Christmas Costumes For Dogs

by xmasdecs

A look at some of the Christmas themed costumes for dogs on the market, for you to admire or to buy!

Is there anything cuter than a dog wearing a Christmas outfit? Your dog may not understand what the hell is going on when you force him into something that he simply doesn't want to wear, but the humans will at least find it funny, and he may appreciate the additional attention that he gets even if he doesn't understand why he is getting it! The photographs that you take of your pets when they are dressed up are priceless and can be enjoyed by all, I even know a couple of take photographs of their dogs each year and use them as Christmas card designs which they send to all of their friends and relatives. On this page I introduce you to a few of the best Christmas themed costumes for dogs on the market, all highly affordable and available in sizes to fit small, medium, and large sized dogs.

Christmas Elf Dog Costume

This super cute Elf costume for dogs is available in small, medium, and large sizes, and includes a hat with a feather and a green cape. One of the best dog costumes I've ever seen with excellent customer ratings and a very high quality look and feel. The dog is pretty cute too! Very reasonably priced too, although you never want to spend too much on a costume which will only be worn for a couple of days a year!

Snowman Dog Costume

This two-piece Snowman costume for dogs is available in a variety of sizes to suit any dog from the smallest, such as pugs, to larger dogs such as Labradors. The black hat is a drawstring hat so easy to fit. Any dog would look super cute in this affordable outfit!

Anit Accessories Snowman Dog Costume, 20-Inch

Two piece snowman dog costume with attached red Bandana and matching black adjustable drawstring top hat. Easy to wear front closure.

Only $23.00

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Dog Reindeer Suit

Is this one a little bit cruel? That dog doesn't look too happy, but isn't just so hilarious? I wouldn't bet on a typical dog tolerating those antlers for too long. Now, look at his feet, what do you see? Yep, little hoof booties! This will make everybody laugh, but I can't see a dog putting up with this one for any more than half an hour. Available in small, medium, and large sizes.

Santa Dog Costume

Saving the best until last, no Christmas costume for any animal or human will ever look as great as a Santa costume. There are numerous manufacturers of Santa costumes for dogs on the market, but this offering by Rubie's, which is available in small, medium, and large sizes, and is great value for money. Rubie's costumes are always good quality and should last a while, unless your dog chews it up!

Santa Dog Costume

Includes: Jacket, belt, hat.

Only $9.99

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Santa Dog Hat

Some dogs really don't mind costumes, other's don't enjoy the experience. If you think that your dog will hate a costume so much that it can be considered cruel to make them wear one, then don't get them one. Instead consider getting a Santa dog hat for a few dollars, slip it on for the photo opportunities, it's a decent compromise!

Updated: 07/30/2012, xmasdecs
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