Christmas Gift Ideas For Japanese Businessmen

by xmasdecs

Have to shop for a gift for a Japanese businessman? Here are some awesome ideas which are bound to impress.

Many Western people will be surprised to know that the Japanese celebrate Christmas, seeing as it is a holiday most closely associated with Christianity. They do indeed celebrate Christmas in Japan though, partly through adopting a Western tradition, but it can also be explained in historical terms. Christmas was actually originally a Pagan celebration of Winter Solstice, and numerous cultures have long celebrated a Christmas of sorts. The Japanese teach their children about Santa Claus just like those in the West, although the period is a much shorter celebration without the usual American style marketing hype. The Japanese typically celebrate Christmas Eve by bringing a Christmas cake back from work, Christmas day itself is not even a public holiday and they still work.

The day in Japan can perhaps be considered similar to St. Patricks day in England and America, just a day that you celebrate without any real meaning or affiliation to Ireland or its history. The Japanese will typically eat a chicken dinner on Christmas day, the choice of chicken rather than turkey can be attributed to a hugely successful marketing drive by KFC in the country which effectively duped the country into believing that it is traditional to eat chicken at Christmas. The period is also, just like the West, the time when corporations have their end of year parties! So, the big question, should you buy your Japanese business associates a Christmas gift? I think that the answer to that is yes, it would go down very well, and you don't want to be the only client/contractor to not get them one! It doesn't have to be fancy, it can just be a token gift. Here are some good ideas....

A Luxury Pen

There should be absolutely no reason why you should approach gifts to Japanese businessmen in any other way than you would approach buying corporate gifts for businessmen of any other nationality. Luxury writing implements are always a great corporate gift as they will sit on a desk or on the inside of a suit jacket, and everytime your recipient uses it they will think of you! It's a practical gift, everybodies uses pens, you really can't go wrong! The only consideration that you need to give is cost. Are you spending $50 on a pen or $5000 on a pen? A few great pens presented and linked below.

Gourmet Gift Basket

In many ways the Japanese have embraced Western culture, in many other ways they remain very different. Western food won't be as alien to the Japanese as their food will be to a westerner, but it will still be unusual for them. Any American gourmet gift basket will provide multiple brand new taste experiences for any Japanese businessmen, no doubt experiences that they will enjoy. Gift them a little bit of American culture by buying them a chocolate hamper or some other sort of food hamper!

GRID-IT Organizer

A lot of the gifts on this page are in the higher-end of the price range, but you don't have to spend a lot to impress. The Japanese love their gadgets, in fact Japan is the home of the gadget, if you think that your friends and colleagues are gadget crazy then you have never been to Tokyo! These innovative GRID-IT organizers are amazing, if you haven't seen them before then it's time to check them out for yourself! Available in numerous sizes, they have unlimited configurations and can store numerous gadgets and wires of any size thanks to fully customizable and adjustable storage straps and pockets. These are the perfect companion to any laptop bag or travel case, making airport and train travel infinite times easier than before!

A Smart Designer Tie

Japanese businessmen are sharp dressers, and some of the finest tailors in the world are from Asia. In fact, many European and American businessmen fly into Asia just to get a few suits made, with the highest quality attire costing much less than the equivalent in cities such as London. Just like Americans, the Japanese wear suits and ties. A good quality tie would always go down well as a corporate gift!

Anything Burberry!

The Japanese are crazy over the designer brand Burberry. The iconic British outfitters is said to do 70% of it's trade in Japan, and even in it's London stores you will find droves of Japanese visitors stocking up on their latest products. Burberry is more popular in Tokyo than it is in London. While it would perhaps make more sense to buy them an American made product for the symbolic gesture, the power of Burberry in Tokyo is just too strong to resist. They are particularly fond of the trademark check pattern, but whichever Burberry produce you buy will be well recieved and considered a mark of quality.

Updated: 08/10/2012, xmasdecs

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