Christmas Finger Puppet Board Books

by sheilamarie

Entertain your children and help them prepare for Christmas with one of these finger puppet board books. Christmas story, Santa Claus, Counting Books bring baby's Christmas alive.

Christmas is a great time for a new book to share with kids. If you have young children in the house, one of these finger puppet board books will be just perfect for livening up your house around Christmas time.

Older children will love "teaching" a baby about what all the excitement around Christmas means using one of these books, too.

And if you're an aunt, uncle, or grandparent, what better way to say "Merry Christmas" than with a Christmas finger puppet book like one of these?

Christmas Finger Puppet Books

for Little Christmas Elves

If this is your baby's first Christmas ( or second, or third), these Christmas finger puppet books are just the thing for talking about Christmas and learning the Christmas stories. The Christmas story can be told in an interactive way using the bright pictures and finger puppets that go with these books. These finger puppet books are fun for older siblings to use to tell the Christmas story to younger brothers or sisters. Older children will really enjoy sharing their own delight in the season by reading stories to the younger ones. Having a puppet attached can really bring on the giggles.

Christmas Story Board Book

The Birth of Jesus
Finger Puppet Books Christmas

Board Books to Teach Toddler About Christmas Magic

When there's a baby in the house, everyone is eager to teach the little one about the joys of Christmas. Older brothers and sisters may want to get in on the act, too, and share all about baby Jesus and Santa Claus in his reindeer-pulling sleigh.

Unfortunately, it's difficult for a little one or two year old to sit still long enough to listen to long stories. A finger puppet book has just enough excitement to catch even the most wiggly toddler's attention. And there are several finger puppet board books made with the Christmas theme. One will catch your little one's interest.

Counting Our Way to Santa

Christmas Counting

Counting books are always popular with toddlers and young preschoolers. Children need to hear older people count again and again before they are able to make sense of the concept of numbers. Counting everything you see is the best way to help a child understand the meaning of one to one correspondence -- that is, that one number goes with one object.

What better things to count than Christmas things.?

Counting Our Way to Santa is an opportunity to familiarize yourself with all the special things about Christmas. If you have older children in the family, too, how about learning together "The Twelve Days of Christmas"? That gives practice counting backwards.

Counting Our Way to Santa

with Finger Puppets
Counting Our Way to Santa [With Finger Puppets]

A Board Book with Santa Claus Finger Puppet

Fun for Playing Santa

Take one look at the squishy face of this Santa puppet and you will know that this is a Santa with playacting talent and an unmistakeable Christmas charm.

Older siblings would really enjoy working out their Christmas anticipation mania by becoming Santa with this finger puppet book. I think I like the look of this one myself. Can't you just hear him ho ho hoing?

Santa Claus Finger Puppet Book

Just Look at That Santa's Face!
Finger Puppet Holiday 8c Clip Strip: Santa Claus: Finger Puppet Boo...

Little Finger Puppet Board Books

Snowman and Reindeer Stories
This Little Snowman and Little Reindeer books feature simple stories with a built-in finger puppet who peeks through the die cut hole on each page. Your child will have fun as you read them these stories. The finger puppet demands interaction with the child on your knee.

More Books for Family Fun

Christmas Books and Other Children's Books to Share with Your Kids
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Fiona was born behind the dressing room closet wall at the Noodle Soup Community Theater. A children's book about friendship, courage, and how even a little mouse can save a life.
Book puppets are fun for toddlers and their families. When you combine a story with a built in puppet, you are bound to hear the giggles.
Tomie de Paola's children's books have a distinctive charm. De Paola's subject matter delights young children. Here are some of the books in which Tomie shares his faith.

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sheilamarie on 03/23/2012

Pat the Bunny was a favorite at our house, too. These books will continue to be fun for kids, don't you think?

Jimmie on 12/07/2011

I love interactive books like these. Remember Pat the Bunny? I guess it was the original interactive book.

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