Cheap But Thoughtful Gifts For Christmas

by xmasdecs

A selection of fantastic Christmas gift ideas which won't cost a fortune but will make a big impression on the recipient.

It is often said that "it's the thought which counts", and that is very true. Many people are struggling financially at the moment due to high unemployment, underemployment, and rising living costs. As a result many people are cutting back on their living expenses in general, and that includes the money that they set aside for Christmas. That's not to say that everybody who finds this page is struggling financially of course, if you aren't buying for very close family or friends, then you aren't likely to want to spend a lot of money on a gift anyway. It's always nice to buy token gifts for associates and co-workers. A low cost gift can mean more to the recipient than a high cost gift, value never has to come into the equation.

Take gift cards for example. Those are so impersonal, no thought goes into them whatsoever. You give a $50 gift card to somebody and it pretty much says "I was too busy to spend ten minutes looking online for your gift, so do it yourself". Some people love to receive gift cards of course, kids and young adults especially like gift cards and cash, but more mature adults can be offended by them. On this page I intend to give you some awesome low cost gift ideas, the only barrier being that low cost is very subjective. You may be looking to spend $5, $10, or $30, but for the sake of this page I've set the limit at $20. If 'low cost' to you is much more than $20, then this article isn't for you!

A Photo Frame

Not just a photo frame silly, a photo frame with a special photo in it! No doubt your friend or relative is on Facebook right? You have instant access to a selection of their photos, pick a couple that you think will be special to them, get them printed, and stick them in a frame. They don't have to keep those photos in the frame of course, they can swap them out for photos of their own choice, but this is an awesome way to add a personal touch to an otherwise pretty standard gift. It's the difference between buying them a cheap photo frame, and buying them a photo frame which might mean something to them. Another great idea is to get one of those printed photo books, but that will take up a lot of your time.

Bath Stuff

Bath stuff is a pretty standard gift to give, everybody woman seems to get some bath stuff at Christmas. But, people appreciate this type of stuff. When they are lying in the bath thinking about how relaxing it feels, they will remember that you bought it for them. It's something that you know they will enjoy, people can never have enough bath stuff! Bath bombs and bath salts are always a really cheap gift option, and benefit from typically looking like they are worth more than they cost!

Olive Oil

Anybody who is a keen cook will probably really appreciate a bottle of good quality Olive Oil. It's the healthiest and tastiest form of cooking oil, and buying a bottle will save a fair bit off one of their grocery bills. If you aren't a keen cook yourself then you will probably be confused by this idea, anybody who is a keen home chef will understand completely. Now for that key word 'quality', not all Olive Oils are great, the two brands shown on the right are affordable yet can be considered premium quality.

Gift Card

Yep, I said that gift cards are impersonal. They are, when you buy them for a department store. If they are chosen specifically because your friend or relative has a favorite store, or likes a certain website, then you know that you are giving them a voucher which will actually save them money (as opposed to tempt them to spend money in a place that they otherwise wouldn't have walked into). Here's an example: You know that your friend buys music on iTunes for their iPod or iPhone. Well, get them an iTunes voucher! Another example: You know that your friend plays Xbox Live. Buy them a one month Xbox live subscription. Another example: Your friend goes to the cinema regularly. Buy them a gift card to pay for a movie. You get the point.

Photo Album

How many people get the idea to print out their best photos from their trip to Mexico, or Europe, or Disneyland, and put them all in a photo album for the coffee table? Most people, probably. How many of those actually get around to sorting their digital photos, getting them printed, and buying that album? Give them a push by buying them a decent photo album, I bet they will do it with a bit of encouragement! People love photo albums, it's the anti-Facebook.

Candles (and Candle Holders)

I can't think of any other consumer good which is both ornamental and practical at the same time, can you? Ornamental candles are super cheap, look awesome on a mantelpiece or in a bathroom, and when your lucky recipient experiences a power cut and start panicking about where their candles are, they can light the pretty one which you bought them to stick above the fireplace. Candle holders are another great idea, especially if they hold super cheap tealight candles, a selection of low cost tea light candle holders can be seen on the right.

Real Honey

There are certain delicious foods which people love, but never think to buy while shopping, or perhaps intentionally avoid because they aren't cheap. Real honey is one of those, in fact so much of the honey in supermarkets is that processed semi-fake rubbish so often people aren't even presented with the option. Honey is a luxury food which people really enjoy and often won't already have in the cupboards! Classy gift.

Updated: 07/31/2012, xmasdecs
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