Christmas Decoration Storage Box

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A selection of some of the best Christmas decoration storage products on the market, storing your decorations carefully will ensure that they last longer!

Christmas decorations are awesome, anybody who doesn't think so is a miserly old scrooge. At least, they are awesome at Christmas, for the rest of the year they provide nothing other than a storage headache and take up too much space. They add clutter somewhere, whether it is in the attic or in the garage. We all have to find a way to store our Christmas decorations and ornaments, but many of us could be much smarter in the way that we do so. Buying Christmas decoration storage boxes and bags can not only help us to save space but can also save us a lot of money.

Christmas is not a cheap period. We spend a fortune on our kids and our spouses, and we acquire new decorations every year. Those decorations are never cheap, but they should - if stored properly and carefully - last for many years. I've had my Christmas tree for almost fifteen years and it still looks like new, that's because I've stored it carefully. Storage built specifically for the purpose of storing decorations is cheap and will repay its investment, protecting your decorations against damage, dust, and the elements. This page introduces you to a few fantastic low cost products.

Christmas Tree Ornament Storage

The decorations that we are most likely to damage are the delicate balls that you hang from your tree, yet these decorations are never cheap, especially if you buy branded decorations from the likes of Disney or Hello Kitty! This protective storage bag should minimize the risk of breakages and is also the most effective means of storage, you aren't just going to shove them all in a bag right?

Christmas Ornament Storage Box

Makes putting away and taking out the holiday decorations, bows and cards so easy. Set of three snap-together trays have dividers to hold 27-48 ornaments, stackable, top handle ...

Only $34.50

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Christmas Tree Storage Bag

The single most expensive decoration that most will own is the Christmas tree, some people spend hundreds of dollars on their artificial tree. The whole idea of artificial trees, other than less mess, is that they save you money because they last for ten years or more. If you don't care for your tree however, it won't last long enough for you to see the cost benefits. My fifteen year old tree has sat in a bag like every year, and I expect to get another decade out of it.

Household Essentials Christmas Tree Storage Bag with Green Trim

This christmas tree bag from Whitney Design measures 30-inch in diameter and 60-inch in height. It is made from a strong polyethylene tarp material. The bag is translucent white...

$16.99  $8.99

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Christmas Wreath Storage

Keeping your artificial wreaths in an airtight storage bag is always a good idea, because plastic can discolor when exposes to damp or humid environments. This Christmas wreath storage bag is the perfect companion to the matching Christmas tree storage back featured above.

Household Essentials 30-Inch Circular Wreath Storage Bag with Red Trim

This wreath bag from Whitney Design measures 30-inch in diameter and 8-inch in height. It is made from a strong polyethylene tarp material. The bag is translucent white with a r...

$9.99  $6.99

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Wrapping Paper Storage

You may ask yourself why people would want to store Christmas wrapping paper? Why not just buy the amount that you intend to consume? The answer there is really rather simple, many people save a small fortune by buying their wrapping paper in January when it costs pennies, and use it in December. People do the same with Christmas cards too, and even Christmas gifts. If you aren't doing the same, then maybe it's time to wise up?

Honey-Can-Do SFT-01598 Wrapping Paper and Bow Storage Organizer, Holiday Red

SFT-01598 Features: -Gift wrap organizer.-Water resistant interior coating protects contents from moisture dust and damage.-Gives plenty of organized space for wrapping paper an...

$26.99  $14.99

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Christmas Light Storage

And last but not least, Christmas light storage! Lights get tangled, and then they break when you untangle them. Break just one bit of the circuit and the whole strip could stop working. That means having to buy new lights, and for the sake of a low cost storage system, that would be a waste.

Organize It All Christmas Light Storage Box with Green Lid

Keep your christmas lights clean and tangle free with our light storage box. You can organize your lights by color with the provided spools.

Only $22.99

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