Christmas Gifts For Jews

by xmasdecs

Have Jewish friends? They can be difficult to buy for at Christmas but you should still get them something. Check out my awesome ideas!

Jews don't celebrate Christmas, at least not religiously, but most American Jews will still celebrate for their Christian friends and will often exchange cards and gifts during the holiday period. I buy all of my Jewish friends a gift at Christmas, and that is reciprocated too. I do have to give a little bit more thought to the buying process however.

I have to give particular care when shopping for Christmas cards for Jews, and usually they get a humorous card or one which doesn't mention Jesus or Christmas but rather simply wishes them a happy holiday. Buying a gift for a Jew shouldn't be a big challenge, they like much the same materialistic things as the rest of us, although I always have some awesome ideas when buying for my Jewish friends and associates and I'd like to share some of them here! I usually attempt to make their gift extra-personal, and often that means a subtle gesture targeted at their culture. All of my suggestions are available to purchase from Amazon via the links provided.

Fresh & Easy Kosher Cooking
Fresh & Easy Kosher Cooking

A Kosher Cookbook

I'd buy my non-Jewish friends a cookbook, so why not buy my Jewish ones too? If buying a non-Kosher cookbook I'd be worried that some of the recipes would be unsuitable, so I simply buy them a Kosher cookbook. These cookbooks are just as popular with non-Jews as they are with Jews because the recipes are awesome, I own one myself and I love the combinations that come up.

Olive Oil

Olive Oil plays a huge part in Jewish cooking, particularly during Chanukah in December. In history the Jews were Olive Oil merchants and the oil was used to light lamps, for soaps, and for cookings. Olive oil would be an awesome gift to any non-Jew too, it's pricey stuff and will be appreciated as a practical gift which will save the recipient money. The three Olive oils shown below are premium products, any would no doubt be well-received and enjoyed.

Jewish Books

Every Jew that I know has a fantastic sense of humor, and with their being so many hilarious Jewish comedians out there (past and present), I often choose to gift a funny book written by Jewish guys. If your friend or associate does not have a particularly great sense of humor then any book about Jewish history will no doubt be appreciated and read.

Just Something Normal!

There is no logical reason why you can't buy a Jew 99% of the things that you buy for others at Christmas, what are you buying your other friends? I'm pretty certain that all of my Jewish friends would be delighted with a Kindle eReader for example, or the latest Xbox 360 game, or the latest big blockbuster Hollywood DVD. Maybe you should just be a little less worried about what you buy? I'm sure that the gesture will be appreciated irrespective!

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