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Monster High character Clawdeen Wolf bio, dolls, video and more.

Clawdeen Wolf is a character in the Monster High Franchise (Dolls, books and webisodes). She is the daughter of a werewolf and is 15 years of age. She is confident and poised.

Currently single, this wolf enjoys flirting with boys and shopping. She loves her economics class because it teaches her the business end of the fashion design business she hopes to build one day.

Clawdeen is a fashionable and enjoys dressing in animal prints. Because she is a werewolf the moon and anything moon like (including a spotlight) can bring out her wild side, which is not always a bad thing. To maintain her good looks this ghoul has to shave at least a couple of times a day.

Introducing Clawdeen Wolf

Monster High Doll & Student

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Photo Credit: puuikibeach on flickr

Clawdeen enjoys a good steak, her favorite color is gold and her profile says she is loyal to her friends; however, the relationship between Draculaura (one of her best ghoulfriends) and her brother Clawd has caused her to behave badly towards Draculaura at times. Frankie Stein is also listed on her profile as one of her best friends.

Cleo de Nile is one of her friends which can push her buttons.  Clawdeen notes that the only thing the two of them share in common is a love of the color gold. Noteably, gold is the color of Clawdeen's eyes.

Talon Show

Clawdeen Bests Cleo

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Crescent named for the one of the phases of the moon is a purple cat with lilac markings around the eyes. He is the pet of Clawdeen and likes fashion. Crescent likes to lounge around in his rhinestone collar, sleep and attach his owner when she is sleeping. He eats tuna rare, so I assume, still alive. Crescent expects people, monsters and other pets to accept his position as the Alpha cat. He is annoyed when they fail to treat him in this manner. His closest friends are Wazit (Frankie Stein's pet) and Count Fabulous (Draculaura's pet bat).

Clawdeen Wolf Games & Activities

Monster High Fun

Clawdeen Wolf Dress Up Game on Stardoll
Dress Clawdeen in the latest fashions.

Clawdeen Wolf - Dress Up Game from Sue Star
Lots of choices to dress Clawdeen up in the fashions you choose for her.

How to Draw Clawdeen
Want to draw this ghoul from Monster High? Just follow the step by step instructions to create a drawing of Clawdeen from Monster High.

What Monster High Student Are You Like?
Find out if you are like Clawdeen or another Monster High student by taking the registration quiz at

Clawd & Howleen Wolf

Clawdeen's Siblings

Clawdeen comes from a large family that seems to live in a small house. One of her brothers is 17 year old Clawd who seems to shed a lot. He is well liked and a member of the casketball team.

Clawd is currently dating one of his sister's best friends, Draculaura, so things can be tense at times.

In general Clawdeen does not like it when too many of her sibling are in school at the same time because it increases her chance of being embarrassed by one of them.


Howleen Wolfis the younger sister of Clawd and Clawdeen.  Howleen is about 14 years of age and is still trying to find her own path.  

Howleen and Clawdeen often fight over clothes because Howleen borrows her sisters clothes often without permission. As wolfs they are fiercely loyal to each other and will defend each other against potential threats.

Howleen is depicted with one bent ear and the other sporting a earring.  Her clothes are more relaxed when compared to Clawdeen.

Meet the Rest of the Monster High Student Body

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Clawdeen Wolf Pictures

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Clawdeen WolfClawdeen Wolf
Clawdeen Wolf3 Ghouls and Hyde
Gloom Beach ClawdeenThe Monster High Ghouls
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