then need for these antennas will grow with it, this means more towers, more antennas, and more radiation to go with it.

The View

Putting the health risks aside for a minute, it is the sight of these towers that bother me most. The health issues are not so visible so they are easily over looked. These towers are located where they are because of the need to have one in that area. When there is no coverage or there are many dropped calls this brings out the need for a tower in that area, some of the placements of these towers are overly visible and can damage or ruin the local scenery.

I have seen times when the antenna has been disguised as a tree or other structure to blend in and not be so noticeable . Sometimes it works and other times it can be amusing, trees do not grow that big around here. I do value the attempt that was made to improve the look of the unsightly tower. For this I give the phone companies credit.

  We trade off the view and possible health risks to have good reception on our phones, why have we accepted this?  The reality is we have no choice even if we did not want it, it is there to stay.

  It is the people that live out in the country that have the most scenic damage, they may of had a beautiful view of the mountains and now they see this tower on it. 

Phone Service Quality

I have to admit that the quality of cell phone coverage is exceptional now, I have not lost a call in a long tome. What the phone companies are doing is working, the technology that has given us these new phones is far better then it use to be. The phones now can do the same with less power emitted, this means less radiation going to our brains. I like that, now the funny thing is I am still hanging on to the flip phone style even though they are getting harder to find. I will be moving up to a smart phone with my next purchase, the quality and safety has become so much better that I would be foolish not to get one.

  My new plan will even be the same or cheaper when I do get a smart phone, sometimes we have to give into society and the changes made or we will be left behind.

Updated: 01/05/2016, iggy
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DerdriuMarriner on 03/10/2017

iggy, Perhaps cell tower beautification will become a priority in this century unless -- and more likely -- it's rendered obsolete by even more advanced technology.

blackspanielgallery on 07/13/2015

Well, some wild parrots live in this area and prefer the cell towers fr nesting. At least the birds like them. But, they are ugly.

CountrySunshine on 03/30/2015

I live in a rural area, and I cannot get a cell phone signal at my house. Thank goodness! The world has become so reliant on technology that it has made people forget what it's like to think for themselves. Can they add numbers in their head, or correct spelling on their own? I do have a basic cell phone that I carry in my truck. I only use it in case of emergency, such as a flat tire, etc. If someone needs to get in touch with me, they can call my landline and leave a message.

As for the towers themselves, I really haven't given them much thought. I guess they do mar the landscapes, but we have become used to them, I suppose. Just like highline wires. I was unaware they gave off radiation, but it makes sense!

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