Christmas Trees For Small Apartments

by xmasdecs

Short on space and looking to buy a space saving Christmas tree? Look no further than these awesome innovative options.

Apartment living, or even 'tiny house' living, is becoming increasingly common as our populations increase. That suits many, smaller homes are more cost efficient when it comes to heating and general maintenance costs. This movement has however made many people much more conscious about space, a smaller house means less room for material possessions. Perhaps no more so than in America, where the financial crisis has persuaded (or even forced) many people to downsize.

This is applied to almost every product that they will own, we may own less clothes for example so that we can have a smaller wardrobe. In recent years there has been an emerging market for space saving Christmas trees, a refreshing change from the desire to impress by having the biggest and best Christmas tree in the neighborhood. Some of the newer space efficient Christmas tree designs have been truly innovative and it is these awesome trees that will be featured on this page. Just follow the links to Amazon to buy any of these trees!

Upside Down Christmas Trees!
Upside Down Christmas Trees!

Vickerman Upside Down Christmas Trees

Am I the only person who thinks that these trees are genius? Judging by sales ranks on Amazon, actually no I am not, these things are becoming very popular! These artificial upside down Christmas trees are made by famous brand Vickerman (a mark of true quality). They are exactly the same size as regular trees, just flipped 180 degrees! The footprint on your living room floor will be minimal, with the idea being that the wide bit at the top of the tree will be filling a previously empty space somewhere close to your ceiling. Vickerman trees will last for years so these are a great investment for those who intend to continue to embrace apartment living.

Slim Christmas Trees

Less innovative, but still an awesome idea, are slim Christmas trees. The wider the tree at the base the more precious floor-space it uses in your home. These slim trees have a diameter of as little as 36 inches (3ft), they will slip effortlessly into a corner without having anywhere near the overbearing impact of a standard tree (some of which are 5ft or even 6ft wide at the base). The trees themselves have a slim profile, and so do the bases. All three of the trees featured below are from brands synonymous with high quality and durability.

Miniature Christmas Trees

If you aren't obsessed with height, or indeed aren't hosting any dinners or parties this Christmas, then ask yourself whether you need to spend hundreds of dollars on a seven foot Xmas tree when a small tree could well do? If you are tight on space then simply buy a small tabletop Christmas tree and save yourself a fortune in the process! These miniature Xmas trees (1 ft to 1.5ft) are also perfect for sticking on your desk at work.

More Christmas Trees

Buy a mini desktop Christmas tree to decorate your work space or home office!
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