Christmas Gift Ideas For Hunters

by xmasdecs

Looking for a Christmas gift for a keen hunter? Maybe I can help with these awesome gift ideas!

Hunters aren't difficult to buy for when it comes to Christmas presents, they just want something hunting related silly! Thankfully I know quite a bit about shooting and hunting so I've got plenty of ideas for you, these are the gifts that would top my wish list if I were hinting to the wife and family for new hunting gear. As it happens I've run out of space for new stuff!

Barnett Jackal Crossbow Package
Barnett Jackal Crossbow Package


If you love firing a gun then you will love firing a crossbow, these things are getting increasingly popular as a weapon for hunting smaller animals as well as for target shooting. Crossbows are just so much fun to shoot! You can spend as little or as much as you want on a crossbow, a top-end crossbow can cost over $1000, and that's before stocking up on the ammo! My own crossbow cost me around $150 and that's the Arrow Precision Inferno Fury crossbow seen below (center). A great high-end option is the the Barnett Jackal crossbow package, while those on a very tight budget could do a lot worse than to consider the 80 Ib self-cocking crossbow seen below left.

Air Rifles

Hunters only use real guns right? Actually, wrong. Many hunters also buy powerful hunting air rifles, capable of cleanly killing small animals such as rabbits. They are also fantastic for target practice. An air rifle can be a lot quieter than a real gun (for example the Gamo Silent Cat air rifles are almost completely silent!). There are some great hunting air rifles on the market which your hunting friend could display proudly among his collection or rifles. Each of the air rifles featured below are designed for hunters.

Gamo Silent Cat Air Rifle
Gamo Silent Cat Air Rifle

Gun Cleaning Kits

I understand that the ideas above may be outside of the intended budget for many, especially if the hunter in question is not your dad or your husband but merely a cousin or friend, those who are looking for a cheaper gift could do a lot worse than to consider this awesome gun cleaning kit by Allen Company which is tastefully displayed in a high quality aluminium box. You can never have too many cleaning tools! This set contains some 60 pieces, including 14 brass cleaning brushes, and there are tools in this kit suited to cleaning any weapon.

Allen Company Gun Cleaning Kit
Allen Company Gun Cleaning Kit
Allen Company Gun Cleaning Kit (in Aluminum Box, 60 Piece)

Loaded: 60 - Pc. Allen Gun Cleaning Kit with Aluminum Case. The whole kit 'n' kaboodle... brass rods, brushes, swabs, patches and more for guns of all sizes... all neatly packed...

$39.80  $29.99

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Shooting Glasses

I see so many hunters going out without sufficient eye-protection, it makes me cringe, because I know that one day one of those unprotected hunters is going to blow his own eye out. I don't just buy shooting glasses, I buy ballistic grade glasses. One of the best brands of ballistic grade glasses are Wiley-X who make glasses so good that they are approved by the U.S. military and worn by many soldiers deployed overseas in Afghanistan.

Wiley-X AirBorne Series
Wiley-X AirBorne Series

There are so many examples online (including images) of people having their eyesight saved by a pair of Wiley-X glasses, my pair cost $70 and they are worth every penny. Not only do they give me the confidence that my eyes are protected by the best glasses around, I also know that they make me look damn cool! That's before we mention the comfort levels, Wiley-X glasses are always lightweight, well ventilated, and ergonomic (in most cases adjustable). Below you will see links to two of the most popular glasses in the Wiley-X range.

Updated: 05/16/2012, xmasdecs
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