Cheap Ice Skating Dresses For Girls-Trendy Glitter Velvet/Mesh Ensembles

by LPerry

Are you looking for trendy figure skating outfits in cool colors that are affordable for teens? Check out these great styles.

Cheap ice skating dresses for girls are really beautiful garments. Skating apparel for girls and teens doesn't have to cost hundreds of dollars to be cute and trendy.Just because an item of clothing is inexpensive, doesn't mean it can't be good quality too. Any girl who loves to figure skate probably wants as many cute outfits as she can get.

There is no doubt that ice sport garments for girls are super-pretty. Not only are they beautiful to look at, they are made to resemble what the professionals wear. Okay, so not all of us will make it to the Olympics. We still want to look cute out on the rink even if we don't have a lot of money.

Figure Skate Wearing Shimmer Velvet For Attention-Getting Style

What is one material that is well-known for creating a sumptuous royal look? Why, velvet of course. No wonder royalty has favored this rich and lovely fabric for ages. Velvet has many facets. It has been tweaked for athletic wear by putting in more elastic fibers.

What we are left with is a fabric perfect for making dance leotards and ice dresses. Add some glitter embellishments and you have the perfect skating dress. Pink velvet with sliver glitter details sounds cool, doesn't it? What about black velvet with gold?

Trendy Hip Design Features In Teen Skate Wear

One of the cool design features of teen-girl figure skating dresses is what they do with the arms and the skirt part of the dress. Figure skating dresses can have some really cool sleeve designs like fish netting or what they call mesh. The sleeves can be sheer stretch lace for a feminine look.

Some cute styles are long-sleeved and solid with a sheer attached over-skirt that looks floaty and dreamy  out on the ice. What gives the outfit such trendy pizazz is the combination of panne velvet, stretch lace, metallic thread and a chiffon skirt.

Who Has Cheap Ice Skating Dresses For Girls Online?

If you are the parent of a teen girl who skates, you might have noticed that most ice skating dresses cost at least $100 dollars or more. Even sleeveless versions are only a few dollars less than the long-sleeved versions.

Because these garments are classified as specialty sporting apparel, they can be very expensive. You can probably go cheaper easier if your ice skater is willing to wear a leotard-style dress rather than a crushed velvet number with fancy embellishments and a popular brand name.


Dance briefs should be comfortable, easy to care for and allow for full range of motion. Here are some junior sized garments for dance or cheer in a large variety of colors.
When it comes to leotards, there is nothing more dramatic than a garment made from shiny metallic fabric. The hardest part will be deciding which one to choose.
Updated: 03/31/2017, LPerry

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