Christmas Gift Ideas For Soldiers Deployed

by xmasdecs

Some awesome ideas for soldiers deployed overseas in Afghanistan or elsewhere!

Do you have a relative or close friend deployed overseas in Afghanistan or elsewhere? A thoughtful Christmas gift can really make their holiday period and provide them with a moral boost. There is no doubt whatsoever that you should go a little bit above and beyond to make them smile, and that means choosing their gift very carefully and writing them a lovely note in their Christmas card or on the gift tag!

Those guys are doing a very tough job and they are doing it for you and for me, don't ever forget that. A great gift is one that they can make practical use of in Afghanistan, maybe during their rest time, maybe during their operations. Just think, is this person going to be able to use this gift whilst in Afghanistan? You don't want to be buying your soldier a coffee machine or a garden ornament, put it that way, you can buy those things for his stay at home wife.

You can't buy them a gift card, unless you are confident that it is easy enough for them to get products shipped over to Afghanistan, plus a gift card is really thoughtless for somebody who could probably really do with a reminder that there are people who love and care for them at home right?

There is one gift that I think is going to be really hot this year for soldiers stationed overseas, and that is the Kindle eReader. Soldiers can purchase and read eBooks even when in Afghanistan, what better way for them to get reminders of home than by reading some awesome American literature on their sparkling new Kindle? It's not my only idea of course, I have many, the best of which will be featured on this page!

Kindle eReader
Kindle eReader

Kindle eReaders

The Kindle is a true revolution, and I don't know a single person who has been unhappy with theirs, irrespective of age or gender. Reading is the ultimate relaxing activity for those who are perhaps feeling a bit stressed, it is many things in one. It provides stimulation, escape, and can even help people get to sleep. I myself have purchased a Kindle for a British soldier in Afghanistan and he takes great delight in sending me letters giving me book recommendations. A Kindle doesn't have to be expensive, there are cheaper models as well as more expensive ones, you could even buy them a second generation. Below are links to the three latest generation Kindle eReaders.

Wiley-X Ballistic Shooting Glasses

Military issue ballistic glasses tend to be drab and boring, and with everybody getting the same pair it's just another way that soldiers lose their individuality whilst in uniform. They are however an essential bit of kit. Some soldiers like to invest in their own military grade ballistic glasses, not only for the added protection but also the pure style! Wiley-X make some of the best looking and most effective shooting glasses on the market, you will find numerous examples of Wiley-X glasses saving the eyesight of soldiers on the web. They aren't cheap but they will certainly be appreciated!

Wiley X Shooting Glasses
Wiley X Shooting Glasses

A Photo Album (With Photos Of Course!)

The options above may seem expensive to some, particular with the economic climate being how it is and with postage being expensive to Afghanistan, but you really don't need to spend a great deal of money to buy a beautiful Christmas gift for any soldier. Why not consider just sending a well thought out letter with some photos of their family, friends, and children (if they have any?). Don't just print a load of photos that they would have seen on Facebook, instead head out and take some brand new photos using a digital camera or a disposable camera, and compile the best in a little photo album. They can flick through that album whenever they feel homesick or lonely. This gesture would make most soldiers cry, it's a wonderful gift and one which requires genuine thought and effort.

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